At a time when many media companies are cutting back on their print products, the Society is reinvesting in National Geographic Traveler. National Geographic Expeditions guests enjoy a close encounter with penguins in Antarctica.
I really like the fact that even though you don’t need to change your magazine, I mean, the National Geographic brand is absolutely reputable, you continuously move forward regardless. This is a great concept and I look forward to exploring new content from the publisher that is targeting a whole new audience for the first time.
About Intelligent TravelNational Geographic believes that to know the world is to change it. As part of the Traveler of the Year program, National Geographic Traveler has partnered with United Airlines to create the first ever Sustainable Travel Leadership Award.
The Sustainable Travel Leadership Award winners Hilda and John Denham have spent two decades protecting Costa Rica’s endangered leatherback turtles on the Pacific Ocean and green turtles on Caribbean coast. Alison Wright, a photographer who, after surviving a deadly bus accident in Laos thanks to caring strangers, founded the Faces of Hope Fund to give back to the communities she photographs.
National Geographic Traveler editors and guest advisers — including Russell Mittermeier, president, Conservation International; Ange?lique Kidjo, Grammy-winning singer, Batonga Foundation founder, UNICEF goodwill ambassador, and Kumi Naidoo, international executive director, Greenpeace — selected these gung-ho globe-trotters who turned trips into opportunities to assist with conservation efforts, connect with local cultures, volunteer in surprising ways, challenge themselves, deepen familial and community bonds and engage meaningfully with the world. National Geographic Travel, the travel arm of the National Geographic Society, creates authentic, meaningful and engaging travel experiences through National Geographic Traveler magazine, National Geographic Expeditions, travel books, maps, apps, digital travel content and travel photography programs.
National Geographic Traveler’s director of photography, Dan Westergren, has the distinct pleasure (and sometimes pain) of choosing which photographs run in the magazine.
The award-winning photographers assigned to our stories come back from the field with such a rich variety of images that it can be hard, if not impossible, to make the final cut.
Honolulu natives George and Kent Kam, brothers, paddle a double-outrigger canoe off Waikiki Beach.
A Samburu warrior gazes out at the mountains from a manmade pool at Sarara Camp, a conservation trust that partners with the indigenous community in Kenya. Author Mark Jenkins in the process of scaling Devils Tower, one of America’s most ancient sites of worship, in the Black Hills of Wyoming.
In Vimianzo, Galicia, wild horses are rounded up and wrestled to the ground by bare-handed men and women so their manes and tails can be trimmed, a tradition known as Rapa das Bestas (taming of the beasts). Quechua women, wearing the dress and hat typical of the Patacancha region, spin vicuna wool into yarn in the Peruvian highlands. An equestrienne rides sidesaddle in traditional rodeo style at Rancho Santa Emilia, just outside San Miguel de Allende.
Models compose their own tableau during a photo shoot in front of the boldly designed new wing of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.
A towering ice arch offers up the ultimate photo op to a group of travelers on a National Geographic Expedition through Antarctica. Some of the photos are great but some of them seem to look quite ordinary… Don’t you think? National Geographic Traveler magazine reveals 18 recipients for 2013 Travelers of the Year in partnership with United Airlines including winners of the newly created United Airlines Sustainable Travel Leadership Award. Hilda and John Denham, winners of The Sustainable Travel Leadership Award have spent two decades protecting Costa Rica’s nearly extinct leatherback turtles on the Pacific Ocean and green turtles on Caribbean coast.
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If you download National Geographic Traveler - November 2011 and you like this magazine, comment it, it will be pleasant to us. A free webinar on December 15 introduces the summer 2011 National Geographic Student Expeditions.

