CAUGHT IN THE MIRROR of her parents' truck, 12th grader Amy "Dandilion" Olsen waits at a light in downtown Austin, Texas.
THE CONCERT WAS UNLIKE ANY Austin Brown (center) had attended—a dance party called Dayglow where blasts of fluorescent paint rained down on crowds in downtown Austin. CRACKING JOKES IS PART of the daily repartee between Deborah Kipp and her daughter, Anastassia. Decisions, DecisionsCars and parties, first cigarettes and first dates, school demands and free time—teens encounter risks both large and small every day, and their choices can be puzzling at times. ON THE RANCH OUTSIDE AUSTIN where he and his father planned a hunt, Spencer O'Loughlin watches fellow hunters clean and pose with a buck.
To delete this file, click the file name with your mouse, then right-click and scroll down the menu to the "delete" option. To remove the photo permanently from the desktop, locate the photo on the hard drive and drag it to the trash. This material is based in part upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. Uncover the science behind Mixed Martial Arts as technology tests the limits of some of the greatest MMA masters. In 2006, anatomist Per Christiansen proposed that living clouded leopards independently evolved aspects of their teeth, skulls, and biting abilities that are quite similar to those of true sabercats.
Rudemar Ernesto Blanco of Uruguay’s Universidad de la Republica and colleagues make the case for the sabertoothed opossum in a new Journal of Zoology study.
Together, those powerful arms and saber teeth are critical when male southern short-tailed opossums compete for mates. Can sabertoothed opossums provide paleontologists with a way to envision long-fanged prehistoric predators?
Who We ArePhenomena is a gathering of spirited science writers who take delight in the new, the strange, the beautiful and awe-inspiring details of our world. Erika Engelhaupt is the online science editor at National Geographic and manages the Phenomena blog network. Maryn McKenna is an award-winning journalist and the author of Superbug and Beating Back the Devil. DisclaimerThe views expressed are those of the writer and are not necessarily those of the National Geographic Society. Severe drought and gusting winds have contributed to 22 separate blazes now raging across more than a million acres of the Lone Star State. Four foundation pillars are all that remain standing from a home destroyed by a wildfire in Strawn, Texas, as seen on April 19.Authorities ordered 400 residents of Palo Pinto, a town not far from Strawn, to leave the city on Tuesday evening because of the advancing flames, state trooper Gary Rozzell of the Texas Department of Public Safety told the Associated Press. A firefighter walks across a patio as a wildfire burns in the background at a home in Strawn, Texas, on April 19.Wildfires are active a mere 50 miles (80 kilometers) west of Fort Worth. The dome of the Hobby-Eberly Telescope at McDonald Observatory seems to stare down burning mountains as the Texas wildfires spread near the state capital of Austin on April 18.Brighter lines seen at right mark where fires broke through a burn-out line on Sunday. A wooden owl stands guard next to firefighter Craig Howard as he yells to arriving reinforcementsA at a home near Possum Kingdom threatened by the raging Texas wildfires on April 19. Thick, black smoke roils over a dirt road near Possum Kingdom as the widespread Texas wildfires continued to burn April 19.
Amateur cartographers report on the shifting battle lines to create maps that are among the most accurate and up-to-date reports on the hostilities.

