For the Hubble telescope's 20th anniversary, NASA astronomers selected the pictures they think best highlight the Hubble's scientific and societal impacts. Using a ground-based telescope, astronomer and telescope maker William Herschel was the first to spot this nebula. A sunset bathes the space shuttle Discovery in a rosy glow during the second mission to service the Hubble telescope in February 1997.
Like a cosmic chandelier, the dazzling lights of the star cluster Pismis 24 hang over the dusty clouds of NGC 6357, a nebula about 8,000 light-years from Earth in the constellation Scorpius. Stargazers see this nebulaa€”a massive cloud of dust and gasa€”in the familiar constellation Orion, where it appears to the naked eye as the brightest "star" in the hunter's sword. A Hubble teslescope picture released in 2005 shows a towering column of dense gas in the Eagle Nebula, where radiation and winds from young stars help to sculpt such spectacular features. For the Hubble telescope's "sweet 16" in 2006, NASA released the sharpest wide-angle view yet of M82, aka the Cigar galaxy.Known as a starburst galaxy, M82 is a cosmic nursery in which stars are being created ten times faster than in our own Milky Way. Amateur cartographers report on the shifting battle lines to create maps that are among the most accurate and up-to-date reports on the hostilities. As ice melts and aquifers are drained, Earth's distribution of mass is changinga€”and with it the position of the planet's spin axis. NASA's Opportunity rover captured the incredible picture by chance after clambering up a steep ridge. Osprey Atmos AG and Aura AGOsprey’s new pack, the Atmos AG (men’s) and Aura AG (women’s), radically reinvents the backpacking experience.
Pots and pans have never played nicely within the confined and limited space of a backpack, until now. Think Tank Airport HelipakCamera copters like the ultra-popular DJI Phantom pretty much take the cake for being awkward to carry and not fitting neatly into packs. Leatherman's new Signal multitool is positioned for survival situations with its ferrocerium fire starter and whistle. Known best for its electricity-producing twig stove, BioLite has just transformed the camp lantern. The HyperLamina’s center zipper configuration is the most comfortable I've found, especially for reading, journaling, and leaning out of the tent to make the first cup of joe in the morning. If you live in a place with bugs—meaning, if you live on Earth—you might want to pay attention. You get to the top of a climb or the end of a run or a hike, heart pounding, and there in front of you is a family of jackalopes, grazing in perfect light. The reason is less magical than the mythical jackalope: The Alpha 7 II contains an in-camera sensor stabilizer that cuts vibrations in five axes—X and Y, as well as pitch, yaw, and roll. All that internal juju had to go somewhere, so the Sony is larger than most full-frame mirrorless cameras. The Nano Puffs are insulated with 60-gram PrimaLoft Silver synthetic insulation and are similar to the ultrapopular Nano Puff jackets and pullovers in thickness and loft. Designed to be worn under fishing waders, they probably make a better camp pant, as the silhouette feels more like that of casual trousers (pockets and a loose-ish cut in the legs) than a body-hugging base layer.
With hopes of striking a serendipitous pairing as perfect as peanut butter and chocolate, apparel manufacturers have been combining two separate materials in one garment for eons, but what makes Polartec’s version of these two-component fabrics, Power Wool, so successful is where and how it's placed. The wool helps keep you warm even when it gets damp and is protected from abrasion and wear by the face fabric.
Black Diamond's Distance Carbon FLZ poles strike the perfect balance between performance and adjustability.
MSR FlyLiteSeeking lightweight gear always comes at a cost, and with tents that usually means tighter confines and less comfort.
With tide and surf reports readily at hand via laptop, desktop, and smartphone, why in the world would you want them on your watch?
Right now, for example, the Ultratide is telling me that my local break, Salt Creek, is two to three feet and conditions are fair, making it a heck of a lot easier to buckle down and finish my work.
Setting up the Ultratide is as simple as pairing it with its companion app—you bookmark your favorite breaks and set up alerts in the app (which is a good thing, because some of the info shown on the watch screen, like high and low tides, is awfully small). Adidas bought Five Ten back in 2011, and these days it’s very smartly bringing the climbing brand’s Stealth sticky rubber to the very cool Terrex Trail Cross.
