I’ve spent my adult life as a Navy SEAL, preparing for and dealing with the most dangerous situations imaginable. Since I knew that as a SEAL I would likely be deployed overseas behind enemy lines, I took my survival training seriously.Most of the twenty members in my SERE class were navy pilots and aircrew personnel considered to be at high risk of capture. HydraPak Elite Reservoir: Integrated 2 liter reservoir (H2O) with plug-n-play connector, with option to inflate creating a positively buoyant Go Bag. Navy SEALs, Don Mann is the co-author of the new book, The Navy SEAL Survival Handbook, with Ralph Pezzullo (Skyhorse Publishing, 2012), from which the following excerpt is taken. From 1962, when the first SEAL teams were commissioned, to the present, SEALs have distinguished themselves as being individually reliable,collectively disciplined, and highly skilled. As many of two-thirds of the class are likely to “ring the bell” and call it quits during this phase.
I immediately volunteered to attend the Navy Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape (SERE) course conducted at Warner Springs, California.
There were hard cell interrogations with guards shouting questions and slapping you, and soft cell sessions, where you were called into a warm office where a pretty woman or friendly guard would offer you coffee, snacks, and warm clothing.
It has been my honor and pleasure to have gotten to know Don slightly through email and phone calls, and his accomp-lishments continues to inspire.

IT IS THE BUYER’S OBLIGATION TO SEEK COMPETENT EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS INSTRUCTION PRIOR TO USING THE PRODUCTS FOUND WITHIN THE SEAL SURVIVAL GO BAG-ALPHA™. The first phase is by far the toughest and consists of eight weeks of basic conditioning, with a grueling “hell week” in the middle—which is five days and nights of continuous training on a maximum of four hours of sleep. Those who grit it out to the finish get to hear the instructors yell, “hell week is secured!” The trainees continue on with a new sense of pride, achievement, and self-confidence to second phase (eight weeks of diving) and third phase (nine weeks of land warfare).
It was a very proud day for me to stand with my classmates in our dress navy uniforms and listen to our SEAL officers talk about the special group we were about to enter, and the great honor it is to serve as a U.S.
The course started with basic lessons in land navigation, poisonous plants, animals and insects, water procurement, fire making, shelter building, and evasion and escape techniques. I happened to see a small rabbit running under a bush, threw my KA-BAR knife at it, and to my surprise, pinned the rabbit’s neck into the ground. The instructors, outfitted in realistic communist-style clothing, played their parts, screaming, barking orders, trying their best to intimidate us. Since his retirement, he has deployed to the Middle East on numerous occasions in support of the war on terror. As a former military diver with a US allie, and having spent some time at Coronado on joint training, I can tell you he knows of what he speaks!

This is a great book for anyone who spends time out in the wild, whether on the ocean or in the mountains. With insight about how to think and act like a SEAL, and with step-by-step instructions for dealing with anything from earthquakes to terrorist attacks to mall shootings, this is the authoritative guide to overcoming life-threatening situations from the preeminent American survivalist.
When my captor stepped out of the Jeep, I managed to wrestle my bound hands infront of me, grab his PRC-77 radio, and throw it under the vehicle. Co-writer Ralph Pezzullo is a New York Times bestselling author and award-winning playwright, screenwriter and journalist. Delivered in a user-friendly fashion and with a voice that is both relatable and backed by extensive experience, SEAL Survival Guide is a manual that no modern household should be without.

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