As part of the Traveler of the Year program, National Geographic Traveler has partnered with United Airlines to create the first ever Sustainable Travel Leadership Award.
The Sustainable Travel Leadership Award winners Hilda and John Denham have spent two decades protecting Costa Rica’s endangered leatherback turtles on the Pacific Ocean and green turtles on Caribbean coast. Alison Wright, a photographer who, after surviving a deadly bus accident in Laos thanks to caring strangers, founded the Faces of Hope Fund to give back to the communities she photographs. National Geographic Traveler editors and guest advisers — including Russell Mittermeier, president, Conservation International; Ange?lique Kidjo, Grammy-winning singer, Batonga Foundation founder, UNICEF goodwill ambassador, and Kumi Naidoo, international executive director, Greenpeace — selected these gung-ho globe-trotters who turned trips into opportunities to assist with conservation efforts, connect with local cultures, volunteer in surprising ways, challenge themselves, deepen familial and community bonds and engage meaningfully with the world. National Geographic Travel, the travel arm of the National Geographic Society, creates authentic, meaningful and engaging travel experiences through National Geographic Traveler magazine, National Geographic Expeditions, travel books, maps, apps, digital travel content and travel photography programs.
The Armenian edition aims to rediscover Armenia and introduce the reader to sightseeing locations worldwide. This is a unique club established for the purpose of organizing travel and leisure in an efficient way.The club provides its members with information and advices about traveling in Armenia and abroad. By subscribing to National Geographic Traveler magazine you become a full member of the club! Members can share impressions and experiences. Editor in Chief Ruben Mangasaryan and the rest of the team are doing their best to maintain the international standards of National Geographic Traveler Magazine.
22, 2013)—National Geographic Traveler magazine today announces its 18 honorees for 2013 Travelers of the Year, including winners of the newly created United Airlines Sustainable Travel Leadership Award.

They established The Pacuare Nature Preserve, with a goal of protecting nearly four miles of turtle-nesting beach. National Geographic Traveler with 17 international editions is the world’s most widely read travel magazine and is available by subscription, on newsstands in the United States and Canada and digitally for tablets. The magazine has been an inspiring tool for many generations in discovering almost all parts of the world. The last time Sedrak Vesirian wore trekhs was a few months ago; the first time trekhs were worn was in the second millennium before Christ. A two-hour ride takes you from Yerevan to a completely different world, with smiley blond kids playing amongst sycamore trees and Russian-style houses.
I’m driving solo with a well-packed boot: an inflatable boat, a tent, a sleeping bag, maps, and of course my camera. The honorees are individuals who travel with passion and purpose, have an exceptional story to tell and represent a style of travel, motivation or method that can inspire us all. Among other environmental efforts, the Denhams are preventing poachers from killing the turtles and robbing eggs from their nests. National Geographic Expeditions offers unique travel experiences led by top experts to more than 60 destinations across every continent. Local-language versions of the magazine are published in serveral countries such as China, Spain, Russia, the Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, etc.

When you see it from a distance, you wish you were there: on its slopes, or at least at its foot. Surely you are still in Armenia, amidst a mountain landscape typical for the Armenian North. As part of their award, United will fly the Denhams to the sustainable destination of their choice. Travel opportunities include family and student expeditions, active adventures, private jet trips and voyages on the six expedition ships in the National Geographic-Lindblad fleet, photography workshops, expeditions and seminars. They shop for grapes, because on this special day ordinary plastic bags of grapes enter the church as “forbidden fruit” and leave it blessed.
The National Geographic Travel digital group offers inspiring and authoritative digital content such as trip ideas, photo galleries, blogs and apps, including the award-winning National Parks app. National Geographic Travel Books provide travel advice, photography and insider tips.
While raisins and stuffed vine leaves are always on the table, believers are not allowed to eat fresh grapes before Assumption day. One-to-one with Lake Sevan, I can meditate, shaking off the city’s noise and cares, enjoying my favorite places on the lakeshore.

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