In closing I would recommend this light only if you are going to do No live plants, fish only, and only want something to light your tank. Thanks for posting this I was about to go grab one today after just seeing it on their site and not doing any research on it but debating on the Satellite led plus with the cool remote that changes colors and stuff. Let me tell you though Drewsplantednutz, there is a MORE expensive fixture made by them that is programmable. For what it's worth here is the specs on the 20" National Geographic Programmable fixture. 5.Thinking its possible to confuse the program if programming sequence is not initiated correctly or exited improperly?

I mainly wrote it so it would be searchable, People new to plants won't bother with this light, and see if anyone else has tried this. They are excellent products and made my tanks explode with plants and colors, both of my 10G have shrimp in them although one is just a breeding and growing tank. I was in Petsmart getting Cat food and noticed they had all the National Geographic stuff on sale, Pumps, Sand, Decor, power heads, filters and TADA! I got the programmable one but I can't seem to get just the white lights to turn on during the day cycle programming. You might get a better answer to your Satellite question if you did a search or posted a thread.

I am very disappointed that the Led tubes are very fragile glass, i would worry about bumping it in any way. It is sad, because I was REALLY looking forward to the National Geographic products, I was looking at the filters and power heads too.
I wrote this review to let people know my experience and if anyone has any additional comments please share them.

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