You have decided you want to convert your appliances to gas because you also learned that they will run more efficiently and have a longer life expectancy than their electric counterparts. Gas ranges: The advantage of gas is that it heats quickly and allows you to immediately control the temperature. In addition, since gas is delivered to your home underground, the flow is not interrupted during a severe storm. However, if you already use gas and want to add gas appliances to your home, we can help you with that. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Is compatible with OnCue(R) Generator Management System 3.0, Load Control Module (LCM) and Programmable Interface Module (PIM).
Provides fast, flexible installation with easy to wire terminal block and breaker and easy to connect fuel lines. Tested per IEEE std 115 and compliant with temperature rise standard of NEMA MG1 and UL2200.
Includes vacuum-impregnated windings with fungus-resistant epoxy varnish for dependability and long life.
Sustains short-circuit current enabling downstream circuit breakers to trip without collapsing the alternator field.
Works with natural gas or LP fuel and can be simply converted between the two in the field while maintaining emission certification. Crew members work to contain a spill of hydraulic fracturing fluids at a well blowout on April 19 in Bradford County, PA.

Methane concentrations grew so strong following an April 19 blow-out at a natural gas well operated by Chesapeake Energy in northeastern Pennsylvania that the company cleared the area of crew members and equipment in case the facility exploded, according to documents detailing the incident obtained by Following the April 19 blow-out, which sent tens of thousands of gallons of toxic fracking fluids coursing over Bradford County, Pennsylvania farmland and into a nearby creek, the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) directed Chesapeake to disclose information related to the incident. At approximately 7:00 PM on April 20, after consultation with the well control team, and to mitigate further risk to personnel and equipment, plans were finalized to mobilize the completions crew and all non-essential equipment off location. After reviewing the documents, has pieced together a timeline of the incident.
April 18, 2011 – Hydraulic fracturing operations begin at Chesapeake Energy Corp.’s Atgas 2H well. The document released by the EPA also confirm that the primary mechanism Chesapeake had in place to deal with spill failed. Once on site at approximately 2:30 AM (2 hours 45 minutes after the initial call), Chesapeake’s support personnel, in coordination with the well control team, considered options to address the discharge at the point of discharge.
Tags: Barnett Shale, Chesapeake, Environmental Protection Agency, fracking, Gasland, hydraulic fracturing, Marcellus Shale, natural gas explosions, natural gas leaks, New York, Pennsylvania, shale gas, T. Got Information?If you've got information or documents about natural gas leaks or explosions, we'd love to hear from you.
Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency over a massive natural-gas leak that has been spewing methane and other gases into a Los Angeles neighborhood for months, sickening residents and forcing thousands to evacuate.Browns's declaration came more than two month's after the leak was discovered in the SoCalGas facility and after numerous pleas from residents and elected officials to take action regarding the leaking well that is pumping 1,200 tons of methane into the air each day, according the California Air Resources Board. The few documents that have been made public, though, detail an incident that quickly overwhelmed Chesapeake’s on-site personnel and could have resulted in a potentially lethal explosion. Equipment was removed, the primary containment was repaired, the location was cleared, and all ignition sources were removed from location.

Concerns for worker safety, however, precluded the movement of construction equipment to the pad to bolster the primary containment. As long as California needs natural gas, the state has an obligation to strictly regulate operations to protect residents.
This work continued until 11:15 PM, when the Lower Explosive Limit (“LEL”) monitors registered low methane levels at the wellhead.
In addition, saturated ground conditions precluded access to the base of the containment throughout the night. Their first attempt was foiled by ice formations that prevented a cocktail of chemicals and mud from reaching the leak point.
At this time the location was cleared of personnel and equipment and secured until daylight. Officials are investigating the "cause and any possible violations" and associated costs in fixing the gas leak, the governor said. The company anticipates completing the relief well by March 15.The gas company detected the leak on October 23 and is drilling relief wells to try to fix the well after previous efforts failed.

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