Over the last decade and a half, pack rafts made by Alpacka have transformed the exploration of rivers in remote and difficult terrain. The Alpackalypse is the first pack raft designed specifically to handle big, wild white water. The tubes are lower volume and are used as a place to stash your gear inside, which lowers the boat’s center of gravity and stabilizes it, too. At double the price of Alpacka’s traditional boats, economics will narrow sales to those who want the more specialized boat. The full moon will appear to get a tiny bite taken out of it as it undergoes a shallow partial eclipse today. Keen sky-watchers may notice that October's full moon, known traditionally as the Hunter's Moon, will lose just a bit of silvery luster tonight as part of its southern limb gradually dims. The celestial phenomenon, known officially as a penumbral lunar eclipse, may be a bit tricky to catch in the sky with the eye, however, since the shading effect will be quite subtle.
The eclipse will also be visible throughout South America, across Europe, and in Africa on Friday night. All the stages of the eclipse will be visible across the Indian Ocean, central Asia, western Australia, Africa, and Europe. Today a fleeting black orb will greet early-bird sky-watchers lucky enough to be in the path of one of the century's most remote total solar eclipsesa€”the last till March 2015. As the moon moves between Earth and the sun, a lunar shadow will be cast along a hundred-mile-wide (160-kilometer-wide) path, traveling virtually the entire length of the southern Pacific Ocean over several hours and making landfall early Wednesday in Australia (Tuesday afternoon in the United States). Meanwhile a still-striking partial eclipsea€”where only part of the sun is covereda€”will be seen within a broader track stretching for thousands of miles across much of the rest of the South Pacific Basin, including New Zealand, Antarctica, and South America. Pasachoff, who will be down under observing his 56th solar eclipse, said there is a lot of science to be learned from the sky spectaclea€”particularly by monitoring of the solar corona (picture), the superheated outer atmosphere of the sun.
Gingerbread Houses, giant glyphs, and brutalist buildings are among the endangered sites on the 2012 World Monuments Watch list.
Vietnamese fishers wearing traditional conical hats go about their daily business along the country's Halong Bay waterfront.Halong Bay is one of 67 international sitesa€”12 of which are presented herea€”selected for the World Monuments Fund's (WMF) 2012 World Monuments Watch.
One of Haiti's early 19th-century Gingerbread Houses stands tall after last January's earthquakea€”unlike the modern brick fence surrounding the home. Archaeologists carefully excavate a mosaic pavement in an ancient Christian monastery known as Tell Umm el-'Amr, or the Saint Hilarion Monastery, in the Palestinian territories' Gaza City. New York City's former Manufacturers Trust Company Buildinga€”now simply 510 Fifth Avenuea€”is a landmark of mid-20th-century modern architecture, according to WMF.No longer used as a bank, the glass-and-aluminum building, which opened in 1954, is currently a source of contention in New York.
Faded "polychromy" murals dating back to the 17th century can still be seen on the walls of the Eastern Catholic St.
The ruins of the tenth-century Georgian monastery of Oshki have suffered heavily from prolonged neglect.Nestled in a valley in northeastern Turkey, Oshki was one of the most important monastic Christian churches of its time. A British citizen strolls past a monolithic cement building in London, part of the Southbank Centre, which was built in the brutalist style popular in the mid-20th century.
In honor of April 18, we take a look at how science organizes and names speciesa€”sometimes with a sense of humor. The "cheapest bike rack on the planet" bolts anywhere—from a pickup truck bed to the roof of an old car. Heel-cushioning, wool-embellished, foot-wrapping delight … meet the PhD crew, one of the best outdoor socks ever built.
The Sportsman knife is a classic Swiss Army model, including a blade, file, screwdriver, tweezers, corkscrew, and the requisite toothpick. For travel and wilderness trips, these fold-in-half shoes take up almost no space in a pack. It's common for a multitool to include a knife blade, drivers, and can opener, but this one also has a hidden camera adapter and fold-out arms. Made out of discarded (unused) auto airbag material, the Harvest pack is functionally solid, waterproof, and durable, as well as a good eco move. Optical sensors in this headlamp auto-adjust brightness output depending on what you're looking at. Foam rollers, a block, massage balls, and a guide to using it all are included in this fitness-oriented, self-massage kit. This minimalist winter shell jacket weighs just nine ounces but protects from snow, wind, and rain. Take a GoPro HERO 2 camera ($299) and add the Wi-Fi BacPac Combo Kit ($99) to make an ultimate action-camera setup. The copper coating of a sunken ship sits on the seafloor of the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Louisiana.
Warship, privateer, or passenger ship: The identity of an early 19th-century, copper-clad shipwreck resting on the seafloor in the Gulf of Mexico (map) could be any number of things.
