As part of their 125th Anniversary edition last October, National Geographic decided to publish a series of pictures predicting what the average American would look like in the year 2050.
In 2010, 15% of new marriages were between members of different races, according to the Wall Street journal, who also created this graphic showing the percentage of mixed-race marriages state by state. The Coolest Places on Earth: Plitvice Lakes National Park, CroatiaPlitvice Lakes National Park is located in Croatia, near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are in a day-and-age during which more bird species are threatened with extinction than ever before. Go behind-the-scenes of a National Geographic magazine articleto see how our photographers use technology in the field. A sloth bear (Ursus ursinus) tentatively steps onto the white background at the Sunset Zoo.
Hazina the chimp stuck just her head and arms into the enclosure very slowly and cautiously.
With a single, swift wave of her arm, she ripped the 7-by-12-foot background right off the wall and floor like it was nothing. Kenya, the Fort Worth Zoo’s serval cat, has been trained as an education and outreach animal. Close-up of a Texas indigo snake’s scales (Drymarchon corais erebennus) at the Forth Worth Zoo.
We got ten minutes with the spotted hyenas at Sunset Zoo before they trashed our background.
Keepers Steve Hammack and John Kast helped me with the venomous snakes at the Fort Worth Zoo. Some animal species, like these gray gibbons, are being phased out due to insufficient numbers for breeding.
Red-eyed tree frog (Agalychnis callidryas) at the Miller Park Zoo in Bloomington, Illinois. Red ruffed lemurs (Varecia variegata rubra) at the Miller Park Zoo in Bloomington, Illinois. CHICAGO (April 10, 2014)—The National Geographic Travel group and Brand USA, the nation’s destination marketing organization, have announced a digital campaign developed to showcase iconic road trips across America to international travelers. The four additional road trips Evans will be documenting this year are Rhythms of the South, the Northeast Corridor, Mountains and Prairies, and Western Trails. Andrew Evans is a veteran travel writer for National Geographic Traveler magazine and National Geographic’s Intelligent Travel blog.

National Geographic Travel is the travel arm of the National Geographic Society, one of the world’s largest nonprofit scientific and educational organizations, founded in 1888.
This photo was taken immediately after a Bald Eagle took a Great Horned Owl out of a pine tree directly in front of me. Temple I stands within the ruins of a Maya city in the Guatemalan jungle, Tikal, Guatemala.
Guyana: Behind the Guiana ShieldNew this yearMost Guyanese live on the coast, leaving the country’s interior largely untouched.
The year 2000 was the first time the Census Bureau even allowed people to select more than one race- 6.8 million people did so. There are very wealthy people out there trying to stop this evolution with propoganda and other social weapons but you can’t stop nature. Through the campaign, Andrew Evans, National Geographic Travel’s Digital Nomad, will be embarking on five awe-inspiring road trips that highlight the beauty, bounty and unique travel experiences one can expect from the American open road. He finished the year skiing, snow-shoeing and trekking through western Canada’s ski country with renowned mountaineers, ski instructors and naturalists. He rode buses to Ushuaia in Argentina, the southernmost city in the world, and then boarded the vessel National Geographic Explorer to Antarctica. Travel deep into the remote Guiana Shield via small plane, canoe, 4x4 pickup truck, and the occasional bullock cart to discover one of the last unspoiled rain forests on Earth.
The Digital Nomad site will also feature an interactive map tracking Evans’ whereabouts during his journey. National Geographic Traveler (eight issues per year) is the world’s most widely read travel magazine and has 14 international editions.
So for their anniversary issue, they hired world famous photographer Martin Schoeller to take pictures of different mixed race people. Just 50 years ago digital photography had not yet been imagined and very few people even had binoculars. He also went to South Africa and Malawi and was one of the first to report the death of Malawian President Bingu wa Mutharika.
It is available by subscription, on newsstands in the United States and Canada, and digitally for tablets.
National Geographic Expeditions, the travel program of the Society, offers a variety of unique travel experiences led by top experts to more than 60 destinations across all seven continents.
Through its call-to-action — Discover America — Brand USA inspires travelers to explore the United States of America’s boundless possibilities.

Ride through lush coastal islands, the Jureia rain forest reserve, Circuito Vale Europeu (Brazil’s first offi­cial bike-touring route), and the mountains of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul. This campaign brings the color and vibrance of wild birds into your life to share with your friends and family!
Travel opportunities include family and student expeditions, active adventures, private jet trips and voyages on the six expedition ships in the National Geographic-Lindblad fleet, as well as photography workshops, expeditions and seminars. You’ll stop at Florianopolis, Porto Alegre, and Montevideo—cities with many cycling aficionados. The National Geographic Travel digital group offers inspiring and authoritative digital travel and adventure content such as trip ideas, photo galleries, blogs and apps. Join expert David Drew for an archaeological survey of this lost civilization, from the hieroglyphic-inscribed monuments of Copan to the remote jungle ruins of Lamanai. Last year, the operator funded a project to train a local in pottery reconstruction to help maintain a small museum dedicated to the ruins’ artifacts. Spend the first half of the tour hiking and kayaking the volcanic islands for up-close looks at giant tortoises, blue-footed boobies, and other endemic species. Next, board a 20-passenger yacht to cruise the rugged shoreline in search of sea lion harems and primeval lava landscapes. This ride takes you through 15 different bio zones, starting in the foothills of the snowcapped Salkantay Mountain and stopping at small lodges along the way. It was lost to the modern world until the mid-1970s, when archaeologists learned of its existence after ancient ceramic urns and other looted treasure began to appear on the black market. Getting there requires a rigorous, three-day trek through thick vegetation, waist-high rivers, and a final ascent up 1,200 moss-covered steps.
With the dramatic geography of Patagonia as your backdrop, this road trip—from the heart of the Lake District, across the Andes, and into Tierra del Fuego—ups the ante. You’ll stop for a boat cruise along the Moreno Glacier, camp in Torres del Paine National Park, dig into traditional asados (Argentine barbecue meatfests), and overnight at local farmhouses.

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