Colbert’s 20-year-old canoe has sprung its final leak, Tobias makes another desperate attempt at finding protein at his new camp and Thorn must tackle his leaking roof before mold sets in. Winter has finally lifted in Appalachia, but the rainy weather marking the arrival of spring is proving a nuisance for Tony and Amelia. Derik’s plan to collect water from a distant spring is shattered when a motorcycle spooks his mule.

Thorn is taking advantage of the warmer weather by adding a goat to his camp, which will provide him with protein from its milk. Tony and Amelia want to try their hand at turkey hunting, so Tony gets a quick riflery lesson from his father-in-law and the couple takes to the forest to catch a meal. Further south in Georgia, Colbert sets new traps in an attempt to make up for the pelts he lost in the fire.

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