An advanced video broadcast system on board the Nautilus, the vessel ferrying the research team to the shipwreck, will stream a live video feed from the remotely operated vehicle's cameras to the web. The well-preserved artifacts on the ship, the fact that it's armed with cannons, and its deptha€”it's resting in 4,300 feet (1,330 meters) of water, making it the deepest wreck under investigation in U.S.
Piracy, smuggling, and slavery were lucrative enterprises, and business was booming in the region. This well-preserved ship could give researchers and historians a solid glimpse into potential trade routes in the area, as well as ports of call, Irion said. A cursory examination in April 2012 by the NOAA vessel Okeanos Explorer revealed tantalizing glimpses of the 84-foot-long (25-meter-long) shipwreck.

There are glass bottles on the site that appear to be filled with various substances like medicine, liquor, and sauces, said Delgado. Researchers also saw muskets, cannons, navigational equipment, what looked like a pair of eyeglasses, and various plates and serving dishes strewn around the ship. BOEM's Irion also noted the presence of water storage jars that experts have traced to Sisal, Mexico (map), a port city on the Yucatán Peninsula. The Shell oil company initially discovered the wreck about 170 miles (274 kilometers) southeast of Galveston, Texas, in 2011 during a survey of potential drilling sites. When NOAA sent a ship to take a look in 2012, weather concerns allowed researchers to only spend a little over two hours perusing the wreck. The public will still be able to experience the thrill of discovery though, along with a group of researchers on shore. It's also privately funded, he added, with arrangements for the collaboration organized through the Meadows Center for Water and the Environment at Texas State University.
Marine biologist and geologist William Kiene, with NOAA's Office of National Marine Sanctuaries, is one such shore-based participant. Kiene wants to see how different types of wood historically used to build boats holds up against wood-boring sea creatures.
He'll also be able to direct investigations aboard the Nautilus when they revisit some interesting marine life. Kiene cautions that this is just speculation at this point, but it'll be something to investigate once they get on site. Delgado is looking forward to getting to spend some time with this mysterious shipwreck and unearthing its secrets. There are a number of materials on a ship that could impact the oceans, although more modern wrecks are perhaps more worrisome.
How organisms react to such material and whether any toxins make their way into the food chain are important questions to ask, Delgado said. On National Bison Day, November 1, we choose our most stunning pictures of the large mammal, treasured in U.S. A lone bison weathers a winter storm in Yellowstone National Park.A bison's thick, two-layered fur helps it withstand even the harshest weather. Several bison tough out the winter near South Dakota's Badlands in 1996.Many people use the words "bison" and "buffalo" interchangeably, but this isn't technically correct.
A bison poses on a ranch in Valentine, Nebraska, in 2011.In the 19th century, bison hunting became so popular, some big game hunters couldn't even be bothered to leave the comfort of their railroad carsa€”shooting the animals from the windows instead.
A wild American bison roams a game preserve in Kansas in 2011.Bison use their horns not only to protect themselves against predators, but also as part of a yearly mating ritual in which males crack their sturdy skulls against one another.
While ranchers remain wary that wild bison could transmit diseases like brucellosis to their livestock herds, many people (such as the woman above) have fallen in love with these large, lumbering beasts. Tiger range countries are on their way to their goal of doubling the animal's population, but challenges remain. In this weeka€™s crime blotter: a bust gone wrong, a butterfly smuggling ring, and a scooter pangolin heist.
Even so, NASA mission managers say Hubble has exceeded all scientific expectations during its two decades in orbit.
Even from Earth's surface, the so-called Eskimo nebulaa€”which sits about 5,000 light-years awaya€”resembles a human face wearing a furry parka.The Hubble telescope, however, saw details Herschel could never have dreamed of when it took a picture of the nebula shortly after a December 1999 servicing mission.
Story Musgrave hangs above the world from the robotic arm of the space shuttle Endeavour as he prepares to place protective covers on the Hubble telescope's magnetometers during the space telescope's first servicing mission in 1993. Each of the starlike objects seen in the image is actually a cluster of up to a million stars. For our biannual Gear of the Year awards, we celebrate the insights, breakthroughs, and leaps forward in new products that make our time in the outdoors safer, more comfortable, and more fun. This “antigravity” backpack has one of the most unconventional and comfortable suspensions ever made. The pot has two folding handles and a strainer top, so you’re less likely to dump the marinara in the dirt, as I did with a camp pot last summer in the Arizona Strip.
Luckily, if it’s one thing Think Tank does, it’s find ways to carry awkward, sensitive gear neatly in packs.The Airport Helipak was built with the Phantom in mind.
