Footprint Power LLC announced Friday that it had purchased the Salem Harbor Power Station from Dominion Energy Inc. BOSTON (AP) a€” A 60-year-old coal-fired power station in Salem that was headed for closure has been purchased by a New Jersey-based power company, which plans to replace it with a natural gas-fired plant.
A New Jersey-based power company announced Friday that it has reached an agreement to buy the coal- and oil-fired Salem Harbor Power Station, and plans to build a state-of-the-art natural gas plant on the site. Since 1829, The New Jersey Herald has been the main source of local news and advertising information for the Sussex County area.
The scope of solar power application is enormous and a new portable solution has caught our attention. The product of the imagination and ingenuity of an engineer called Mark Turczynski from Western Illinois, Powershed is a portable shed with solar panels fixed to the top so that it can be used in the yard, in a soccer field, on site, etc. Powershed offers three product models: the Powershed, which is an 8’ x 8’ shed with a steel-reinforced frame. I think the portability is a very attractive feature and also siting your system on the shed means you have greqter flexibility in locating it properly into th sun, which sometimes is difficult with house rooftops, depending on the way the house is sited on the block. A North Somerset based business that operates in forty countries around the world has announced the appointment of a new Global Director of Sales.Powervamp, which is based in Weston-super-Mare, manufacture cutting edge power products for various sectors including automotive, aviation and the built environment.
View the new PR Power Company Profile and find out more about the growth and product offerings of the company.
A recent project to be undertaken by developer Kedco, has been given the go ahead by Enfield council. The project has already had over ?2 million invested in it to date and is fully consented, having received planning permission from Enfield Borough Council in August 2010.
This is a great initiative to be taking place in Enfield and will help the Borough reduce its overall carbon footprint. The heat generated from burning the wood will be drawn off in the CHP plant and converted into energy. Enfield has a good record for energy efficiency and is making a positive commitment to bringing down its overall emissions levels. This is all great news for Enfield and should set an example to some of the lower performing London Borough Councils to get themselves on the right track and improve their overall energy efficiency and emissions ratings. The farming of oysters has long been important to Norwalk, which was once nicknamed "Oyster Town." Each September, Norwalk holds its Oyster Festival.
In 1776, American spy Nathan Hale set out from Norwalk by ship on his ill-fated intelligence-gathering mission.
British forces under General William Tryon arrived on July 10, 1779 and almost completely destroyed Norwalk; only six houses were spared. Oyster farming in Norwalk peaked from the late 19th century to the early part of the 20th century. Norwalk was reincorporated as a borough in 1836, then reincorporated as a city in 1893 and was consolidated with the town of Norwalk in 1913. In the mid-1970s, the city government and several local organizations started successful efforts to revitalize the South Norwalk business district ("SoNo"). Coastal Connecticut is the broad transition zone where so-called "subtropical indicator" plants and other broadleaf evergreens can successfully be cultivated. The number of Hispanics, who may be of various races, is up by 10,889 — a 61 percent increase from the 12,966 who were counted in 2000.
As of the census of 2000, there were 82,951 people, 32,711 households, and 20,967 families residing in the city.
The foreign nation in which the most residents of Norwalk were born was Colombia, the birthplace of 2.8% of Norwalk's total population and 14% of its foreign-born population. According to a 2007 estimate, the median income for a household in the city was $70,672, and the median income for a family was $83,695. Norwalk leans slightly Democratic, with 1.3 active registered Democrats per Republican as of October 2005.
The citizens of Norwalk, as members of Connecticut's 4th congressional district are represented by Jim Himes (D) in the United States House of Representatives. Things need to get from place to place, which is a truth of practically for every activity we take part in.