Learn about the new summer 2011 trips such as our New Zealand expedition and Yellowstone National Park field workshop. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.
I saw this and got so excited then i saw the date so i must ask is there any chance this will be repeated for the year of 2012. I think it is a good idea for teens to travel and explore, I had my children travel with me since they were baby.
Peste 12 mii de fotografii trimise de 6,615 fotografi din 152 de tari, doar 11 imagini castigatoare: asa ar putea fi descris, pe scurt, concursul de fotografie pe 2012 lansat de revista National Geographic Traveler.
As always, you can count on National Geographic Travel for fresh ways to experience our world. Even though we remain the world’s most widely read travel magazine (with 15 international editions), this month, our readers found a bigger, bolder, and more beautiful magazine on their doorsteps, newsstands, and tablets. Our Expeditions team offers a variety of unique travel experiences led by top experts to more than 60 destinations across all seven continents. In addition to providing a platform for inspiring storytelling on our website and across the Intelligent Travel blog network (we can’t wait to see what the world has in store for our Digital Nomad and Urban Insider, either), we continue to create award-winning apps to help you navigate the places you love (check out the newest version of National Parks by National Geographic).
In this digital age of impatient consumerism it’s interesting to watch the great print publications adopt to demand for instant and interactive media connected to social networking so readers can share their discoveries with their social circles. We're on the front lines of travel that illuminates, celebrates, and preserves irreplaceable places—and we're taking you along for the ride. 22, 2013)—National Geographic Traveler magazine today announces its 18 honorees for 2013 Travelers of the Year, including winners of the newly created United Airlines Sustainable Travel Leadership Award. They established The Pacuare Nature Preserve, with a goal of protecting nearly four miles of turtle-nesting beach. National Geographic Traveler with 17 international editions is the world’s most widely read travel magazine and is available by subscription, on newsstands in the United States and Canada and digitally for tablets. So we asked Dan to make an even tougher call: out of all the photos that ran in every single issue of Traveler last year, which were his favorites and why?
Urban pictures tend to look alike, and it can be challenging to capture something distinctive.
Once we learned that the lake was not as impressive as it had once been, everyone worried that what they would find there would be terribly underwhelming.
His idea was that Devils Tower and the Yosemite Valley were America’s Notre Dame (which provided inspiration for the title of the resulting feature story). Dave managed to show not only the tradition of falconry in Abu Dhabi, but the varied color and beauty of the desert at its best. Along the way it also became his duty to bring back photographs that would evoke a feeling of old Mexico.
Catherine was able to take advantage of a commercial being filmed in front of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art to make an engaging picture.
This is a beautiful spot, but if the light was evenly distributed throughout the photo, the village in the foreground would make the view a little junky and busy.
One problem photographically is that they are so stunning that it’s pretty easy for a photographer to settle too easily and just take a picture that shows the whole valley and its amazing sweep of green stair steps. Because of this, photo editors are starting to act jaded when presented with the cold, blue views provided by a trip to the Antarctic Peninsula. The editors and advisers of National Geographic Traveler magazine selected desirous travelers who turned tours into opportunities to assist with conservation efforts, connect with local cultures, come forward in surprising ways, challenge themselves, extends familial and community bonds, and engage with the world in meaningful ways. McBride plans to be the first person with quadriplegia to complete a Pan-American cycle tour. They formed The Pacuare Nature Reserve, to protect around four miles of turtle-nesting beach.

Its my last year of high school so if this is being repeated will and can it be opened to first years. 10 dintre fotografiile castigatoare au fost selectionate de catre un juriu format din fotografi profesionisti, a 11-a fiind votata pe site-ul revistei de cate public. Travel opportunities include family and student expeditions, active adventures, voyages on six expedition ships, and a host of innovative photography programs. The honorees are individuals who travel with passion and purpose, have an exceptional story to tell and represent a style of travel, motivation or method that can inspire us all. Among other environmental efforts, the Denhams are preventing poachers from killing the turtles and robbing eggs from their nests. National Geographic Expeditions offers unique travel experiences led by top experts to more than 60 destinations across every continent. It’s hard to go wrong when you’re photographing an outrigger ride with someone that has such an interesting job title! Pete told me about an interesting wildlife camp that they would pass on the way to their final destination. The difference of course is that the visitor doesn’t experience Europe’s great cathedrals by climbing them! By photographing the woman near an open window or door, she was able to show the weaver and her colorful clothes, but also the light, fading as it reaches farther into the dwelling, and how it highlights the second figure just enough to reinforce the activity, but not distract from the primary subject. The museum is an important landmark in the city, and this view makes me stop and look; it also says something about the vibrancy of the city. But, at the time of year she was there, if she waited until the afternoon light struck only the main subject of the scene, the rock would stand out, almost as if by magic, from the water that surrounds it. Ray shot this photo after sundown, allowing the blue sky to add its hue to the overall image, making the picture go beyond the typical rice terrace cliche. However, Cotton and Sisse brought back a picture for the magazine that could not be ignored. Keith Bellows, editor-in-chief of National Geographic Traveler said, “We looked for extraordinary travelers doing inspiring things.
As part of their award, United will fly the Denhams to the sustainable destination of their choice. Travel opportunities include family and student expeditions, active adventures, private jet trips and voyages on the six expedition ships in the National Geographic-Lindblad fleet, photography workshops, expeditions and seminars. Husband-and-wife photographer team Sisse and Cotton were faced with the difficult task of making the city look beautiful, while trying to convey a mysterious, spooky feeling.
We used it for an online feature about Abu Dhabi, but it didn’t make the cut for the magazine. I really like the way it serves as a close up and distant landscape picture at the same time. People who embrace the world and all that’s in it — and who have learned some valuable lessons along the way”.
The National Geographic Travel digital group offers inspiring and authoritative digital content such as trip ideas, photo galleries, blogs and apps, including the award-winning National Parks app. National Geographic Travel Books provide travel advice, photography and insider tips. I must point out that it was not by accident that they booked a room overlooking Castle Square, the most visited square in Warsaw.

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