But from a purely practical perspective, what we like is that it packs much of the appeal of the tactically oriented Leatherman MUT, but costs a whole lot less. Pictures don’t begin to capture how radically the brand's NanoGrid transforms your campsite with a soft, romantic glow. This construction wraps the LED around the battery to create gentle, ambient illumination with no hot spots. It compresses to a little smaller than a football (6-by-13-inches, roughly) and nests easily inside the pack. Just note that the shape is what Mountain Hardwear calls “performance mummy,” meaning claustrophobes might think twice. Thermacell’s Repellent Camp Lantern creates a mosquito-, black fly-, and other pest-free zone approximately 15 feet by 15 feet. With most cameras, the shaking of your hands would capture little more than an indistinguishable blur, and your friends would mock you on social media and in person. Their polyester shell is treated for water resistance, and the seat is reinforced with nylon Taslan to allow for sitting on rocks or in the dirt without tearing up the fabric. The fabric, which we tested in base layers by QOR and Kitsbow, puts soft merino wool next to your skin and a synthetic fiber on the outer layer. It’s constructed in a tiny micro-grid pattern that aids comfort (the QOR Baselayer Crew feels clingy but not too tight), and the synthetic threads mechanically pull moisture away from the merino to the surface, where it can spread and evaporate.
They help with stability and balance and give your hands something to do when you’re walking down the trail. And bike designs are going bigger, too; sometimes following, sometimes leading, as their suspensions get longer and their abilities more robust.
Here’s why: The Nixon Ultratide, which pairs with your phone to deliver real-time conditions on 2,700 spots via Surfline, is always on, always up-to-date, always reminding you that the surf is there, even if you aren’t. A highly unconventional mash-up between an approach shoe and a flat pedal sneaker, the Terrex Trail Cross is aimed at adventure cycling, when adventure means enduro-style riding and hike-a-bikes up or down unrideable trails, but it’s by no means limited to two-wheeled explorations.
A typical mountain biking shoe, with pedal cleat and hard sole, is about as safe and effective for scrambling as an ice skate.
Just five pounds, durable as heck, and easily inflated, the rafts can be carried into places where a hard-shell boat would be impractical, if not impossible.
Six years in development, the boat is faster, more controllable, and more rapids-ready than other Alpackas, with a hull shape much closer to that of a kayak than to the bulbous style of other rafts. And more stabilization is key—by design, the Alpackalypse handles more like a kayak than a raft. The Alpackalypse is double the weight, too, at just more than ten pounds, and it’s naturally bulkier and less packable. What is happening is that Earth's outer, pale shadow is falling on the outer edge of the lunar disk. Meanwhile sky-watchers in Asia will get to witness the partial lunar eclipse at dawn on October 19. Next year, two much more dramatic total lunar eclipses will occur, one on April 15 and one on October 18. Wednesday, local time, and then in Cairns, the only city that will be able to see totality.
The structure's murals are maintained despite the death of the last chief in 2006a€”though that's not to say the court is in the clear, preservation wise, Avrami said."Without the chief in place, it means that a new stewardship model needs to evolve," she said. The building's current owners want to alter its original interior features as part of a renovation."It's one of many important mid-20th-century buildings that are of the recent past and, as a result, are often not appreciated as heritage," Avrami said. Today this place of chronic disasters is being transformed into an archaeological showcase. Each year Clif Bar & Company and GU Energy Labs unveil seasonal energy food products like pumpkin pie bars and peppermint gels.
This ten-ounce container has a wide-mouth design and a cap that unscrews and doubles as a shot glass.
Let it open and fluff up for a comfy support—be it on a backpacking trip or an overnight transatlantic flight.
This mini LED headlamp weighs mere ounces but pumps 55 lumens of light for hiking or trail running at night. Steel coils offer traction on snow, and the Yaktrax's rubber harness stretches to fit over any boot or shoe. But they unzip to offer a full shoe that has the added benefit of looking nice in camp or on the trail. A great gift for backpackers or world travelers, this small device puts out UV light that destroys bacteria, viruses, and protozoan cysts—such as giardia—that can make you sick.
The high-performing and great looking Uma boots have a fast, shoe-like sole and Thinsulate insulation for warmth on the feet and lower legs. It features an analog face, hands, and dial with Swiss quartz movement and a stainless steel case. That's the premise of these goggles, which record 1080P video and take eight-megapixel stills.
