Photographer Achmad Sumawijaya waited three hours to capture this picture of Mount Bromo (in foreground) and Mount Semeru (in background) on a misty morning in East Java, Indonesia. A humphead wrasse, also known as a Napoleon wrasse, builds a living frame as it swims through a school of fish in the waters off Australia. The shadows of rocks both tumbled and towering dip into valleys on the floor of the Sahara.
In the Strzelecki Desert of Australia, a flock of galahs replenishes with the small amount of water available at the base of a lonely tree. Alexa Keefe is the editor of Photo of the Day, a curated look at photography from around National Geographic. I think all your photos are awesome and beautiful what type of camera and what type of lens do you use ??? It would have been better if technical information viz, the Camera, Lens settings and film or Digital etc. Spectacular photography but the shot of the mountains in Indonesia just took my breath away. Residents of Edmonton, Alberta, had a lot to be thankful for when green auroras graced the sky on October 8, Canada's Thanksgiving Day.
Rays of deep violet edged in lime green are mirrored in the still water of Southland, New Zealand, on October 9. Like a paintera€™s brushstroke, an aurora the color of jade soars over a windmill in SmA?la, Norway, on October 9.

Misty green auroras streak the morning sky on August 21 in Yellowknife, capital of Canada's Northwest Territoriesa€”and a self-styled capital of aurora tourism. In honor of April 18, we take a look at how science organizes and names speciesa€”sometimes with a sense of humor. Mountains, wildlife, and wide open skies inspired more than great pictures for our photographer. Indonesiaa€™s Tambora eruption brought on a deadly spate of coolinga€”presaging the costs that come with sudden changes to climate.
Using the ground as a canvas, a photographer inspires fresh appreciation for America’s national parks. To photographer Marcus Bleasdale, a child symbolizes the tragedy of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Check out the new and improved Your Shot photography community, then join and share your best photos with us. Every year, the National Geographic Photo Contest makes this Photo of the Day editor quite happy, as there are invariably more vistas, venues, and creatures to choose from. Sitting at the base of Mount Hakkoda, the lake and the annual autumn display of its forested banks are a popular tourist draw. Photographer Christian Miller captured the shot on a windy day right after a cyclone had passed the far northern Great Barrier Reef.
Saddam Hussein’s atrocities in northern Iraq have focused world attention on an ancient people seeking autonomy in their long-divided homeland.

On the heels of a 1989 military coup, this nation in the heart of South America is taking tentative steps toward democracy. More than 2,000 years ago Han emperor Jing Di took extraordinary measures to ensure his safe passage in the afterlife, as excavation of his burial site reveals.
Such curtains can reach about 620 miles (about a thousand kilometers) into the atmosphere.Auroras also occur on other planets with atmospheres and energetic particles. Auroral activity occurs in cycles and peaks roughly every 11 years, in tandem with the sun's magnetic-activity cycle. Ceramic materials, paintings, and 15,000 engravings—among other artifacts—have been identified since the first discoveries at Tassili in 1933. Though the rest of the images are dope, wont deny that, how hard is it to come up with a caption that fits and doesnt contradict itself? 793 will come to pass next month, when Germany opens a 106-mile canal linking two great river systems. A six-million-acre park and preserve contains North America’s highest peak, abundant wildlife, and a dilemma: How to plan for an expected tide of visitors? The mirroring of a motion or brightness change happens in less than a fraction of a second.

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