Xochimilco, today merely one section of Mexico City, was in 1909 an independent town inhabited by Indians.
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The University of Arizona Libraries offers a very extensive list of North American Indian Films and Video. Also check out Native Americans in the Movies: A Bibliography of Materials in the UC Berkeley Library. Three separate stories of land-use conflicts over Native American sacred sites on public and private land around the West. IN THE LIGHT OF REVERENCE tells the story of three indigenous communities and the land they struggle to protect: the Lakota of the Great Plains, the Hopi of the Four Corners area, and the Wintu of northern California.
Devils Tower - The Lakota struggle to protect their sacred site from climbers and other encroachers. Note: The DVD version contains the three films that make up this classroom version as well as the original 73-minute version. Reviews"This beautifully-crafted film shows how the places most sacred to Native Americans are being both disrespected and destroyed, and how Indians are fighting back to save their own religious heritage. Related TitlesIn the Light of ReverenceA stunning portrait of land-use conflicts over Native American sacred sites on public and private land around the West.
The Buffalo WarThe battle over the yearly slaughter of America's last wild bison outside Yellowstone National Park. Drumbeat for Mother EarthToxic chemicals are the greatest threat to the survival of indigenous peoples.
Inspired by the novel El hombre que llego a un pueblo [The Man Who Came to a Village] by Hector Tizon. Un traficante de drogas espanol tiene que cerrar una transaccion en la remota region de Jujuy, Argentina. Naalec travels to the Nanaicalo Nqote ("eye of the dragon"), a sacred lake whose water gave people the power of the gods.
El argumento trata sobre la relacion entre un maestro (Lautaro Murua), educado en la gran ciudad, que es destinado a una escuela rural en la provincia de Santiago del Estero, en la que los alumnos son quechua hablantes. Reconstruccion de la ultima rebelion indigena de los Mocovies en San Javier, al norte de la provincia de Santa Fe, en 1904. Uno de los personajes a traves de los cuales seguimos la historia es Salvador Jesus, lider indigena que reclama la devolucion de las tierras a su pueblo. Pero acaso lo mas notable del film sea la manera en que se anticipo al cine documental apenas posterior y tambien a algunas tendencias que se consolidarian ocho decadas despues: el cruce entre el registro documental (cuando se muestra la vida en las tolderias) y la ficcion. A personal meditation in the form of a letter addressed to a Guarani man living near the Iguazu waterfall. Una pelicula poetica sobre el ciclo del sol, el traspaso de sabiduria y la solidaridad entre dos mujeres.
Esta ambientado a mediados de 1960 y ha sido realizado integramente en la provincia del Chaco. Three short stories: In Maimara, a town in Jujuy, Paulino and Delia have to join a cooperative to sell their vegetables.
En el ano 1976, Claudio se ve obligado a vivir junto a su familia en la clandestinidad, debido a sus ideales politicos. Su escondite es descubierto por un grupo de tareas, que no tardara en llevar adelante su procedimiento. Tehuelchina (interpretada por Carolina Bravo) es una mujer indigena en el valle de El Manso, en su limite con Chile. Su marido (Hector Mauricio Gonzalez) es un tipico poblador rural de montana, con quien vive "la china".
When he flees to Mexico, he's pursued by an American lawman who has sworn to bring him back. His young aide and translator, Daniel, falls in love with Annuka, the daughter of the Algonquin chief. Rosemont ; directed by Robert Dornhelm, Sergio Mimica-Gezzan, Jeremy Podeswa, Timothy Van Patten, Mikael W.
Beautifully filmed and acted, this movie is considered one of the classics of Mexican cinema. It presents points of view and historical and current experiences from diverse cultures and traditions world-wide.
The Catalog includes information about productions, the mediamakers and actors who created them, and the film and media organizations that support their creation.
A half-century later, as a brutal war flared between the English and a confederation of Indians, this diplomatic gamble seemed to have been a grave miscalculation.
