Whether your greatest fear is nuclear attack, worldwide flu pandemic, or just a run-of-the-mill rapture it doesn't hurt to have all the loose ends tied up before society crumbles; one group however takes preparations way beyond a few cans baked beans in the fallout shelter. Madman uses high grade AES-256 Bit Encryption to keep your shopping experience safe & secure.
Begin, if you will, with what initially sounds like an earnest question from John Fahey, Chairman and CEO of the National Geographic Society. In other words: Doomsday Preppers and Doomsday Castle is one long joke on the preppers themselves, all orchestrated by the executives at the National Geographic Channel. Ciuin Ferrin, Educational Director, O Porrajmos Educational Society • Bill the Thumb, I would have to question your education at this point. For the sake of ratings, Nat Geo would rather join the ranks of tripe reality TV than to do what it should: educate the masses about what is really going on in Romani reality. A natural disaster, an economic collapse, an unexpected harsh winter — for every person, there’s that moment when they discover that the world and everything they hold dear can be taken away.
In case you missed it, our first web-spin-off show, Selling Survival, just released its 15th and final episode.

On the latest episode of Selling Survival, Brooklyn is catching up with Doomsday Preppers veteran Snake Blocker. Tonight on Doomsday Preppers: The Fight Ahead, we profile two unique individuals who fear the end of the world is fast approaching. One would think someone with his background would be slightly more sensitive to the complex issues other cultures face.
Snake has a host of Apache defense products, and he’s about to give Brooklyn a quick lesson in knife fighting as a self-defense skill. We decided to celebrate by creating a  Spotify playlist based off suggestions from our Facebook fans.
Hancock without understanding what he knows and proved yourself when you resorted to name calling.
The CR lost its case in the Court of Human Rights some five years ago, but they refuse to incorporate Romani children in to the system. He believes a “wiper” (a code that instructs a computer system to self-destruct) will take out the country’s telecommunications systems.

The reason why he and other Romanies were offended is because we recognize that our culture, something you know nothing about, is being misrepresented and exploited by Nat Geo. He and Nat Geo are using a dysfunctional family (personal friends of Maccio’s) to gain ratings. To feel the tight financial grip that Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation exerts on the National Geographic Society, peek at these tax returns.
And if you'd like to share ideas, questions, or suggestions — or if you just want to heckle :-) — please contact me here. Neo-nazis are burning Romani homes in the CR and getting away with murder (Prague Daily paper).
Slovakia also has sterilized Romani women and allowed the neo-nazis to attack and murder Romanies.

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