Yes, the photographer's name can be searched using the search bar at the top of the page.
An avatar, or profile picture, is an image used to represent your identity within the National Geographic community. Notifications let you know when other members and National Geographic editors have interacted with your photo. When the orange icon appears next to your name at the top of the page, you have new notifications in your inbox.
You can opt to receive emails when another member comments on your photo or replies to your comment, when your photo is selected to be published in the Daily Dozen or in a Your Shot story. Simply go to your Notification Settings page, then make sure the actions you would like to be notified about are checked.
To opt out of any notifications, just uncheck the blue checkmarks next to the actions you would not like to receive emails about on your Notification Settings page.

In the latest version of the World Atlas app, we sought to reduce and improve the time it takes to download map layers for offline use.
Please follow the screenshots below (depicting an iPhone 5S) to download maps for offline use.
After completion, a new section appears in the Settings screen, called Downloaded Content. You can upload a custom avatar during the registration process or from the Settings: Public Profile page.
On the search result page, the People tab will show you profiles that match the name you searched. You will get notifications when someone has left you comment, favorited an image or replied to your comment. New notifications since the page was last refreshed will be highlighted in blue, with older notifications below them.

You can also choose how often you receive notifications about comments: weekly, daily, or immediately as they happen. We recommend using a photo of yourself so other members of the community can get to know you. You will also be notified if an image is selected for publication in the Daily Dozen or a Your Shot Story. You can find your new notifications on the Your Shot site and choose to receive certain notifications via email.

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