Some of their projects included the building of the Seney National Wildlife Refuge, Caberfae Ski Area, and the transport of moose from Isle Royale to the Upper Peninsula. Religious freedom, so valued in America, is not guaranteed to those who practice land-based religion. Por una circunstancia fortuita, un dia descubre que su padre, al que no conoce y a quien supone viviendo en el exterior, esta en el pais. He seeks to recover his people's culture by learning from elders who still remember the old ways. Inicialmente los prejuicios etnocentristas del maestro y su ignorancia de la cultura quechua y los ninos, lo llevan a entrar en conflicto con sus alumnos y a distanciarse de ellos. Al principio se expone la situacion a la que el avance de la civilizacion ha reducido a los indios, despojados de tierras. Catalina tiene miedo a que el sol se apague y que no regrese si su abuela Rosa dejara de contar historias. Both become allies and with the help of Sarita, take up the cause of the Indians to help them live in freedom and dignity.
When their family fails to return at the expected time, and after the oldest woman passes away, the boy and his grandmother must find ways to cope on their own.
With a fine cast that includes Paul Newman, Harvey Keitel, Burt Lancaster, Joel Grey and Geraldine Chaplin, Buffalo Bill and the Indians is a hilarious yet poignant comedy that shows the Old West as you've never seen it before! Based on James Michener's panoramic bestseller about the settling of the American West -- as reflected in the history of a fictional town called Centennial, Colorado -- the story begins in the late 18th century and ends with a typical 20th century conflict over land usage. In preparation for the Columbus Quincentennial, 300 Native men and women came to the highlands of Ecuador to take part in the First Continental Conference of Indigenous Peoples.
Hosted by legendary Native American comedian Charlie Hill, this special showcases the best of the Native American Indian comedians performing today. The Dann sisters say the real reason is the resources hidden below this seemingly barren land, their Mother Earth. These were the pyramids and effigy earthenworks by the Mound Building Cultures of the eastern half of the United States. These are the cities of the Anasazi, the ancient Pueblo people of the four corners region of the western United States. After running away from the school and becoming ensnared in the juvenile justice system, she was forced into marriage by a parole officer at eighteen, then labored as a migrant worker.
It does not just deal with the past misdeeds that the United States government committed against Indian peoples, but it also deals with current affairs in the 20th and 21st centuries such as life, poverty, and suicide rates on Indian reservations.
This video takes a historical look at how the systematic removal of First Nations children from their families and community not only made the them easy targets for pedophiles but also how these vile acts turned many of the victims into predators.
Available as streaming video to the MSU Community as part of Ethnographic Video Online : In the kingdoms and fiefdom of Europe, it was called the year of our lord 1150. A sweeping saga of bravery, cruelty and pure folly, these are the stories of adventurers who stopped at nothing to conquer an unknown land and its peoples. Every year, more sacred sites - the land-based equivalent of the world's great cathedrals - are being destroyed. Poco a poco es el maestro el que comienza a aprender de sus alumnos y a establecer una relacion de respeto y aprendizaje mutuo. Mientras que la ciudad esta toda junta esperandolos, y hasta se muestra el falseo de la informacion que el hombre blanco recibe sobre el indio: a Rosario llega la noticia de que se acercan en hordas tremendas. Before Tomorrow is the third in a trilogy of films (beginning with The Fast Runner (Atanarjuat) and The Journals of Knud Rasmussen, made by contemporary Inuit natives as a way of recapturing a sense of their past. Although Buffalo Bill (Newman) has fought Indians and Civil War battles, nothing can prepare him for his newest challenge: show business!
Both went off to college; one is now a successful poet, the other returned home embittered. Centennial, however, largely concentrates on various memorable frontiersmen, trappers, Indians, ranchers, cowboys, and farmers from long ago.

These four groundbreaking, action-packed cinematic adventures from `70s pop culture icon Billy Jack feature all of the fast-kicking, politically-aware stories that had audiences cheering and clamoring for me. Joe Logan (Brandon Routh), who is half Sunaquot, runs a small casino and is returning home to the reservation in hopes of gaining approval to build a huge new casino on tribal land.
Will Sampson is Fish Hawk, an Osage Indian whose self-respect is drowning in a sea of whiskey until he befriends young Corby Boggs. Columbus Didn't Discover Us features interviews with participants, filmed at this historic gathering, representing a wide spectrum of Indian nations from North, South, and Central America.