As ice melts and aquifers are drained, Earth's distribution of mass is changinga€”and with it the position of the planet's spin axis.
American Skinheads Photos - American Skinheads - National Geographic Channel - Sub-Saharan AfricaWe use first and third party cookies to improve our service, personalize your advertising and remember your website preference. Cookies are very small text files that are stored on your computer when you visit some websites. Think of it as an equation, says psychologist Laurence Steinberg, where consequences aren't given the weight they should be. Taylor Dicristofalo (at right) said she probably wouldn't have had her tongue pierced if her best friend hadn't dragged her along on an "exciting and scary adventure" in downtown Austin.
Teens may choose to hang out with peers, but structured interactions with parents and other adults are also crucial. Two very different mammals may allow researchers to catch a fleeting glimpse of how long-fanged predators hunted and struck their prey. The clouded leopard isn’t exactly a modern Smilodon, Christiansen cautioned, but the anatomy of the mid-sized cat is reminiscent of the extinct felids. From skull measurements previously devised to compare sabertooths, the researchers found that male southern short-tailed opossums have canines that are long enough in proportion to their skull to overlap in the sabertooth category and that the little marsupials also have exceptionally wide gapes.
The male opossums only get one chance to reproduce before they die, Blanco and colleagues explain, and they fiercely battle each other by bearing their canines and tussling in fierce little slap fights. Aside from plants and invertebrates, southern short-tailed opossums regularly prey on rodents.
Swintek, I was wondering if anybody has compared the results of these measurements to the skeleton of Pucadelphys andinus. Phenomena is hosted by National Geographic magazine, which invites you to join the conversation. No Place Like Home is her space to talk about space—from other worlds to the fabric of the universe. Laelaps is his writing laboratory, dedicated to sifting through natural history for tales of evolution, extinction, and survival. Not Exactly Rocket Science is his hub for talking about the awe-inspiring, beautiful and quirky world of science to as many people as possible.
But thanks to wind conditions and barriers such as highways and rivers, officials are not worried about flames spreading to the city, the New York Times reported.
The fires briefly knocked out power to the observatory, which has otherwise been unharmed so far. The widespread Texas wildfires have so far destroyed more than a hundred homes and forced evacuations in several towns near the Dallas-Fort Worth area.In the town of San Angelo, many residents were packing horses into trailers and taking them to the local rodeo stadium for safety, a resident told the New York Times. More than 1,500 local, state, and national firefighters are in Texas trying to control the blaze, which has so far burned an area almost as big as Rhode Island."Never in my life have I seen anything of this magnitudea€”wildfires that are sweeping across 30,000-acre ranch after 30,000-acre ranch," Fort Davis-based inn owner Revis Daggett told the Christian Science Monitor. According to the National Weather Service, a cold front should soon move over the state, bringing a 30 percent chance of rain.Storms may help dampen the blazea€”or they may bring the risk of new fires sparked by lighting, the Christian Science Monitor reported. Today this place of chronic disasters is being transformed into an archaeological showcase.
You can remove any cookies already stored on your computer, but these may prevent you from using parts of our website. At least one Friday a month, boys gathered after school in the backyard of Bryan Campbell (at far left) to wrestle and box.

O'Loughlin returned empty-handed after four days of waiting quietly with a bow and arrow in a tiny camouflage tent. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.
Yet, whether creodont or marsupial, nimravid or machairodont, paleontologists have struggled to understand sabertoothed predators because these carnivores left no descendants. The males of this little mammal species, the largest of which weigh only about a third of a pound, have the canines and powerful arms seen in some prehistoric sabertooths.
The opossums weren’t quite like the famous Smilodon, but they did resemble the relatively shorter-fanged sabercat Homotherium and the nimravids Eusmilus and Barbourofelis. These battles are probably why the canines of the female opossums are not quite so long – sexual selection drove the species to become sexually dimorphic. And the males, at least, seem to have a very sabercat-like strategy for bringing down their prey. Blanco and coauthors admit there is much left to learn about the anatomy, behavior, and ecology of the opossums, but such efforts are a matter of time and attention.
I particularly liked the way you worked in the recently published paper on the possible sexual selection for sabre teeth. Even though clouded leopards have elongated canines, studies by other experts didn’t find the same evidence for the mid-sized cats as good sabertooth analogs. That’s why paleontologists expect that prehistoric sabertooths often wrestled with their prey first, turning their victim to get their mouths in position for a devastating bite through the soft tissues of the neck.
And if the opossums are good models for prehistoric sabertooths, the connection between their fangs and sexual dimorphism might provide researchers with new clues about how these exceptional dental knives evolved over and over again. Viewed through the eyes of evolution, their most exasperating traits may be the key to success as adults. The boys often used phones to film their contests, posting the videos to a private Facebook group so more friends could admire their prowess. Whether the  clouded leopard will help paleontologists get a better handle on how sabertoothed predators sliced the throats of their megafaunal prey is unknown. Sabercats such as Smilodon, especially, have robust forelimbs where burly muscles attached in life.
Their grip and bite technique might represent a real connection between having long, piercing canines and strong arms to manipulate prey for a better bite. I understood that B, and a cluster of other Miocene taxa previously considered nimravids, had been found to be distinct from them, and cladistic analysis found the new clade to be the sister-group to felids, and it was named Barbourofelidae. The rush of a headlock, a bond between friends—their fights delivered both excitement and social rewards. A new species of Prosansanosmilus: implications for the systematic relationships of the family Barbourofelidae new rank (Carnivora, Mammalia). Compared to other predatory marsupials, at least, male southern short-tailed opossums have thick and expanded upper arm bones for greater muscular power.

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