National Geographic Young Explorer Grantee Hannah Reyes is studying and documenting the transitions to modernity of indigenous culture in Northern Philippines, which is home to a large number of indigenous groups.
I’m in the northernmost island of the Philippine archipelago after crossing the choppy seas separating the islands in a rough wooden cargo boat carrying vomiting women and passengers fiercely praying, a cow as my seatmate. Yes, our guide actually went back to Batanes after having lived in Manila and he was the one who told us about how they are encouraged in school to aspire to go to Manila. I am from the Islands and have been advocating cultural resource management but I think it is a loosing battle. About This BlogEvery hour of every day, somewhere on Earth, National Geographic explorers are at work trying to uncover, understand, or help care for some small part of the world around us. Support National GeographicWe've supported more than 11,000 grants to scientists and others in the field.Learn more about our work. Exploration Topics: Discover new faces and famous figures working with animals, the ancient world, photography, and more.
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Explore magnificent North America with our experts on trips by land, by foot, or by sea, for photographers, or for families. Travel the world with our experts on our flagship expeditions by land, train, private jet, or on board our fleet of small ships. Improving access to roads, mainstream education, and media is changing their culture as the younger generations assimilate into modern culture. Magencia is leading me from her stone house to the fields where she will harvest sweet potatoes, yams, and corn for our dinner. They’ve built her a newer and better house—a very pink one, adorned with stuffed animals from her son in Korea, and complete with a flat screen TV. To other Ivatans who left Batanes for better life, please do not let your siblings tear down the old traditional house you use to live in, let us work together find ways to ask the government to give us a place where we can built our new houses.
We spoke with anthropologists, conservationists and people who knew more than we did about Batanes to help us contextualise. He was being asked to take away the modern things from his paintings of Batanes life, such as the mickey mouse logo from an Ivatan child he painted, or the electricity outlets in homes. El calentamiento global altera las estaciones en Europa 7 abril 2016El reloj estacional de la Tierra se ha vuelto loco.

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Reyes is creating a visual narrative of this transition, with focus on the old traditions that are surviving, what remains under broader social pressure, and the new forms emerging through the fusion of cultures. Discover the lesser-known treasures of our national parks with our naturalists, and bring your whole family along for an adventure in Yellowstone or Yosemite. She walks slowly wearing her vakul, the headwear designed to protect Ivatans from the rain and the cold. Whether you choose to hone your skills with a National Geographic photographer during a photography workshop in New York City or San Francisco, or go hiking in the Grand Canyon, you'll experience the best of North America through hands-on, enriching exploration. Batanes is an isolated province in the Philippines, and one of the most sparsely populated. It looks nothing like the rest of the archipelago, with its grass-covered rolling hills and stone houses in place of coconut trees and nipa huts. Today they are developing roads, getting access to cable television, and their idyllic stone homes are being replaced with tin.
But the Ivatan culture still surfaces, with fishery schools requiring students to create dances about their fishing heritage, and vakuls hanging on posts for tourists to buy.

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