The White House has unveiled a new website-based app, the Climate Data Initiative, to help explain the science behind climate change and draw attention to the immediacy of the threat. The launch comes during the same week the world's biggest science society, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), released a report urging the public to begin preparing for climate change now and asking economists and politicians to work with scientists in developing concrete solutions to the problem. The new Climate Data Initiative builds on the Obama Administration's efforts to release government data online, through, which boasts more than 90,000 data sets on a wide range of fields, from housing to weather. For the climate website, data will be made available from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NASA, the U.S. At first, the data won't be presented in a way that is easily digestible by average citizens.
Delighted to share with you the news of a recent guest blog post that I contributed to the National Geographic website, in their News Watch section.
Natural forests cover about 10 percent of China’s surface area, but few of the forests remain in a primary or pristine condition. Thank you for this great book and making it so accessible to anyone who wants to take a look into China’s ongoing environmental challenges.

A captivating virtual world that gives players the opportunity to transform themselves into their favorite animals, National Geographic Animal Jam encourages kids to celebrate their individuality and unleash their imaginations as they journey through the many lands of Jamaa. Jadi conducted primary and secondary research prior to developing the worldwide strategic brand and marketing launch for this exciting game to include print advertising, digital advertising, web design & development, web marketing, media training, public relations and social media.
Jeremy Barnes, Director of Product and Corporate CommunicationsMazda North America“The art looks fabulous - as always! Monica Mcarthur, Senior BuyerCostco Wholesale“I just wanted to let you know we really appreciate Jadi getting this done!!!
But the government is announcing an innovation challenge that calls on researchers and developers to create data-driven simulations, which could show people how their own neighborhoods might be affected by rising seas and floods.
Large swathes of forest have been destroyed by human activities, which include logging, wood collection, and mining.
Third are concerns of passing disease to wild individuals, or compromised immunity of captive individuals once released. Travelling across the country to pull these five topics together must have been both an incredibly rewarding and haunting experience.

Yes, the travels were long and sometimes difficult, but I am pleased this work has come together in the eBook.
As a result, National Geographic Animal Jam has over 2 million players and continues to grow as one of five most successful Massively Multiplayer Online Game launches ever. The first batch of climate data released will focus on coastal flooding and sea-level rise.
Finally, there are human social issues, like potential poaching of reintroduced animals,” she said. Your images pull together a twisted mix of beauty, destruction, economic needs, and personal loss in ways that few other types of photographs can, a skill you and Michael Wolf seem to have in common. Google is donating cloud storage space and computing power to help process the climate data.

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