This web site is attempting to list, review and create some discussion about the best movies ever made about American Indians in the pre-assimilation era.
Draghi, simboli esoterici, donne seminude o il nome della mamma scritto dentro un cuore: Hollywood ama tatuarsi, e noi amiamo quando a Hollywood si tatuano. Semplice ed efficace: il capolavoro di Tony Kaye, un trionfo di cattivi sentimenti e malessere neonazista, si riassume tutto nel corpo scolpito e dipinto del suo protagonista Edward Norton. As much today as in the 90s, it’s quite rare for a sequel to live up to the expectations set by the original. The first part of the formula that Disney gets extremely right in this film is raising the stakes. The memorable staples of team Duck are all in attendance for this go around: Charlie Conway, Goldberg, Fulton Reed, Adam Banks (cake eater), the Frenchies, and the annoying-as-all-fuck Les Averman. The film wastes no time in setting up the fact that Gordon Bombay suffered an injury during his brief stint in the minor league hockey circuit and is forced to return home to Minnesota with his tail between his legs.
The kid from Dawson’s Creek’s mom, Bombay’s love interest from the first movie, is now remarried and the members of the Ducks team have mostly lost touch. Speaking of montages, there is no shortage of those beautiful pieces of 90s film technique during the movie’s short run time. Rollerblading all over the city to gather up the Ducks players, doing dangerous tricks and having way too much fun along the way. The villainous Icelandic assholes are the antagonists of the film and they strut around with a cold, contentious impudence that reminds me of Ivan Drago in Rocky IV. Like any good Disney film, the Ducks win in the end and send Iceland home like a bunch of stinky losers to suck a big cold tit in their motherland until the next Jr.
In his final douchey moment, the Icelandic coach says “You lost it for me” to his star player, Stahl, in a bitter display of poor sportsmanship. All is well in Ducks land with this most recent win under their belt and we’re even treated to a fantastic b-roll shot of Ducks flying in a “V” formation through the air as the team flies home together on a plane.
Then, as if we weren’t happy enough having just seen such a fantastic film, we’re treated to a camping trip montage of the Ducks players singing “We Are The Champions” around a campfire while the credits roll in the foreground. This entry was posted in 90s Movie Reviews, 90s Movies, Reviews and tagged 90s disney, 90s movies, bash brothers, charlie conway, d2 the mighty ducks, fulton reed, goldberg the goalie, gordon bombay, knuckle puck, the mighty ducks by Zach. Our Movie Fighters will be judged and scored on their arguments for facts, passion and creativity. HISHE and ScreenJunkies' Animated Show revealing the After Credits scenes for films that never had them. Exclusive commentary, outtakes, BTS secrets, and alternate jokes from your favorite Honest Trailers.

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Betty Sue: On May 31, 1988, Johnny Depp had a heart with tribal markings tattooed on his left bicep. What one person considers the best movie ever made, someone else may consider one of the worst.
Filo spinato sui bicipiti, una svastica sul petto, cranio rasato e sguardo da folle: basta poco per diventare indimenticabili.
It always seems like a rehash of gags, exposition, character types and plot does little to raise the bar or tread new grounds of storytelling.
The Godfather: Part 2 is the first one that comes to mind, and I believe this against-all-odds hockey-centric kid’s movie is of the same caliber.
Abandoning much of the cutesy bullshit from the original film, D2 brings to the table a more interesting and higher-stakes story concept that involves an international event instead of a quaint, small-town regional championship.
This time, though, they’re joined by a host of stereotypical representations of popular American cities. Fortunately, another mystically wise old man named Jan, brother of the first movie’s mystically wise old man Hans, convinces the glum Bombay to turn his sour grapes into passion fruit and start coaching a gaggle of moronic kids in hockey again.
Bombay receives an offer from an equipment manufacturing company to coach Team USA in the Jr. Their coach is the typical, militant try-hard who goads his players into submission with merciless training regimens and sadistic obsession with savagery on the ice. Stahl, however, digs a dagger through his heart with a well-timed “You lost it for yourself!
Johnny Depp has yet to say what the inverted black triangle means to him; however, an inverted triangle usually denotes an expression of romantic love. Hopefully, all the movies included in this list will have some redeeming values in viewing native Americans, and the views prevalent towards them in the times the movies were made. I think a case can be made for several movie representations of Native Americans, who can be viewed as patriots, fighting against an alien invading force.
Some people consider The Searchers to have one of the most negative portrayals ever of Native Americans, while others consider it to be one of the most positive. More often than not, it’s just a complete copy and paste of the first movie in a new locale.

This time, Coach Bombay and his quacktabular members of the Ducks dynasty are off to the City of Angels to compete in the Jr. This is thought to be his first tattoo, completed in 1980 and the one that started his love for body art. Magua in Last of the Mohicans (1992), Scar in The Searchers, Captain Jack in Drum Beat, Toriano in Arrowhead, Ulzana in Ulzana's Raid, Massai in Apache and Geronimo are just a few portrayals that can be considered positive when examined from a Native point of view. Movies about Native Americans reflect the changing attitudes of American society towards Native American history and of the American treatment of them.
With the dollars in place and a few rollerblading montages later, the Ducks are back together again with the addition of their zany new teammates and an attractive female tutor.
Rather than just representing their small-town underdog pride, they’re representing AMURRICA against a star-studded stable of racist stereotypes. In 1997, she began appearing in commercials at age 26, and then made the huge leap into movies.
Her fame came with her role in the comedy-horror spoof Scary Movie, Regina Hall has frequented the giant screen in roles that far from betrayed her age. Her recurring role in Scary Movie and the sequel Scary Movie 2 exhibited the 30-year-old's ability to maintain her youthful appearance, as she portrayed the high-school-aged Brenda Meeks.
The following year, she made many other film appearances, including her starring role in Scary Movie in 2000.
She first had a role in the movie Love and Basketball which also starred close friend Sanaa Lathan. In 2001, Hall's list of credits grew to include her first television role, as Corretta Lipp on the prime-time drama Ally McBeal, which was a recurring role for several episodes.
Furthermore, in 2001 Scary Movie 2 was released, in addition to the Mandel Holland comedy The Other Brother, featuring Hall as Vicki.
One year later, she starred in the action-drama Paid in Full, directed by Charles Stone III.
She would later on start in other films such as;Malibu's Most Wanted, Scary Movie 3, The Honeymooners, and First Sunday.

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