This documentary reveals the glory of being the best, the frustration of being ignored, and the rewards for not giving up on a dream. This comedy special features legendary Native American comedians all on one stage for the first time : Charlie Hill, Larry Omaha, Howie Miller as well as the Pow Wow Comedy Jam members now making their own mark on the Native American comedy scene, Marc Yaffee, Jim Rule, Vaughn Eaglebear and JR Redwater. Their history is the history how a civilization, against all odds, became so successful at agriculture they were able to produce a leisure society capable of not only building these incredible cities, but also producing some of the greatest pottery, rock art and trading networks the world has ever seen. The second half shows First Nations peoples taking legal action against not only the pedophiles, but also against the Canadian government and churches while at the same time using their traditional ways of healing in order to bring back joy and balance back within their own lives and also within their communities. Led by legendary cities of gold and mythical passages to China, foiled by international intrigue and mutiny on the high seas, men like Francisco Vasquez de Coronado, Henry Hudson, Jean Ribault, and Vitus Bering left an indelible mark on a vast new continent.
En el viaje conoce a una joven de la cual se enamora y juntos enfrentan una peligrosa situacion. El hombre blanco es visto de manera negativa, en tanto se lo acusa de introducir el alcohol en la vida del indio, asi como se habla de como se le saco la tierra y se lo dejo sin nada.
Adapted from an Inuit legend, The Fast Runner centers on Atanarjuat, a charismatic young hunter struggling for the affections of Atuat, who has already been promised to Oki, the son of the camp's leader. He is taken on a perilous journey to a world that is ruled by fear and oppression, where a harrowing end awaits him.
He is drawn to its progressive Freedom School for troubled youth and to the idealistic woman (Taylor) who runs it.
After befriending their leader Cochise (Jeff Chandler) and arranging a truce, he is called upon by a U.S. Wyatt (Danny Glover) and the Buffalo soldiers arrest Captain Draper (Robert Knott) and other Texas Rangers, but politics mean the Rangers are quietly freed later. Richard Chamberlain shines as the pioneer Alexander McKeag, Robert Conrad does some of his best work as French-Canadian Pasquinel, and performances by Alex Karras, Chad Everett, Sally Kellerman, Raymond Burr, Richard Crenna, David Janssen, and Dennis Weaver effectively add to a tapestry of adventure, tragedy, violence, and dubious Western progress. The tribal council's approval comes with the stipulation that Joe reexamine his spirit under the direction of his father (Gil Birmingham)--a process that lands him coaching the local high school lacrosse team. Teenager Shane Chasing Horse (Eddie Spears) is a member of the Dog Soldiers gang on the Pine Ridge Reservation.
This documentary is a moving testimony about the impact of the Columbus legacy on the lives of indigenous peoples from across the hemisphere.
Viewers will then examine an archeological site in Louisiana, where ancient hunter gatherers built their own city, and learn about the Woodland Mound Builders and the Mississippian Mound Building culture. Perhaps the two most misunderstood and mistreated of minorities, Native and African peoples have often shared a common past.
In doing so, it also provides an excellent survey of American Indian archaeology in the U.S.
Ella’s later years bridged her Native American past and modern archaeological research. Special attention is paid to current depictions of Muslims onscreen [along with an historical survey of film depictions of African-Americans, Asians, and Native Americans].
Following the stories of four women, she reveals the exclusionary attitudes that divide the community and many others like it across Canada. Straight from the explorers' journals, European diaries and oral histories of Native Americans, CONQUEST OF AMERICA presents an amazing, region-by-region account of extraordinary times and extraordinary men. The exploration of the America's by Spanish soldier-explorers, and the experiences and tragedies they had once there. Crazy Horse cut his teeth fighting with the Olgala chief Red Cloud against United States troops in Wyoming. But rock climbers, tourists, and New Age religious practitioners are part of the problem, too. Pero cuando se pone al espectador del lado del indio se lo hace de una forma no compasiva; no se lo exculpa por lo que hizo mal o por no saber organizarse mejor para encontrar una estrategia, no se lo idealiza, ni perpetua el mito del buen salvaje, sino que se le reconocen los derechos que le corresponden, que es algo que no se hacian es esa epoca. When Atuat chooses Atanarjuat, Oki seems to accept it, but later events turn his anger and hatred into a murderous spite.
