Newly released digital scans offer a rare high-resolution glimpse into NASA's Project Gemini, the precursor to the Apollo moon missions.
Astronaut Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin snaps a self-portrait while spacewalking during NASA's Gemini 12 mission in November 1966. Cape Sable in Florida's Everglades National Park is seen from space in this picture snapped during NASA's Gemini 4 mission in June 1965.An important scientific goal of the Gemini project was to test the quality of photographs of Earth taken from space, NASA historian Barry said.
An Agena target vehicle is seen floating above Earth during the 1966 Gemini 12 mission."The Agena was originally developed by [the Lockheed Corporation] for an early spy-satellite program," NASA's Barry said. Astronaut Ed White floats in zero gravity above the Hawaiian Islands during the 1965 Gemini 4 mission.
NASA command pilot Thomas Stafford peers out the window of the Gemini 9 spacecraft in June 1966.
The Gemini 7 capsule is seen floating in space in a picture taken by astronauts aboard the Gemini 6 spacecraft in December 1965.During Gemini 7, astronauts Frank Borman and James Lovell spent what was then a record 13 days in space.
Volunteers work with a mountain of moneya€”a pile of worn-out Hungarian forints that have been turned into heating briquettes with about the same caloric output as low-grade, or brown, coal. Old banknotes are processed at a Central Bank of Hungary facility in Budapest as part of a successful supplementary heating program, even as the nation's larger economy has been struggling. Some four tons of heating briquettes made from banknotes are dumped into a truck for delivery to needy charities across Hungary.
Hungary has about $7.5 billion worth of banknotes in circulation at any given time, and most of those bills pass through a government quality control center each year. Machinery hums at a logistics center of the Central Bank of Hungary, where decommissioned bills are converted into coal-like heating briquettes for use by cash strapped charities. A rugby team from Uruguay faces stark choices when the plane carrying them to a match in Chile crashed on October 13, 1972. Now that NASA's Endeavour has launched for the last time, see the space shuttle in a 12-picture retrospective of the craft's career. The space shuttle Endeavour's extinguished main engines glow as the NASA craft glides toward a landing in Florida on Kennedy Space Center's Runway 15 on January 20, 1996.Endeavour launched into its 25th and final voyage Mondaya€”also the anniversary of the space shuttle's first landing on May 16, 1992. The aurora australis, or southern lights, shimmer beyond Endeavour's vertical fin in a 1994 long-exposure picture.

NASA astronaut George Zamka, the commander of the February 2010 Endeavour space shuttle mission, peers out of the newly installed cupolaa€”a sort of observation decka€”that the shuttle delivered to the International Space Station. The Hubble Space Telescope is berthed in Endeavour's payload bay following the satellites's capture by astronauts during Hubble's first servicing mission in 1993.The mission restored Hubble's image quality to its original specs. In 1992, during Endeavour's first mission, three astronauts hold on to the 4.5-ton Intelsat VI satellite above the space shuttle's payload bay after manually capturing the satellite. Endeavour lifts off from Kennedy Space Center's launch pad 39A on November 14, 2008.After Endeavour's final mission, the space shuttle will undergo a lengthy decommissioning process to remove toxic chemicals before being retired to the California Science Center in Los Angeles. NASA's Opportunity rover captured the incredible picture by chance after clambering up a steep ridge.
Part of a camera (foreground) and the antenna of an unmanned Agena target vehiclea€”used during the Gemini program for rendezvous and docking practicea€”are visible in the left corner of the frame.The newly released picture is among thousands of high-resolution digital scans that are being created as part of the Project Gemini Online Digital Archive.
A Hasselblad camera is attached to his zip gun.NASA used Hasselblads for the Gemini missions because the cameras were highly reliable, sturdy, and just the right size, Barry explained. Stafford was originally part of the backup crew for the mission, but he was tapped to fly after Gemini 9's original crew membersa€”astronauts Elliot See and Charles Bassetta€”had died while on duty.See and Bassett "were flying their T-38 jets into St. But archaeologists are increasingly confronted with demands to let past generations rest in peace. The old, worn bills have been retired from circulation, shredded, and pressed into briquettes for use as fuel. The bills no longer have any monetary value but they proved priceless during a winter of unusually brutal cold across eastern Europe.
Hungary's deficit and controversial economic policies are of growing concern to other EU nations and to groups like the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).
Currency that has become worn, torn, or otherwise ready for retirementa€”about 25 percent of the total each yeara€”heads first to the shredder and later to machinery that presses it into compact briquettes. The longtime communist nation held multiparty elections and launched a free market economy in 1990. To make absolutely sure that the bills eventually go up in smoke, and not into someone's pockets, they are shredded and compressed into blocks under tight supervision and delivered to fortunate charities at no charge.
Some will be refashioned into heating briquettes, but those returned to circulation will play a much larger role in the nation's future.

Department of Defense "picosatellite" floats above Earth after its release from Endeavour's payload bay in 2009. Louis to go into the factory where the Gemini spacecraft were being built" by the Missouri-based McDonnell Aircraft Corporation, Barry said."The weather was really bad and, tragically, they were both killed when their planes crashed. The prolonged space outing was a test to prove that humans could indeed survive the time it would take for a mission to the moon and back."Nobody had confirmed that you could last that long in orbit," Barry said. The Foundation to Help Autism in Miskolc, pictured here, and other charities are able to cover as much as one-third of their annual heating costs through the free government program.a€”Brian Handwerk This story is part of a special series that explores energy issues.
Hypothermia deaths of homeless people and others who lacked adequate heating were reported throughout the continent. But in January 2012, Prime Minister Viktor OrbA?n's government adopted a controversial new constitution, establishing government under a set of "cardinal laws" that cannot be removed without a two-thirds vote of the Parliament. While economic woes have made Hungary reliant on outside assistance, Prime Minister Viktor OrbA?n A is a vocal critic of the EU and its economic policies. It was constructed as a replacement for Challenger, following that orbiter's deadly accident in 1986. Representative Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona, who survived an assassination attempt in January. Several schools in Hungary suspended class, and one said it was due to the high cost of heating.
Many of these laws were passed last year, giving the current majority conservative party Fidesz enduring authority over governance of the central bank, judiciary, media, elections, and even legal recognition for religions in Hungary.
Although the forint has plunged in value due to the nation's soaring debt, the fact that Hungary retains its own currency may enable Orban's government to pull the nation politically farther away from its European neighbors.
Although spring temperatures have returned for Hungary and neighboring countries, the high cost of heating over the winter added a burden for citizens already struggling due to economic woes and government austerity moves.

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