With 2016 just days away, below is the Illinois preparedness Month Campaign list from IEMA.
As in the past we will provide you with the monthly media release from Illinois EMA, as they become available. While a surgeon in World War II, he urged that doctors be moved from hospitals to the front, where medics were usually the only aid available. The doctor invented many heart-related surgical devices, including the roller pump, which he invented while still in medical school.
Conventional practitioners also ridiculed DeBakey’s idea about using Dacron (polyester) grafts to repair damaged arteries, a procedure that was used to save his life in 2006 when he had a torn aorta. AuthorVAntagePoint Contributor-- VAntage Point Contributors provide insight and perspective on a wide range of Veterans issues. He was present at my Dad’s quadruple bypass Houston Methodist Baylor college of Medicine.
I graduated from the University of San Francisco School of Nursing in 1962, married a Korean vet, served at Fort Lawton Army Hospital as a civil service nurse and was on duty when President Kennedy was shot.
VA's top health care official today announced progress and new steps VA is taking to improve Veterans access to health care.

The Veterans Innovation Partnership is a public-private alliance that serves America's returned Servicemembers by preparing them for meaningful diplomacy and development careers.
September is National Preparedness Month, and Palo Alto has many ways to get involved and prepare.
He created what would become known in the Korean War as the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (or “MASH”) unit. That pump became the centerpiece of the heart-lung machine, which takes over the functions of the heart and lungs during surgery by supplying oxygenated blood to the brain. The idea that inhaling smoke may hurt one’s lungs may seem like an obvious one to us today, when DeBakey and Dr.
DeBakey the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest honor given a United States citizen. That hospital, still named after DeBakey, was Baylor University’s first affiliate and first surgical residency program. Alton Ochsner made the connection in 1939, their work was ridiculed by the medical community.
DeBakey was the heart surgeon for the last Shah of Iran, of King Edward VIII of England, Marlene Dietrich, Joe Louis, and Presidents Johnson and Nixon.

In the next few months, many Americans will make the big leap to a new part of the country. The man whom the Journal of the American Medical Association once called “the greatest surgeon ever” lived to be 99 years old. DeBakey’s other surgical innovations, like grafting, bypasses, and the use of mechanical assistance devices are now common practice. In 2008, he received the Congressional Gold Medal, Congress’s highest civilian honor, in a ceremony attended by President Bush.
In that time, he served his country, saved tens of thousands of lives (including his own), and completely revolutionized the way surgeons work on the human heart.
He died in 2008 and was granted ground burial in Arlington National Cemetery by the Secretary of the Army. In combat he reformed the way the Army manages casualty care, and as a civilian he reformed the way America takes care of its Veterans.

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