An old man tells a story about a strange boat that came from nowhere bearing light-skinned travellers, who shared a strange and bitter drink with them that made them laugh, and then gave them needles as exchange to sleep with their women. And the complications only multiply when the troupe discovers it must put on a special command performancefor none other than the President of the United States! Senator Henry Dawes is one of the men responsible for the government policy on Indian affairs. Produced at a time when TV networks were in the throes of acknowledging America's history of racial injustice, the program paints a starkly villainous portrait of opportunists exploiting and destroying Indians in the name of manifest destiny.
Witness the heroism yourself with this complete four-film set, all newly remastered in high-definition for breathtaking, unsurpassed quality!
A poorly organized team with a losing record and a decided lack of drive and team spirit, the Crooked Arrows seem destined for another losing season unless Joe, a former college lacrosse star, can somehow improve their game.
His name is ironic-- he longs to be a good hunter and win the approval of his white father, but his first shot as a child brought about humiliation. His mom (Sheila Tousey) asks him to take his grandpa Old Pete Chasing Horse (August Schellenberg) to the All Nations Storytelling Powwow in Santa Fe, NM. New man in town Kenny Williams (James McDaniel) has just accepted a position as an English professor at the Three Nations Reservation in Utah.
Giving up whiskey after it costs him the dog that was his only companion, Fish Hawk spends the winter with the Boggses, but when a wild boar ravages the countryside it puts his friendship with Corby to the test. Based on the non-fiction bestseller by James Bradley (with Ron Powers), this isn't so much a conventional war movie as it is a thought-provoking meditation on our collective need for heroes, even at the expense of those we deem heroic. The program explores the architecture of Anasazi buildings and look at how, in the absence of written records, these structures are evidence of this culture's remarkable accomplishments and social structure. Yet today they are all but invisible-their heritage ignored, unknown and frequently denied by most Americans, many Native- and African- Americans and sometimes by Black Indians themselves. In their own words, elders and outside experts discuss the rich culture and the history of the Navajo as well as their close friends and neighbors the Hopi. A resilient and wisecracking woman in a hard hat, Ella fought to preserve her ancestors’ history. Davey and Thunder Woman back up their argument with footage detailing the economic marginalization of American Indians, the consistent violation of legal agreements reached with native tribes, the mismanagement and consistent neglect of Indian reservations, the brutalization of Native Americans as they were segregated onto flinty soil and forced to live under substandard conditions, and the refusal of the mass media to report stories of suicide and Columbine-style school shootings among reservation youth. Here in that same year the finishing touches were being put to some of the most spectacular masonry buildings ever constructed by man.
Describes the clan system of the Ojibwa, covering what clans are, the origins of the various Ojibwa clans, what it means to be a clan member, what the animal symbols of clans represent, and the significance of totems.
Deer traces the roots of the problem, from the advent of the highly discriminatory Indian Act through the controversy of Bill C31, up to the present day, where membership on the reserve is determined by a council of Mohawk elders, whose rulings often appear inconsistent. He earned a place in legend and signed his own death warrant for his role in Custer's last stand. This story, as passionate and primal as any film noir, is framed by the daily lives of the Inuit--a struggle for survival that is both simple and vivid, foreign yet immediately understandable. When tensions flare between the students and narrow-minded locals who fear what they cannot understand, Billy Jack becomes the school's protector. The story concerns a Navajo boxer named Black Cloud (Eddie Spears), an angry young man from a violent, chaotic family and a proud warrior burdened by a general grudge against white people.
Grierson (Bob Gunton), a white responsible for assembling and supporting the black regiment. When the latter's colleague and friend ends up shot to death and left to burn in a fiery car, Chee takes time off to evaluate whether he should become a healer instead of a lawman. Chee (Lou Diamond Philips) is a student of the old ways who wanted to be a medicine man before he became a lawman.
