This is an all-inclusive air tour, which means it comes with everything including complimentary hotel pick up and drop off at all Las Vegas Strip hotel-resorts, a BBQ lunch, tour guide and all fees and permits. Flights depart throughout the day, every day of the year, including all major holidays (e.g.
Landing is at one of the makeshift helipads located just 200 yards from the legendary Colorado River. Papillon lands all its choppers at a private series of helipads, which are located about 150 yards (or less) from the Colorado River.
Back on terra firma, you'll be escorted back to your Papillon helicopter for the ascent to the top. On top of the West Rim, you'll transfer to a shuttle bus and make your way to the Grand Canyon Skywalk complex. You get about 2 hours at Grand Canyon West, and you can spend all of that on the glass bridge if you so desire.
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Do this trip and you can legitimately say you've seen the National Park form top to bottom, inside and out.

In other words, Papillon's taken all the logistical headaches out of the equation and I for one like that a lot. Onwards, you'll pass Fortification Hill, an extinct volcano and fly over Grand Wash Cliffs before officially entering Grand Canyon airspace. First, you walk along a gentle path to the banks of the Colorado River, whereupon you'll step onto the dock and get settled into one of adventure-grade steel-pontoon watercraft.
I had the good fortune of getting the front seat and let me tell you the views are amazing. This trip comes with VIP Skywalk passes, which, at the time of purchase, might mean nothing to you.
The great thing about the walkway, which is made out of pure glass panels that cost around $200,000 each, is that it lets you walk 70 feet past the edge! Key points of interest include Guano Point (also know as the bat cave), Eagle Point and the Indian Cultural Center. There's no other tour like it, and, when it's all said and done, this is the trip that changes lives. Due to the popularity of this trip, I recommend you book it as soon as possible as it sells out frequently from April through November.

For me, it's like entering the "Land that Time Forget." In fact, the whole scene is so prehistoric looking that for me I'm always expecting a dinosaur of some type to come bounding out of one of the side canyons.
Your Native American boat guide will motor upstream for about 15 minutes, cut the engines and let the boat drift back to the dock.
I felt like I was starring in a National Geographic documentary or inside my own personal IMAX movie.
I took my meal in an area where the Tribe was performing ancestral dances and songs and was completely mesmerized. Some of the women in the dance troupe must have been 80 years old and yet they moved about like sprites! Your guide will round up your group and get you back safe and sound to your chopper for the 45-minute ride back to Las Vegas (which, by the way, goes over some of the most pristine Mojave Desert you'll ever see). Because they let you cut to the front of the line, which, during summer, is long and hot and not recommended.

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