Because of the low nutritional content in their diet of eucalyptus leaves, koalas preserve their energy by sleeping up to 18 hours per day curled in trees. To delete this file, click the file name with your mouse, then right-click and scroll down the menu to the "delete" option.
To remove the photo permanently from the desktop, locate the photo on the hard drive and drag it to the trash. Whatever your interest, you'll be entertained and educated with our collection of best-selling DVDs. High-style shopping: The glass-panelled Prada store takes on a kaleidoscopic look at night. The Royal Library's bold 1999 extension, called The Black Diamond, is one of Copenhagen's architectural attractions. Vapors hover over a gash that has formed in a closed section of Pennsylvania Route 61, at one time the main north-south corridor through Centralia.Once a boom town, like contemporary hamlets in the North Dakota oil patch, Centralia straddles vast anthracite coal reserves.
The mine fire scorches a wooded area near Centralia in October 1983, while a full moon glimmers over green rolling hills.Bill Douthitt, then a graphic designer and photographer at National Geographic, landed in Centralia in early October 1983.
Flanked by vents spewing emissions from the mine fire in October 1983, Mary Lou Gaughan bristled with resentment at the government's failure to put out the blaze.Mary Lou and her husband, Tony, lived closer to the mine fire than virtually anyone in Centralia. Steam from the Centralia mine fire in 1982 streams skyward, as if pouring from a volcano.For years, many Centralia residents worried about the possible health consequences of inhaling fumes from the fire. A ribbon of steam trickles from the ground in Centralia in April 2011.The Centralia blaze, now burning for more than 50 years, spans about 400 acres, according to Altares, the state official. Children perch atop a smoldering outcrop in Jharia, India, where underground mine fires menace nearby villagers.As many as 70 coal fires have raged across Jharia, a 450-square-kilometer (174-square-mile) coalfield in northeast India. A subterranean fire flickers beneath the rocks in Ruqigou, China, on October 29, 2008, hinting at one of the costs of industrialization.
Rancher Leo Ankney surveys a coal-seam fire flickering on his ranch in 2005, near the bank of the Tongue River in Wyoming.Ankney's ranch sits in the Powder River basin, a 56,000-square-kilometer (21,621-square-mile) area spanning northeast Wyoming and southeast Montana.
In a first for arthropods, the spiny animal kept its brood tethered to its body as it swam Eartha€™s seas 430 million years ago. The legendary physicist tried for years to turn lead into golda€”and may have used a newly recovered manuscript in his quest. A team of specialists conducts a new round of radar scans, ramping up scientific rigor to test the theory that hidden chambers exist behind the tomb walls. Tornado-chasers there covered seven hours and 150 miles (241 kilometers) tracking the supercell thunderstorm that produced this cloud formation. Iron Stomach: An Interview With Anthony BourdainOn the world’s most underrated spot and more.
The walkway has stunning ocean views, traditional architecture, plenty of souk shopping, and chic restaurants to unwind at after a hard day of exploring. Anthracite, the "hard" coal found in the United States only in northeastern Pennsylvania, fueled the Industrial Revolution.
For the next day or two, he spoke to residents and took photographs, capturing images for an article about the Susquehanna River region that ran in the magazine in March 1985.While working in Centralia, Douthitt heard about a spot where the mine fire had punched through the surface, radiating steam and flames. As the combustion surged toward their backyard, they tracked, with mounting frustration, the government's ill-fated efforts to extinguish it.
The fire has spread beyond the borough and may, in some areas, be smoldering a few hundred feet underground. The first reported blaze ignited in 1916, according to a World Bank study completed in 1996. No one knows what caused the flare-up inside the South CaA±on Number One Mine, according to Stracher, who wrote a 2004 field guide on the colliery fire for the Geological Society of America.
This regiona€”roughly four times the size of Connecticuta€”yields more coal than any other in the United States, according to a team study led by Mark Engle, a research geologist with the U.S. Supercell thunderstorms are known to spawn tornadoes with winds exceeding 200 mph (322 kph). More than 200 underground and surface coal fires are burning in 14 states, according to the U.S.
As dusk approached, he drove toward a hillside east of town, parked about 75 yards away, and headed uphill, carrying his camera bag, his Nikon FM2 camera, and a tripod.Up at the scene, he set up his tripod and waited, seeking the right balance between ambient light and twilight.
