Admiral Kimmel and Short shared a fundamental belief: They did not expect the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor. Whenever we went over there and scouted locations, you could see the bullet holes and plaques still there and the Arizona memorial and the stories.
I think Dorie Miller jumps out of the research more than any other character other than [Adm. We do tell the story of Pearl Harbor, of course, but we do it in a very short, abridged version, the CliffsNotes version.
You know, what’s interesting about Pearl Harbor, what we did is we had a little ceremony before the movie started.
At expedition’s end Japanese World War II submariner Kichiji Dewa (center, with photograph) offers sake and solemn writings.

After his public testimony in front of Congress in 1945 and 1946, he entered quiet retirement that ended in 1949 with his death.
When you meet the survivors, you see the kind of turmoil and trouble and how it changed their lives and how they still remember and what a tight-knit organization they still are. You know, the Navy was very segregated at the time, and he became a hero, which is a wonderful story. Hopefully kids who don’t know about it will get interested and want to read more about.
Anybody who has any history in film saw Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo, so you’re exposed to Jimmy Doolittle. So that was exciting for me to be able to put him on the screen, because I know a lot about him from my little book report I did on Jimmy Doolittle.
His limited encouragement of the use of radar surveillance stemmed from his belief that he was using radar primarily for training.

And how this event bonded them and how the country came out of the ashes and survived an attack that could have destroyed the American way and the American values, because the Japanese were very close to doing that. It was Ben Affleck and Kate Beckinsale and Josh Hartnett and [director] Michael Bay, myself, a bunch of Disney executives, [Disney's chairman of motion pictures] Dick Cook. His infamous defense of Oahu airfields--clustering his warplanes wingtip to wingtip--stemmed from his belief that defense against sabotage outweighed defense of vulnerable aircraft against air attack. Short’s requested retirement from the Army was granted and he went to work for Ford Motor Company.

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