Daca esti pasionata de fotografie si turism, National Geographic Traveler te invita sa castigi premii speciale! Ai descoperit un loc special in Romania - un hotel, un restaurant, un oras, o statiune, un parc natural? NG Traveler vrea sa promoveze destinatii autohtone de calitate si te rasplateste cu premii. Pe langa nenumarate sugestii pentru viitoarea ta nunta, in paginile revistei vei gasi rochii de excep?ie, de la modele care au facut istorie pana la crea?ii avangardiste, pentru ca ceremonia ta sa fie una de neuitat.
Get travel tips, see photos, take a quiz and more with National Geographic's Ultimate Guide to Bucharest. Pancras Dijk, a senior writer for National Geographic Traveler’s Dutch edition, goes in search of the roots of Roma music in a nation on Europe’s edge.
In the Transylvanian city of Sibiu, many baroque buildings rim the expansive Piata Mare (main square).

In the spa town of Baile Tusnad, a couple gets married in the Romanian Orthodox tradition at the intimate and ornate church Biserica Adormirea Maicii Domnului.Read “At Home in .
In the village of Sibiel, houses often sport colorfully painted facades in shades of salmon, hospital green, and Donny-and-Marie-Osmond purple. The strength of old traditions and an unchanged landscape give this scene of an old woman in the village of Simon a medieval feel.Read “At Home in . Shepherds raise and milk cows and sheep for cheese, way up in the mountains near Bran, Transylvania, Romania. Selected from over 17,000 entries around the world, both amateur and professional photographers are eligible to submit photos in the categories Travel Portraits, Outdoor Scenes, Sense of Place and Spontaneous Moments. Sibiel, located in the Marginimea Sibiului region, is particularly known for its museum of painted glass icons.Read “At Home in . With its smoky bars, chic restaurants, polished museums, and outdoor rock concerts, Sibiu is one of Eastern Europe's liveliest cities.Read “At Home in .

German-speaking Saxon settlers influenced the architecture, from the orange-tiled roofs to the steepled churches.Read “At Home in . A variety of faiths worship in Transylvania, including Romanian Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Lutheran.Read “At Home in .
This area of Transylvania is known as Szekelyfold (Szekely Land), where many people are ethnically Hungarian, reflecting a time when Transylvania used to be part of the Austro-Hungarian empire.Read “At Home in . Rich, wildflower-filled pastures make for flavorful sheep's milk cheese, such as the strong-tasting, salty brinza de burduf.Read “At Home in .

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