An Emmy-winning, richly photographed and reported exploration of the world's natural wonders, produced by the National Geographic Society.
Venturing through the seas off Song Doc in search of sea snakes, in the markets and the back alleys of Le Mat Village in Hanoi for kraits and cobras, and in the jungles for the elusive and endangered king cobra, Kenny and Zoltan put themselves at risk hunting these snakes in the name of science and adventure.  To add to the challenge, they must do all this while being followed by famed photographer Mattias Klum and the National Geographic Magazine crew who must meet their assignment goals and deadlines while avoiding any mortal bites.  Can they accomplish their goals and get in some cave diving for Kenny, or will that end up being the most dangerous challenge of all? Premise: An Emmy-winning, richly photographed and reported exploration of the world's natural wonders, produced by the National Geographic Society.
Does John Fahey have any control over what’s broadcast on the National Geographic Channel? CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa- Treasure hunter Tim Saylor is not above licking a clump of dirt if he loses a bet over finding a silver dollar, but he prefers it when his buddy loses and has to wear a yellow prom dress while riding his bike off the dock into the icy Montana waters.
Saylor, a Cedar Rapids and Williamsburg native, started “extreme metal detecting” with friend George Wyant about 10 years ago when he moved to Anaconda, Mt. Saylor, an insurance software programmer, insists the fun isn’t about finding something worth thousands of dollars because he doesn’t sell most of what he finds.
After writing a book, producing six DVDs, You Tube videos and a short appearance on Good Morning America showcasing their metal detecting prowess, Saylor and Wyant landed a series, “Diggers,” which premieres two episodes Feb.
In addition, more than 2,800 people have signed an online petition calling on National Geographic to stop airing the show.
Explorer opens your eyes to unforgettable adventures, extraordinary stories and remarkable destinations.

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Enter the email address you used to create the account and your password will be emailed to you. In June 2003, it took the title `National Geographic Ultimate Explorer,' adding culture and politics to the mix.
Many of the foreign men who enter the country as tourists come for sex the demand is high, and the market is massive.
Forty years before the Wright brothers flew at Kitty Hawk, frantic inventors and engineers rushed to create steam-powered flying machines that they hoped would decide the fate of the Civil War. From finding Venom Viagra and an elusive king cobra in the jungle, to Mattias' close encounter with a cobra's bite, to sharing a life- threatening experience in an underwater cave, Kenny and Zoltan show how science can be an adventure. Or are David Lyle, Howard Owens, and the other guys from Fox actually calling all the shots? It’s “all about the chase,” silly stunts and antics along the way to digging up buffalo nickels, silver dollars, 1800s saloon tokens, Civil War artifacts, rings and any other treasures they find. From life inside North Korea to gang life on the streets of America, from ancient mysteries to cutting-edge science - join Explorer for a riveting journey to the front lines and hear the story from the inside. In J (more…)An Emmy-winning, richly photographed and reported exploration of the world's natural wonders, produced by the National Geographic Society.

Servicing this demand are women trafficked from all over the world, including those lured to Thailand by a vicious Thai-Uzbek ring. Mark Ragan, author and project historian of the Hunley (a Civil War submarine), recently discovered shocking new evidence suggesting that both sides of the conflict were struggling to craft steam-powered flying machines, capable of bombing the enemy. Through the experiences of three unique characters -- a former Marine who served in Iraq, a teenager bent on joining the elite ranks and a man who claims to be the reincarnation of a Gettysburg soldier -- we get a candid look inside this deeply passionate community, and emerge with a new understanding of the sacrifices we made as a nation to preserve the Union.
Most Uzbek women who work in the industry come to Bangkok out of financial desperation; they believe they'll get good jobs, but they end up as slaves. To feel the tight financial grip that Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation exerts on the National Geographic Society, peek at these tax returns. And if you'd like to share ideas, questions, or suggestions — or if you just want to heckle :-) — please contact me here.

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