They are basically ready to print with your printer and then cut with your machine as soon as you turn on Registration Marks and adjust your settings in the Cut Settings Window. Make sure when you add any text to a printable design that you turn off the cut lines of the text.
As you can see, in this set there are both New-Year-themed stickers and colorful stickers without any writing. Don’t forget you can alter the colors of these stickers with the Shader Effects Window, too! The biggest New Years party in Rio de Janeiro, and in fact one of the biggest outdoor New Years celebrations in the world, takes place at the famous Copacabana Beach.
The international attendees and spirit to these events enrich the festive spirit of the holiday as people come together to celebrate as one paying no attention to nationality.
You can also spend New Years Eve in Rio at one of the city’s fine restaurants or luxury hotels.
Start the celebration early with the entire family at the Big Dipper New Year’s Eve Daytime party! You can fit both sets on an A4 or a letter-size page (for Portrait or Cameo or large Curio base), or just use one set if you’re doing a print & cut with the standard Curio base.
There are a few ways to do this, but the simplest way is to Select the text, then choose No Cut in the Cut Settings Window (standard cut mode).

If you think that New York City and New Orleans are wild settings for this festive celebration, then just wait until you see what awaits you at a Rio New Year 2016 celebration. Unbelievably, more than 2.5 million people every year gather on the long stretch of beach to celebrate New Years Eve in Rio. It is considered good luck to spray champagne all over the place at the stroke of midnight so you may want to wear a wind breaker, or just go with the flow.
New Years package deals that include dinner, drinks, and complimentary toast can be found at nearly every establishment in the city. A copy of official registration and financial information may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll free, within Pennsylvania, 610-432-4200.
I printed mine on white sticker paper (you could also try clear sticker paper for a slightly different look). I added my personal resolutions to the appropriate sticker by typing, resizing, and filling my text with black. Besides Carnival (held in February and March), New Years Eve in Rio is the biggest celebration.
It is truly an amazing sight to see as nearly every single person is adorned in all white clothing, a distinctive feature of the Rio New Year celebration.
Consider getting your night started at the amazing Copacabana outdoor event and then see where the enchanting night takes you.

People from all over the second-largest city in Brazil come to spend time with each other and to celebrate the coming of a new year. It is a spectacular event made even better by the fact that people come from all over the world to enjoy this New Years party in Rio de Janeiro that has become so renowned. At the Copacabana Beach New Years party in Rio de Janeiro, stages are constructed along the stretch of beach where the celebration takes place. Rio is a city for lovers and revelers, and on New Years Eve 2016 there will be even more to see and love in this charming city than usual. As with many countries in South and Central America, the New Year is a time to look forward to new things and saying goodbye to the events of the previous year.
Just as people travel to Times Square in New York City and Sydney for the unbelievable Sydney Harbor fireworks display, they also traverse all the way to Rio for the event at Copacabana.
Many live music acts, including notable international bands and DJs, play to the throngs of eager attendants waiting to ring in the New Year and take pictures of the events. With 2.5 million people in attendance even the most popular entertainers in the business find it a enviable prospect to play for the crowd at this massive New Years celebration.

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