Use the "Environment and Endangered Species" world map on pages 24-25 to answer these questions. Candidates are crisscrossing the country in a quest for the votes that will put their name on the presidential ballot in November.
Although Election Day will get most of the attention, the primaries leading up to Election Day also offer many opportunities for teaching about the American political process and citizens' roles and responsibilities. This new edition of the award-winning original features 16 brand-new pages, more than 100 full-color photographs, illustrations and satellite images, plus charts, graphs, and fact boxes. Now, in its stunning Ninth Edition, the critically acclaimed National Geographic Atlas of the World reports and examines up-to-the-minute geopolitical and environmental changes through detailed, accurate maps and beautiful, engaging design that are its hallmark. National Geographic cartographers bring nearly a century of mapmaking experience and cutting-edge technology to every atlas product. Welcome to the redesigned World Atlas app from National Geographic, the best world geography reference resource available.
Curious about a place in the news, looking for a trusted source of information for a school project, or just want to spin the globe and explore? The badge will automatically display on your web page with the National Geographic World Atlas iPad app's current Qualityindex rating.

ADVERTISE WITH US Give your apps a little extra promotion with the biggest independent iPhone Advertising Network. What's another name for the latitude line at 0 degrees?Use the world map on pages 26-27 to answer these questions. Match each continent name to the picture that is used to show something about that continent. Capitalize on this "teachable moment" with five lessons that teach about the process and engage students in learning about it.
But, before we know it, voters will be lining up at the polls to cast their ballots in the next presidential election. For example, are your students aware that primaries are a relatively new political development? We've expanded the thematic section to include spreads on environmental trouble spots, coral reefs, world conflict, refugees, global communications, and diffusion of popular culture. This cartographic masterwork brings to light the most important and relevant topics that grip our planet today.
The Atlas features Nat Geo's award-winning cartography and stats and facts about every country on Earth.

All charts, graphs, and fact boxes reflect the latest statistical data, and the Society's world-renowned cartographers have updated all the physical and political maps to show the most current boundary changes and the newest countries. Leveraging these emerging technologies to build smart, well-designed, functional, informative atlases is one of National Geographic's great strengths. With this superior volume so chock-full of practical and engaging details, students will always be tuned in to our ever-changing world.
World thematic spreads reveal freshwater scarcity, global warming, world economies, energy resources and consumption, and other critical trends. Recently, when the 10th Edition was released, I was able to scarf up a copy of the 9th Edition for a ridiculously low price, compared to the price of the current Edition. I love being able to pick it up anytime and find a location anywhere in the world, when I'm reading or watching TV or a movie, etc.
Dynamic graphics and compelling visual stories cover the vital developments of our world in the reliable, authoritative, and innovative style that has made National Geographic a leader in the category.

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