This used truck is small, but don't let its diminutive stance fool you, as the Suzuki Carry truck is one of the longest-lasting minitrucks on the market.
The cab-over design of the Suzuki Carry truck keeps the overall length of the truck down and, admittedly, doesn't do a whole lot for the legroom of the driver and his one passenger. A testament to the durability of this small cargo carrier, many drivers report up to 300,000km, by following basic maintenance.
First appearing as what we would recognize as a Toyota Dyna truck in 1968, this truck hasn't seen much change over the years, aside from upgrading engine and transmission options. Of course, the best new trucks make the best used trucks, and these two trucks continue to deliver outstanding performance, no matter what you put in them or where you drive them. But many Salem residents were loyal to the plant for the jobs and millions in tax revenue it provided. Supreme Court's decision today to uphold most of the Affordable Care Act with disappointment but also a measure of relief.
It doesn’t require fixing solar panels to the roof, which gives potential users an added advantage: they can take the system with them if they move houses.
There’s the Powershed Lite, which comes in an 8’ x 10’ shed, slightly larger than the standard POWERSHED to allow for the modifications needed for the lighter frame. Powervamp has appointed James Ackland to take charge of the its expanding world aviation business and drive sales of its emergency lighting central battery systems, known as the Effekta range.
The biomass combined heat and power plant (CHP) now has full planning and environmental permission to convert 60,000 tonnes of waste timber every year into around 12 W of heat and electricity. Furthermore, an offer has been received by the project to connect to the local distribution network with plenty of capacity available in the area.
The reusing of waste timber to fire the CHP plant will also help reduce Enfield’s land fill levels, a pressing issue for many local councils around the UK.
This can then be used to help heat and light the Borough in a sustainable and energy efficient manner.
On March 18 this year, Enfield Borough Council announced the introduction of a scheme to reduce energy usage in its street lights by over 40%, which is also predicted to save millions of pounds of council taxpayers money over the next 20 years. Projects like these are taking place in areas throughout the UK and it is good to see a local council making a positive commitment to its overall sustainability, as well as that of the UK as a whole.
According to the 2010 census, the population of the city is 85,603, making Norwalk sixth in population in Connecticut, and third in Fairfield County.[1] The city is part of the New York metropolitan area. It may come from an Algonquian word, noyank, meaning "point of land." It may be corrupted from "Naramauke,"[2] supposedly the name of a Native American chief. The original purchase included the land between the Norwalk and Saugatuck rivers, at a distance of a "day’s walk" from the sea. During the French and Indian War, a regiment of Norwalkers lead by Colonel Thomas Fitch arrived at Fort Crailo, NY.
After the Revolutionary War, many residents were compensated for their losses with free land grants in the Connecticut Western Reserve in what is now Ohio; this later became Norwalk, Ohio. Hurricane landfalls have occurred along the Connecticut coast in 1903, 1938, 1944, 1954 (Carol), 1960 (Donna), 1985 (Gloria). As such, Southern Magnolias, Needle Palms, Windmill palm, Loblolly Pines, and Crape Myrtles are grown in private and public gardens. The city's charter gives certain administrative powers exclusively to the Council and others jointly to the Council and Mayor. Sometimes, people need to get from place to place and, depending on how many people need to move, you might choose anything from a motorcycle to a van. It was produced, at least in a form we would recognize as a Carry truck, from 1966 through 2006.
The cab is comfortable enough, but the main focus had always been on the cargo, just shy of 9m3 or a little over 300kg.
Oil changes and tire rotations are practically the only maintenance required, and replace the tires and brakes when they wear out. By the 1980s, the Toyota Dyna truck was being produced with cargo capacity ranging from 900kg for the Dyna 100, to 3,200kg for the Dyna 350.
With proper maintenance, even used trucks, such as the Suzuki Carry truck and Toyota Dyna truck, will provide many years and thousands of kilometers of faithful service.

Finally, the company also offers Solar Wings for those not interested in the storage and functional capabilities of its shed products. James was previously at international firm LPA Niphan for ten years, where he gained extensive sales and management experience.The Company is up 10% on the previous year's trading figures and is anticipating a 25% increase in sales next year, with James set to play an integral role. The plant will also be heated and lit by the same energy, which will contribute to a good rating on an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) when it has to be assessed. This is to be done via the installation of a high tech energy management system, the project expected to be completed by early next year. The British regiment began to mock and ridicule the rag-tag Connecticut troops, who had only chicken feathers for a uniform. Late day thundershowers are common in the hottest months (June, July, August), despite the mostly sunny skies. Tropical Storm Irene (2011) also caused moderate damage along the Connecticut coast, as did Hurricane Sandy (which made landfall in New Jersey) in 2012. Norwalk's common council consists of fifteen council members, five elected at-large and ten elected by district, two from each district. On the other hand, if you need to move a small amount of cargo, you might opt for something like a minitruck. From its ninth generation, in 1991, the Suzuki Carry has been powered by a compact 657cc i3 engine, mounted under the cab, paired with either a three-speed automatic transmission or a five-speed manual transmission. The concept was simple, and keeping things simple, in the case of a used truck, like the Suzuki Carry, simple means there is less stuff to wear out and break.
Like the Carry truck, the Dyna uses a cab-over design, with the engine mounted under the cabin, which reduces the length of the truck and enhances maneuverability. This weight rating makes the Dyna particularly durable and flexible, often found with dump and box bodies as well as cranes. By reducing this cargo carrier to basically no more than an engine, transmission, cab, and bed, the number of problems this used truck experiences are few and far between.
Recently Powervamp has won a string of major contracts, such as London City Airport, where it is supplying mobile ground power units (MEGP) in what represented a UK manufacturing first. The drivetrain was also available in both rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive configurations. Aside from the decidedly small cab, the only other complaint might be the noise, as the cab isn't particularly well insulated from the engine, which lies right beneath the cab. Additionally, the simple design favors the cargo and, to a lesser degree, the driver and passenger. Maintenance on the Toyota Dyna is less-complicated than other models in the cargo truck range, but electrical problems have been reportedly common, mostly pre-1990s, but simple system design means that a competent technician should have it in running order in no time.
They can be mounted based on individual customer preferences including ground and pole mount.
Winter weather is far more variable than summer weather along the Connecticut coast, ranging from sunny days with high temperatures in the low 50's F, to cold and blustery conditions with occasional snow.
There are few used trucks, of any class, that stand the test of time, but the minitruck Suzuki Carry truck and full-sized Toyota Dyna truck deliver. The cab of the Toyota Dyna is rated for three passengers, but it is typically accepted that the third passenger needs to be a small one, or a lunchbox.
Automatic transmissions are available, but the five-speed manual transmission is the most common. Like much of the Connecticut coast and nearby Long Island, NY, some of the winter precipitation is rain or a mix and rain and wet snow in Norwalk. Norwalk averages about 30 inches of snowfall annually (reported at NWS Bridgeport) - about half as much as inland areas of CT and southern New York (Hartford averages 45 inches and Albany averages 61 inches for example).

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