They knew contractors needed to dig out the burning coal and rock, deploying bulldozers and dragline shovels. In the early 1980s, several families lived with carbon-monoxide monitors in their homes, set to sound an alarm when readings spiked.In the Gaughans' neighborhood, residents had reason for concern.
But even he can't forecast the blaze's future, other than to say it could burn for hundreds of years.And in that fact lies a sobering message, for Centralia and coal-mining regions around the globe.

In that report, investigators said the Jharia blazes could affect the health, safety, and well-being of one million people.
But the spread of the underground blaze forced a halt in mining in the early 1950s.Half a century later, on June 8, 2002, a mine-fire vent ignited dried brush at the surface, on South Canyon's western slope. Tokyo proudly flaunts these multiple personalities, but it also gives tradition a distinctly modern twist. Low-lying whitewashed houses are nestled between the craggy brown rocks of the Al Hajar Mountains.
So many things youll find outside can be magnified up to 20 times with this stereo microscope. Department of Interior's Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement.And with worldwide demand for coal surging, especially in industrializing nations such as India and China, mine fires have emerged as a global environmental and public health threat. But unlike bituminous or "soft" coal, which powers electricity plants, anthracite slid into obsolescence by the 1950s, as most consumers switched to home heating oil. A sulfur scent hung in the air, the mine fire's rotten-egg aroma.As he finished the shoot, Douthitta€”now a senior editor at the magazinea€”realized his tennis shoes had partially melted.
But officials started late in Centraliaa€”several months after the fire igniteda€”and never caught up. The Centralia blaze is one of about three dozen active mine fires in Pennsylvania, according to Altares.
Stracher, a geology and physics professor at East Georgia State College in Swainsboro, Georgia, and author of two books about coal fires, part of a planned four-volume treatise.The cumulative atmospheric impact of these infernos, scattered across China and around the globe, remains an open question. The fire plowed through the canyon, vaulted the Colorado River, surged across Interstate 70, and swept into a residential area. The report was published last year in Science of the Total Environment.Throughout the basin, outcrops of red rock, known as clinker, stand as geologic evidence of prehistoric coal fires. Young residents are brushing up on the tea ceremony; customary foods are getting reinvented. Sepia-toned arches and gold-plated minarets of mosques and ministry buildings poke up at the sky. Thousands of coal fires rage on every continent but Antarctica, endangering nearby communities.
Across the anthracite region, mines shuttered, coal companies retreated, and mine fires flared at the abandoned sites.
A mine fire in Laurel Run, near Wilkes-Barre, has been burning since 1915, almost twice as long as the one in Centralia."The ones that are left are the tough ones, like Centralia," he said. Even Stracher, who became interested in coal fires after a visit to Centralia in the early 1990s, can cite only "back-of-the envelope" calculations, performed by other scientists, on the link between coal fire greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. Police officers, dispatched to evacuate residents, reported seeing flames leaping over their squad cars, according to Glenwood Springs Police Chief Terry Wilson. And now, thanks to a runway for international flights at Haneda airport (20 minutes outside central Tokyo), experiencing the Japanese capital is easier.What To DoMake your way past the Goths and Lolitas of the Harajuku district to the Meiji Jingu Shrine. Robed men in starched white dishdashas and women in embroidered black abayas zip around the wide streets in gleaming SUVs. The blazes spew toxic substances such as benzene, hydrogen sulfide, mercury, and arsenic, as well as greenhouse gases like methane and carbon dioxide. If anyone could develop an accurate way to calculate the carbon dioxide and methane emissions from these uncontrolled fires, "that would be an enormous contribution," he said recently.
The blaze ignited an exposed coal seam, swept underground into an abandoned coal mine, and advanced toward a residential neighborhood. The blazes smolder in abandoned mines, coal seams, and coal-refuse heaps, known as spoil piles. Stores that double as contemporary architectural masterpieces lie along the tree-lined main drag Omotesando Dori, including Tadao Ando’s Omotesando Hills mall, Toyo Ito’s building for Tod’s (a crisscrossed mass of concrete and steel meant to mimic the surrounding trees), and the Herzog & de Meuron-designed Prada.
All at once, Muscat manages to hold on to its history, embrace the latest trends, and splurge on life’s luxuries.Everywhere you go, there’s a cup of kahwa (Arabic coffee) and a plate of dates with your name on it. He screamed for help until his cousin ran to his aid, reached into the void, and hoisted him out.Many Centralia residents had long feared a calamity like the one that nearly unfolded that Valentine's Day.