Finding it hard to fit in with the tight-knit Native American community, he decides to take on the challenge of coaching the high school girls' basketball team. Blanche Hanalis, who developed the Emmy Award-winning series Little House on the Prairie for television, adapted this family drama, filmed in the beautiful Canadian wild, from Mitchell Jayne’s novel Old Fish Hawk. She has allowed herself to be removed from the traditions of her people, preferring to base her beliefs on science, rather than superstition and magic. Criticisms aside, Into the West admirably achieves the goal of executive producer Steven Spielberg, who envisioned this expansive project as an accurate and corrective history lesson with long-term educational value.

The video features interviews with Black Indians from many tribes (including Narragansetts, Pequots, Seminoles, Cherokees and others) who discuss such issues as blood versus culture, detribalization, and personal identity in an increasingly multicultural world.
The film follows these Native Americans as they take their protest to Congress and join with the militant American Indian Movement, turning their tragedy into acts of heroic resistance.
In the process, she connected with her painful personal past as she unearthed troubling official documents relating to her youth. BIOGRAPHY travels back to the waning days of the frontier for a revealing portrait of one of the great Indian leaders.
No one in the cast is a professional actor, but the performances are direct and compelling, telling a story that is both epic and intimate. Elizabeth Montgomery and Hal Holbrook (earning two of those six Emmy nominations) lead a strong cast that includes Jane Seymour and W.H. Either way, he can't proceed without getting to the bottom of the killing and proving or disproving his own original assumption that the murderer is a shaman he found drunk and in possession of a gun near the crime. Set in the 80's, Hunter is caught between many worlds-- the white world and the Indian world, childhood and manhood, the old red road and newly paved road.
As they drive across South Dakota in a beat-up old Ford, Grandpa tells stories about magical Lakota legends. Ira Hayes (a marine paratrooper and Pima from Arizona) is one of the men who raised the flag in the iconic photograph. Without an autopsy or funeral, Cufe's deed creates a crisis in his family as he tries to understand who is father was and what kind of man he himself wants to become. In 1 hour, 28 minutes, we witness all of her current and past beliefs challenged, as she begins receiving messages from the spirit world.
Placing important emphasis on the Native American perspective, it follows the Lakota Indians as they are gradually overwhelmed by the white man's irrevocable westward expansion. Arctic to Amazonia From the Arctic to the Amazon, much of our world's fragile ecosystem is at risk.
Beautifully photographed and scored, the film captures the sweeping majesty of sacred Native American lands and the people who inhabit them. Told through Ella’s charismatic and poignant lens, her story incites curiosity about the historical and cultural forces that shaped her destiny and identity. At four, Yellowtail was taken from his mother and sent to boarding school where it was forbidden to even speak Crow. Leading historians and elders of his Sioux tribe offer their take on his life and legend, while period accounts, art and artifacts show the fervor that marked his pursuit and capture by U.S. Olympic boxing team, Black Cloud initially rebuffs the idea but is encouraged to reconsider by his manager and mentor (Russell Means). Indian prophet Nana (Chesley Wilson) is tortured in an effort to get him to reveal Victorio's whereabouts.
Working the case from a different angle is Leaphorn, who finds a link between the shaman and a missing university professor on the trail of a major historical find. Grant, Floyd Red Crow Westerman, Tantoo Cardinal, Charles Rocket, Robert Pastorelli, Maury Chayken.
He would have a very difficult time dealing with everyday life for the rest of his short life. It seems that only one girl really undestands Cufe and may hold the key to understanding the bonds holding a family together. These messages represent violence and death, but who are they intended for---and who are the intended victims. Multinational corporations and government development projects often engage in practices which threaten not only the environment, but the survival of indigenous cultures. Narrated by Emmy-winning actor Martin Sheen, Broken Rainbow compassionately illuminates a modern Trail of Tears, giving voice to the conflicts faced by indigenous peoples who struggle to survive in the face of Western imperatives. The history of this annual parade is peppered with both verbal and physical violence, challenging ideas of political correctness and freedom of assembly.
