This training for volunteer citizen members covers basic skills that are important to know when emergency services are not immediately available. Emergency responders, emergency management personnel, and emergency trained volunteers provide training. This Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) certified course does not require previous emergency knowledge for participation. Regular training for citizens wishing to become involved in CERT are held throughout the year in various locations. Community Emergency Response Team Training instructs individuals to prepare to respond to anticipated and potential hazards following a disaster. Recognize the potential hazards associated with a particular type of emergency and take the appropriate action.

Personal Protective equipment, first aid items, rescue tool, flashlights and Family Service radios will be issued to the CERT student at the end of the class. On Monday, WCS and Wilson County Emergency Management received the Director's Award from North Carolina Emergency Management. Program material covers earthquakes, fires, floods, hazardous incidents and other general life-threatening situations. We can even arrange to bring our training program to your own neighborhood or subdivision!!
Classes include lecture, videos, slides and interactive participation and skills assessment.
Michael Sprayberry, director of NC Emergency Management, presented the award to Superintendent Sean Bulson and Wilson County Emergency Management Director Gordon Deno during a state training for school districts and emergency management personnel (where templates created by WCS were being used).

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The award recognized the extraordinary work in the development of emergency plans, the use of the Incident Command System and the ongoing collaboration between the two entities. Sprayberry commented that he does not give out many of these awards, which is a testament to this great partnership.

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