Aerial images of the town of Pilger, Nebraska, released Tuesday, paint a vivid picture of the devastation caused by a pair of deadly tornadoes that ripped through the rural community, killing a 5-year-old girl and an elderly man.
Earlier today, Calista Dixon's older brother, Cody Murphree, released a statement saying that their mother, Kandi Lynn Murphree, was being treated after the tornado destroyed their home.She remains in a medically induced coma in Creighton University Medical Center after suffering lacerations to her head, but she is expected to survive.
Authorities said the first tornado touched down around 3.45pm Monday and downed several power lines before it leveled a farmhouse.
On June 16, two EF4 tornados tore through Pilger, Nebraska, downing trees and damaging or destroying vehicles, homes and other buildings in their path. At the request of the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency and Nebraska VOAD (Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster), the Adventist Disaster Response team for the Kansas-Nebraska Conference is on location to assist with relief efforts following the June 16 EF4 twin tornados that wiped out most of the community of Pilger, Nebraska. According to John Treolo, director of Adventist Community Services for Kansas-Nebraska, a distribution center is operating in Wisner, some eight miles from Pilger. A distribution center operating in nearby Wisner offers assistance to families affected by the storm.
One man from Omaha arrived today with a car load of women’s clothing from his late wife, who passed away last November. Another woman, who lost her home, said, “This is overwhelming for my friends to do this for us.
If you are unaffiliated with ACS DR click here for a listing of agencies, what they do and how to join. We're passionate about sharing news and inspiring stories from around the Mid-America Union to help people grow closer to Jesus and in community with one another.
Nebraska Extension, Wayne Area Economic Development, Wayne State College, and Nebraska Business Development Center will be hosting a Disaster Preparedness Summit on Wednesday, March 11. At this educational event, topics to be covered include disaster basics, communicating through disasters, using technology and mobile apps during times of crisis, business resources available, long-term recovery team efforts, and volunteer experiences following a disaster.

The goal of the event is to reflect on past disasters and the recovery process to prepare for the future.
Volunteers from Tyson Foods served more than 17,000 meals to tornado victims and relief workers. Within 24 hours after twin tornados devastated Pilger on June 16, Tyson Foods team members from Madison and Dakota City, Nebraska, and Dakota Dunes, South Dakota, were on-site preparing and serving food.
Photos taken from a plane show grain bins crumpled like discarded soda cans and dozens of nearby homes flattened as if they were made of cardboard, with debris littering the ground all throughout the tiny town.
The tornado crushed much of the small downtown, leaving piles of bricks that had been storefronts in the street.
Both Mr Murphree and his 4-year-old sister, Robin, escaped the tornadoes with only minor injuries.
The second tornado was spotted southwest of Pilger, according to the Stanton County Sheriff's Office. Thanks to the generosity of nearby communities and national sponsors, supplies and donations continue to pour into the center. A resource fair will be open throughout the day, with exhibitors sharing resources available. In the afternoon, breakout sessions will be hosted, and speakers represent Nebraska Extension, NEMA, City of Wayne, Village of Pilger, Nebraska Business Development Center, USDA FSA, Team Rubicon, local faith-based organizations, and others. Eddy is a nationally renowned expert in emergency management, disaster preparedness, and all types and phases of disasters. Organizations that provide information on disaster preparedness and recovery are welcome to participate.
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Kandi Murphee moved her family to Pilger four months ago from Huntsville, Alabama, KMTV reported. Visit our contact section or connect with us through one of our social media pages listed below. This is a must-attend event for community leaders and the general public as severe weather season quickly approaches. They will leave with many resources, and most importantly, connections that could prove to be extremely beneficial.
His experience consists of crisis counseling, emergency management and response work, firefighting, professional storm chaser, and national threat assessment adviser to various organizations. The duo of fast-moving twisters gutted the local middle school and destroyed much of Pilger's farming infrastructure.
Stanton County Sheriff Mike Unger said little Calista died after suffering injuries inside of a mobile home on Main Street in Pilger. The mother of three found a job as a cashier and was hoping for a fresh start for herself and her three children.Her son, Cody, was at work installing shingles when he got the news that tornadoes were heading towards his new hometown. And don't forget to check out our print edition, the official journal of the Mid-America Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Mr Herout, of Clarkson, was killed after his vehicle left a county road east of Pilger, and he was ejected from the car.

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