Meanwhile, Black Cloud delivers a well-deserved beating to a rodeo circuit creep (Schroder), which gets him into hot water with the law, and the Navajo woman he loves (Julia Jones) puts distance between them until he can figure out his priorities.
Determining that Victorio is at Rattlesnake Springs, the Buffalo Soldiers head in that direction for a confrontation. Beach and Studi are terrific, though the story doesn't bring them together, in the same space, very often.
In the end, Joe's term as coach changes everything for himself, the lacrosse team, his tribe, and the entire Haudenosaunee nation. The supporting cast, including Michael Spears (a Tribal Officer), her mother(Carla-Rae Holland) and the Medicine Man (Lakota Chief David Bald Eagle) all give top notch performances, as they assist Shayla on her journey of self discovery. To discuss this growing problem, representatives of Native communities from around the world came to Smith College to attend the week-long Arctic to Amazonia Tribal Lands Conference.
Join BIORAPHY for a stirring profile of a noble warrior who gave everything he had in a desperate and futile struggle to preserve the freedom and dignity of his people.
As coming-of-age stories go, Black Cloud is persuasive and moving, yet it should be no surprise that Schroder's greatest strength as a filmmaker is drawing very fine performances from his cast. Filmed in the desert of Arizona's Cochise County, Buffalo Soldiers premiered December 7, 1997 on TNT. In showing how Native cultures were systematically oppressed by the white man's westward capitalism, this tragic tale is inevitably heartbreaking, although it ends on a hopeful note of cultural preservation. Arctic to Amazonia features Native activists from North and South America presenting first-hand information on the impact of industrial development upon their land and cultures. Its people’s own name for themselves, their townships, their land we will never know.
Means, so wonderful in Michael Mann's The Last of the Mohicans, is again a solid figure of strength and love, while Spears does a beautiful job of capturing a man ready to trade rage for wisdom.
Sheila Tousey is outstanding in her recurring role as Emma Leaphorn, Joe's wise, no-nonsense wife. Special features include a commentary track with director Steve Rash and coproducers Mark Ellis and Neal J.
Some violent content from the original TNT broadcast has been edited for this DVD release to better accommodate classroom viewing, but Into the West still qualifies as essential viewing for anyone seeking an inclusive dramatization of truthful American history, as opposed to the wildly inaccurate and woefully biased accounts that dominated for decades. They review the history of European colonization in the Americas, critique destructive patterns of consumerism, and contrast indigenous perspectives on the environment with corporate world views. Pueblo Bonito is just one of a dozen large buildings in the shallow canyon 15 miles long and mile or so across Chaco Canyon. The first Indian appointed Bureau of Indian Affairs superintendent of his own tribe, Yellowtail used federal funds to restore traditions and bring back the buffalo.
Schroder delivers on tough action sequences--rodeo riding, boxing--like a pro who's seen it all, too. Powless, a history of lacrosse that includes brief interviews with professional players Brodie Merrill and Zack Greer, a segment about casting, and featurettes on Native American lacrosse and the Onondaga people. In excerpts from speeches presented at the conference, indigenous representatives talk about the struggles of Native communities to protect their land against ecological destruction. Yet the people of Chaco spread far beyond the Canyon itself, holding sway over a region of 40,000 square miles.
In his eighties, he was called on to unite and advise the tribe on the critical issue of coal development. They all contribute to a heartfelt tapestry of bicultural history, both tragic and inspiring, and impressive enough to make its flaws easily forgiven. These battles range from northern Quebec, where the Cree and Inuit peoples are fighting massive hydro-dam projects, to Arizona, where the Havasupai oppose plans to mine uranium near the Grand Canyon, to the Brazilian jungles, where numerous Amazonian peoples have won important victories in the campaign to protect the tropical rain forest. Establishing perhaps a hundred outlying townships linked by skillfully engineered roads and a system of long distance communication. As the threat of global environmental disaster looms over us, mainstream society can learn much from Native peoples. Arctic to Amazonia is an effective catalyst for discussion of environmental issues from an indigenous perspective. We’re trying to understand how and why such an astonishing cultured flowered in the deserts of the South West.

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