Catch a National Geographic premiere about the natural world of the Americas before European arrival.
Jessica Crabtree, Pastel Artist Native American Portraits & Wildlife Original Fine Art PaintingsThanks for visiting my blog! When you purchase an IPower hosting package through one of the ads in this page, a portion of the sale goes to support this site! About MeI am a freelance artist living in Arkansas, US, specializing in historical portraits of American Indians. I am fascinated by history and world cultures, ancient and modern, and particularly indigenous peoples. You can see some of my pastel work, and my drawings in charcoal and graphite, by visiting my online Gallery. This is an extreme close-up of a plump adult female Phidippus pius; her body easily covered the end of my thumb. I carried this adult male Zygoballus rufipes home in a cup of leaves after I found it on a pillar at the University of Oklahoma. Jumping spiders like this one are often seen grooming their claws and wiping their eyes, as though they were little cats.

I found this young Phidippus audax while strolling through a field of tall grass and wildflowers in Norman, Oklahoma. This Blog mini-series chronicles NG Explorer Michael Lombardi’s journey through depth, time, and space with the latest generation diving technologies. It is finally time to start on part of the summer’s big project, preparing the ichthyosaur “Mikkel”. An expedition in search of aquatic biodiversity in the heart of the Central Suriname Nature Reserve, one of the most unspoiled tropical forests in the world, is about to get underway.
An expedition in search of rare, poorly-known and previously unknown species of amphibian in northern Vietnam gets off to a bumpy start. A team of leading archaeologists are attempting to carry out the deepest archaeological shipwreck excavation ever in North America.
Field wardrobes are limited, but here is a sneak peek at what we were able to pack into our backpacks.
About This BlogEvery hour of every day, somewhere on Earth, National Geographic explorers are at work trying to uncover, understand, or help care for some small part of the world around us.
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I blog about the portrayal and influence of Native Americans in art, history, and the media. My other interests include wildlife ecology, environmental issues & sustainability, journalism, photography, web design & development.
I began learning about their names and ways, then looking for them in local parks and reserves like the Oxley Nature Center, where I spied this thumbnail-size Phidippus putnami.
The yellow you see coating its body is pollen, perhaps acquired after a messy tussle with a bee.
Visit the promotional site for trailers, photos, and interesting facts about pre-European America. Ichthyosaurs, being reptiles and a more ancient family of vertebrates than us humans, have several more bones in their skulls. By creating high-magnification portraits of the ones I find in my native Oklahoma, I aim to open human eyes to these amazing arachnids.

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