This electrically heated vest offers on-demand temp regulation via warmth-emitting modules and a button on the chest. Anyone with an Internet connection can listen in and watch as the scientists explore the wreck.

There are also the remains of what appear to be two masts that would have supported the ship's sails. For this reason they've kept the exact coordinates of the wreck under wraps for fear of potential looting. The Nautilusa€”managed by a group founded by National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Robert Ballarda€”and its ability to broadcast live video from the deep sea means that a larger party of scientists and historians can participate in the expedition than can fit on the ship.
He will keep an eye on the placement of an experiment he sent with the boat from a command center on shore. Researchers on the ship will deploy an array of samples including ash, cypress, beech, hickory, and white oak.
Either the tube worms are living off the decaying wood of the wreck, or perhaps something in the cargo is fueling their appetites.
He's also eager to figure out how the wreck has affected the deep-sea environment around it.
Just a few hundred years ago, between 30 and 60 million American bison (Bison bison) roamed the Great Plains. Usually brown and black, the fur can grow in thick around the animal's head, giving it the appearance of having both a mane and a beard.Both are great for keeping out the cold, but they pose a bit of a problem for scientists trying to attach cameras to the animals in order to study what they eat.
While both animals belong to the Bovidae family, "buffalo" refers to animals such as the African cape buffalo and Asian water buffalo. Of course, as you can see in the National Geographic Channel show Bison: The American Legend, it doesn't always pan out. Fish and Wildlife Service employees at the Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge in Nebraska in 2008. These clusters produce strong streams of charged particles, which compress the gases around them and begin the star creation process anew.The idea of an orbiting telescope free from Earth's atmospheric distortions originated in the 1920s. Starting at the top near the grab handle, the AG has a perforated mesh panel that runs the length and width of your back, all the way down to your hips and around the front of the waist via the hip belt. The quadcopter slides nicely into the bottom of the 14-by-20-by-9-inch pack without having to remove the landing skids (though the propellers, not surprisingly, must come off), and there are dedicated compartments for hardware, extra batteries, remote control, charger, and more. One end is shaped like a hammer, which offers no end of utility, and there’s a diamond-coated file, too. It’s absolutely lovely—just be sure to get the three-light kit, so you can spread that warm love around camp.
If being snug as a bug is your thing, though, you won’t find a lighter, smaller, warmer synthetic bag for the money. Powered by D-cell batteries, the device holds a small butane cartridge that heats up allethrin, a synthesized version of the naturally repellent chemical found in chrysanthemum flowers.
With the Sony Alpha 7 II, though, your pictures are practically ready for the front page of the New York Times.
It means that you can shoot in much lower light, at lower shutter speeds, without pulling out the tripod—anywhere from two and a half to three f-stops. The vast majority of apparel makers (and retailers, too) focus their insulating efforts on the upper body, and jacket models outnumber trousers by about 20 to 1. And at 11.7 ounces, the Nano Puffs are light enough to throw in the pack for end-of-the-day coziness or even for sleeping when the nights test the limits of your sleeping bag’s warmth. It’s so effective that Power Wool has great promise for skiing, running, mountain biking—as base layer or jersey—across three seasons.
Perhaps our favorite use, though, is when they serve as supports for ultralight tents like the MSR FlyLite.
Their three-section length collapses to 15 inches if you want to stash them in your pack, and the sections easily lock for stability. Terms such as enduro and downhill might be lost on your average singletrack junkie, but regardless of what it’s called the broad trend in bikes is toward frames that are more stable at high speeds and more capable of huge bumps and jumps. The Terrex Trail Cross is more like a skateboarding shoe merged with a light hike and a little climbing credibility thrown in.
And while Alpacka’s existing models have run white water, even in the Grand Canyon, now comes a boat that changes everything. These should not be deterrents to those who want to tackle big water in far-flung locales, but they will give the more casual boater pause. But during partial eclipses, the moon never completely goes dark or turns reda€”only a portion of its disk appears to darken slightly.
The Ukrainian church dates back to the 16th century and was constructed from hewn logs laid horizontally, clad with wooden shingles, and capped with a pitched roof.After World War II, the borders between Poland and Ukraine changed, and St. This "joring" kit provides an adjustable dog harness, a belt for the human, and a stretchy cord to connect the two in between.
Nations in the Caribbean were winning their independence, and the Texas Revolution, the Mexican War, and the War of 1812 were also key events on land, he added. But the hydrocarbons necessary for their survival don't seem to be present at the wreck site. It's like taking a look at downtown Rome on Google Earth and thinking you've fully explored Rome, he added.
