Ned accidentally draws a picture of a nude woman; Ned and Moze battle over a pair of sneakers.
The following is a list of Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide episodes in chronological order. The pilot episodes featured “Boogie” (rather than Cookie), played by Stephen Markarian, who was on the show as Albert Wormenheimer.
Kenan and Kel • Drake & Josh • Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide • The Naked Brothers Band • Just Jordan • Romeo! Exactly a year after Ned's Declassified had ended, Devon Werkheiser had signed on to a development contract with Nickelodeon to star in a high school spin-off of Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide (unofficially called "Ned's Declassified High School Survival Guide") that, rather bluntly, would follow the character's adventures in high school (or perhaps just Ned Bigby's; it's unknown if the other main cast members definitely signed on to the contract or to work on the show at all). Unfortunately however, the show hadn't been greenlit by Nickelodeon, and it has stayed that way since, as the actors have since moved on from Nick onto bigger and better things: Daniel Curtis Lee may have not signed on to the contract and if so, possibly because of his committement to another show (Disney's Zeke and Luther) and it's unknown if Lindsey Shaw had signed on either. Nickelodeon and Paramount Pictures has released Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide: Special Field Trip Edition, a very funny compilation of three episodes from the charming Nick sitcom.
What I liked instantly about Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide: Special Field Trip Edition was the smart approach to the material, evident not only in the writing, but also in the direction and the performances.

A good case in point is the second episode, Dismissal, which plays like a mini-Sienfeld show. One of the trademarks of each Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide episode is an exaggerated (and often hilarious) sound design, where every single hand gesture or head turn is punctuated by a silly sound effect, such as a "zip," "whoosh," or "crack." With the speedy editing scheme (and a commitment to upping the fantasy level of the show, including on-screen graphics during the funny, well-staged action scenes), some of those moments come off surprisingly strong for a kids show (There's a particularly hysterical moment when Rob Pinkston's "Coconut Head," a kid with an unfortunate bob hairdo, screams horrifically as he's trampled by other students rushing wildly off a school bus).
A field trip to Huffington Gardens and Gallery turns into one of the most bizarre days of the school year.
At the sound of the glorious dismissal bell, Ned shares his tips for making it to the bus on time.
Moze has the most important role in the school play: stopping Ned and Cookie from ruining the production. The full frame video image for Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide: Special Field Trip Edition is fine, with occasional compression issues that won't be noticeable on a small monitor. The Dolby Digital English stereo soundtrack is quite good, with every "whish" and "whoosh" heard clearly. There's a 94-page softcover book, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide: Book of Top Ten Lists, shrink-wrapped to the DVD hardcase.

However, the character was recast and the role of Cookie was given to Daniel Curtis Lee, to show racial diversity in the school. According to TV Tropes, Werkheiser said a pilot was shot, and Werkheiser himself cited on his blog that "It’s a work in progress and we’ll know in the next couple of months if it gets greenlit." It's also interesting to note that since they graduated middle school in 2007, they would have graduated high school in 2011. Devon Werkheiser officially confirmed on a now privated YouTube video that there definitely wouldn't be a continuation of the show, with budget issues at Nick being one of the main reasons. Polk Middle School who addresses the audience directly (not unlike Ferris Buehler's Day Off), giving out tips, in the form of a guide, on how to survive the terrors and adventures of middle school.

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