This initiative is an integral part of The Bahamas Family Islands Geotourism Program and is made possible through a partnership between MOT, NGS, Compete Caribbean and the Multilateral Investment Fund of the Inter-American Development Bank.
NGS worked closely with its partners and with local organizations, businesses and residents to map the best of the Bahamas Family Islands using their stories and nominations.
These two unique online tools are expected to encourage sustainable economic development and promote long-term stewardship of the islands’ distinctive communities, businesses, working landscapes and natural areas. The Bahamas MapGuide and website initiative is the first of its kind in the Caribbean and joins 12 other international geotourism destinations that are currently managing co-branded websites and promoting wise destination stewardship.
The 27th annual National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest is open for entries until 30 June.

13, 2015 – The Government of Bahamas through its Ministry of Tourism (MOT) in collaboration with the National Geographic Society (NGS) has created a co-branded MapGuide and interactive website of the Bahamas Family Islands, offering information that identifies natural, cultural and historic attractions that define the islands and their people. The MapGuide and website celebrate and sustain what is most distinctive about the Bahamas Family Islands and promote travel to the region.
Additionally, leveraging the latent potential of the tourism value chain in the Family Islands to act as a driver for overall small and medium enterprise (SME) development and sectoral linkages is a fundamental objective. The islands represent the less populated, yet equally intriguing, island gems of the Bahamas island chain. Second prize is a six-day photo expedition in Yellowstone for two and the third prize winner will receive a six-day cruise for two from Schooner American Eagle and Heritage.IBTimesUK presents a selection of photos that have been received so far.

However, he passed by as if he did not perceive us and continued feeding from leaves and grass. The mothers raise their babies and when they are strong enough  they go far away to the cold water. During whale watching activity, you can live some incredible experiences by interacting with this fabulous mammal.

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