Their herds were said to be so great, it took six days for a rider to pass through.But it took just a few decades of intense hunting and fur trading to lay the herds low. Tribes and Canadian First Nations to reintroduce genetically pure bison from Yellowstone into their former habitat. When European settlers first saw American bison, they named it "bufello," and the misnomer stuck.
Thorstenson revs up the crowd at a racetrack near Buffalo, New York, in a National Geographic magazine article published in 1994.Over a hundred years ago, the original "Buffalo Bill"a€”William Frederick Codya€”got his name after besting another Bill, William Comstock, in an all-day bison shooting contest. Hubble images have become a part of our culture," added Livio,A of the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, Hubble's science and operations center. The doomed stellar "face" is surrounded by a disk strewn with cometlike objects, which leave behind tails as they streak away from the sunlike star. The pliers are large and strong enough to wrestle uncooperative bolts, cables, and zippers into submission, and two hex slots can handle moderate twisting of nuts. As for the fire starter and whistle? But a well-designed pair of insulating pants, like the Patagonia Nano Puffs, is just as important for comfort as the coziest hoody.
And each of the three available sizes offers 20 centimeters of adjustment, so you can dial in your tent setup perfectly. But with 29 square feet of floor area and 44 inches of headspace, it feels more like two-plus-dog.
If you haven’t thrown a leg over a new model lately, what you’ll see at the shop are slacker head angles, longer top tubes, and lower bottom brackets—all of which are great for stability at speed but not so much for nimbleness, climbing, and tight twisty trails.Here’s a small but telling detail about the Ibis Mojo HD3, our pick for 2015—you can mount a water bottle on the top of the down tube, where it’s actually usable, unlike so many enduro bikes, where the bottle cage is stuck out of reach on the bottom. The low profile tread has climbing lugs at the toe, braking lugs at the heel, and a long section in the middle perfect for gripping flat pedals.
It has a much more comfortable, body-hugging rigging system, with inflatable back and leg supports, as well as knee and foot braces that let you feel at one with the boat, enabling far better control. This, of course, is part of the game: With much more maneuverability comes much less stability, which is why the company says it’s for experienced white-water kayakers.
The cockpit rigging is dramatically more comfortable for paddling—is that reason enough to switch? Folks in the Mountain and Pacific time zones will probably miss out, however, because the moon will rise locally well after maximum eclipse is reached.
Whoever is on your list, we've found the perfect outdoor gear gifts, shown from least expensive to most. Combined with the webbed suspension, these wings make the most comfortable hip belt I’ve ever used.The Osprey packs come in two sizes, 50-liter and 65-liter, and are designed to carry up to 40 and 50 pounds, respectively. Some might see these features as gimmicks, but if your life is on the line and the only gear you have with you is the Signal, they are worth a lot. For a soloist accustomed to tents barely larger than a bivvy, the FlyLite feels like a racquetball court. It’s a little thing, yes, but it tells you that Ibis is bringing a more versatile, real-world riding approach to its six-inch, do-everything HD3.Although based on the DW-Link suspension design that Ibis has been using for years, this bike was built all new from the ground up (and utilizes the latest generation of DW-Link), with the goal of being a better all-rounder than so many of today’s hottest enduro bikes.
There’s extra EVA cushioning in the heel, as well as a mid-foot shank that adds a little stiffness for pedaling and protection from rocks when hiking.
In most pack rafts, you feel like you’re just along for the ride, but with the Alpackalypse, thanks to the rigging and hull design, you feel like you are the ride. Lots of room to roam.MSR achieves this rare combination of low weight and vast acreage through several steps. Ibis stretched out the top tube a little bit and went with a 67-degree head angle (65 is more common)—the 27.5-inch wheels drive quickly from one corner to the next, the front end rarely wanders when climbing, and it’s excellent in small bumps, thanks to the Cane Creek DBinline shock, which offers a sweet, predictable, linear feel, with a little bit of ramp at the end for the biggest hits.Mountain bike design is all about tradeoffs, so where does the HD3 barter and swap? Single-wall shelters are notoriously poor at venting moisture, so the FlyLight has mesh on all four sides, protected from storms by an overhang.
If you’re looking to run downhills, you might be happier with a slacker, longer, more bomb-oriented machine. Odds are you’re in the other 94 percent, which will be thrilled with the go-anywhere, well-balanced mentality of the HD3. And yes, that means it’s probably going to appeal to gram counters and those already hiking with poles.

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