At times, the overall color of a scene can be so different from the way we normally see it that we hardly recognize the place. Removing the height restriction will do zilch to improve the upkeep of the remaining buildings which look unmaintained. However below the walls of shimmering glass, at street level, many leave a lot to be desired. I just feel the gap along Bourke Street is unnecessary, it's intent was to allow vistas of parliament and its dome which have never finished! Yet, in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.
The reason why the majority of people are in the gap is because thats where retail is located.
Anyway, cbf explaining this further, hopefully if guy wins the next election he will choose a planning minister that will change this. Melbourne is popular not because of skyscrapers but because of its streetlife, its restaurants, its bars, its alleys, its rooftop bars etc. I recently went back to Melbourne (I lived there for 15 years until a few years ago) and can say that I did not see any recently built skyscraper that adds anything to the streetlife of Melbourne.

Too many people on here wet themselves over skyscraper porn images of buildings from far away and fail to realise these are living cities where people live and walk on the actual ground. I am all for skyscrapers, but ffs be a bit more ambitious and aim for buildings that enhance the city streetscape and streetlife, not destroy it.
Qantas over at Urban Melbourne forums says that the city council supports the Kavanagh Street proposal. Turismo sostenibile, progetti di conservazione e l'impegno concreto da parte delle autorità stanno dando i loro frutti.
Seeing lush, green Central Park in a pink fog changes it completely in Jim Richardson’s stunning view, shot from a hotel window. The hoddle grid has such a long way to go before its dense bc someone decided from the 1950's that a 40m Height limit was a good idea. They have dramatically enhanced the scenery of areas just away from the CBD such as St Kilda and Brighton Beach. No matter how much you want it won't change the fact that they simple will not happen here.
Dal 2004 sono state costruite o sono in fase di completamento decine di torri alte più di 700 piedi (213 metri).

The cbd already feels provincial where the majority of people are (midtown) due to the 40m height limit which only limits new waves of developments leaving the central city looking unmaintained and rather shabby. Since then, an additional 13 have been built, 15 are under construction, and 19 are proposed—47 more in all. Since then, the look of each of the four World Trade Center towers has evolved significantly to reflect the vision of the individual architects as well as the developers and tenants.
Considered the most challenging engineering project in the city, it will be constructed on top of two steel-and-concrete platforms over one of the world’s busiest rail yards.
Design and Development: Kevin DiCesare, Joel Fiser, Jaime Hritsik, and Brian Jacobs, NG Staff.

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Preparedness plans for earthquake zone

Rubric: Electromagnetic Pulse Shield


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