I wasn't happy when I left."For Douthitt, this image of a resident surrounded by fumes distilled the town's predicament.
Michalski, a retired project manager at GAI Consultants and principal investigator of the World Bank study.
Engle's report, which studied three Powder River Basin coal fires, cites a range of causes for blazes in the area, including lightning strikes, forest fires, arson, carelessness, spontaneous combustion, abandoned mine fires, and blazes in and around active surface mines. By the late 1960s, toxic fumes started seeping into nearby homes.In 1983, Congress appropriated $42 million to relocate Centralia.

Its array of products includes tote bags made from washi paper, Bauhaus-looking chairs, cedarwood bento lunch boxes, and lacquer tableware.
The waters off Old Muscat are home to large numbers of bottlenose, common, and elusive spinner dolphins. Many people are too poor to move, and make a living by illegal mining and scavenging of coal. Nearby, kimono shop Shito Hisayo brings a ready-to-wear approach to the normally custom-made world of kimono design. Board a covered boat at Marina Bunder and head into the blue waters of the Gulf of Oman, bordered in the distance by the silvery-grey Hajar Mountains. Ten residents remain in the community todaya€”five in the borough of Centralia and five in adjacent Coyningham Township.
While the shop’s elaborate kimonos may not be the most practical for travellers, the drawstring kinchaku bags will look just as elegant accessorising a little black dress as the traditional garment.In boutique-filled Daikanyama, a compact, hilly district of wooden homes and winding streets, the indie vibe manifests itself at places like Okura, which uses ages-old indigo-dying techniques on a range of clothing (jeans, dresses, skirts, socks).
Jagged rocks with unique names like “Cat Rock” rise out of the water forming natural coves.On a good day, shoals of dolphins swim along the boat, gracefully leaping in and out of the water in pairs. Kamawanu stocks tenugui, textiles long utilised for everything from practical coverings to decorative wall adornments. Perfectly arranged in illuminated glass boxes, the crackers come in inventive flavours like plum and seaweed and black sugar. The three-Michelin-starred RyuGin offers a molecular take on the kaiseki, a ritualised meal of seasonal small courses—such as dried shrimp gelee and custard made from sea urchin. Spread across 4,16,000 square metres, this expansive mosque made of Indian sandstone fuses Islamic architecture with aesthetic influences from around the world.
The menu at the kaiseki restaurant Nadaman at the Shangri La Hotel may be conventional but not the decor.
Check out the restaurant’s ornamental focal point: several dozen wooden leaves that appear to be falling serenely from the sky. On display is a fine collection of Omani artefacts including weaponry, silver jewellery, and a particularly interesting section on traditional attire. This world-class performance centre regularly hosts both local and internationally renowned troupes, including Russian ballets, Polish operas, and American jazz orchestras. I recently watched a stunning rendition of I Capuleti E I Montecchi (Romeo & Juliet) by Italy’s Arena di Verona, complete with a full orchestra, elaborate sets, and a particularly quaky-voiced Juliet.
Touchscreens behind the plush velvet seats offer subtitles in languages including English and Arabic.
Frankincense lies at the heart of Omani culture and the Sultanate’s tradition of perfumery is on display at the House of Amouage. Head to the luxury shop to pick up handcrafted Omani scents made with ingredients like saffron and myrrh. During the factory tour, you can sip kahwa and see vats of materials, including jasmine, lavender, oak tree moss, and even leather. Housed between two towering, sandstone gates, the streets of this traditional market are sheltered from the sun with carved timber roofs and stained-glass domes. Much of what is sold is sourced from India—tabletops are piled with boxes of Noor Indian Kohl, and calls of “the finest Pashmina only for you madam!” punctuate the chatter of tourists and locals. The impossibly blue Gulf of Oman runs along one edge, while the other side is bordered by sepia-coloured buildings with arched doorways and old Gujarati homes with latticed windows. Walk along the waterfront to people-watch and see the sun go down.Wind up your tour with a traditional Omani dinner at Kargeen. This al fresco restaurant set in a leafy garden and decorated with pretty fairy lights, is popular with Omanis as well as tourists. Kargeen’s speciality is a dish called shuwa, tender, succulent meat that’s wrapped in a banana leaf and cooked underground for more than 10 hours. The portions are massive and the courses never end—hospitality is serious business for the Omanis. Like every other experience in this city, dinner too is a long-drawn-out, extravagant affair.

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