Adapt2 ISO has been selected by North American Power, one of the fastest-growing energy suppliers in the country, for capturing ISO data in four retail markets. Adapt2 and Allegro Development have partnered together to provide North American Power with a first-in-class integrated solution for ISO data capture, position management, valuation and reporting in ERCOT, PJM, ISO-NE, and NYISO.
The company was recognized in Forbes’ list of America’s Most Promising Companies and currently serves customers in multiple deregulated energy markets including Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Rhode Island. Our purchase and implementation of the Adapt2 software was one of our critical path objectives to make the Company more efficient and accurate in its market submittals and settlements.
At Adapt2, our goal is to help clients achieve results by providing quality enterprise level software solutions.
We provide our clients with more expertise and know how than larger software firms, while emphasizing personalized service for cost effective solutions delivered by our specialized company. Volex indoor AC power extension cords are made of high quality PVC material and meet many specifications, including UL, CSA and ROHS. 12 gauge 15-amp cords manufactured with brilliant neon colored gloss on a flexible weather resistant vinyl SJTW jacket. Weatherproof, UV-resistant plug protectors guard extension cord connectors against moisture, dirt, dust, and accidental pull-aparts. We do everything we can think of to provide you with the product specs, images and ordering info you need, but if we're missing something or still have room to improve, please let us know.
Cable ManagementEliminate Cable Clutter absolutely anywhere with our large variety of solutions. Cable RacewaysCable raceway is one of the most diverse cable management solutions available.
Cable TraysThe perfect solution for running large quantities of power or data cables overhead or under-floor. Wire DuctEasily insert, drop and pull cables out of duct to organize and re-organize: wide, norrow, closed and solid slots.
Cable & Hose CarriersThese chains and carriers are designed to protect and guide hoses and cables on automated machinery to maintain the optimum bend radius and prevent breaking and tangling.
Cable TiesStandard nylon ties, mountable and releasable ties, metal ties, velcro fasteners, and applicators, including cable tie guns and twist-tie machines.
Velcro Wraps & FastenersHook-and-loop fasteners securely tie your cable bundles, but can simply and easily be removed, resized and re-used to suit your particular needs. Fabric Cord CoversBundle or cover cords and hoses with these flexible and stylish solutions that range from our decorative silk cord covers to the rugged leather welding hose covers. Removable Desk OutletsLooking for easy access to your connections without cutting a big hole in your desk? Built-in Outlets & InsertsStop stretching and tripping over cables to make connections. Pop-Up Desk OutletsOne of the most useful devices one could ever have on a desk or kitchen counter. Computer Mounts & KitsGet your tower off the floor and your laptop or tablet off of your desk with our mounts, to maximize space and minimize accidents.
Charging Stations & PlugsNever drain your battery again with our USB hubs, plugs and multi-device stations for charging your tables, smartphones, and other mobile devices. Computer WorkstationsFind all your work tables here, from single to multiple users; we offer many options of these production increasing furniture arrangements. Cable Identification TagsThese tags, ties and markers will help you label and identify your cables and wires easily, without the confusion or guesswork. Cable Cover ProtectionProtect your cables and personnel from each other with these cord covers for all duties.
Light CapacityLight duty cable protectors, ideal for home or office, easy to install and use. High CapacityHeavy Duty cable and hose covers with multiple channels for serious protection. Fabric Cord CoversFlexible and stylish selections that offer a neat solution for bundling or covering cords and hoses, from decorative silk cord covers to the rugged leather welding hose covers. Pipe MarkingEverything you need for labeling your pipes, including vinyl markers, reflective tape, fasteners, strap-on markers and ties.

Wire MarkersCustomizable booklets, dispensers and tags for wire identification - available in many styles including heat shrinkable labels, tape, wire wrap and more.
Heat Shrink LabelsSleeve-style labels that conform and adhere to cables and wires, so there's no danger of slipping or peeling from their intended surface. Label PrintersA wide variety of printers featuring economical solutions for home or office, and industrial models for high volume and harsh environments. Label Tapes & CartridgesReplacement cartridges for label printers and tape dispensers for a variety of applications including heat shrink labels, marker plates and more.
Wires & CablesKeep your electrical, network, or home theater equipment wired (without the use of coffee). Network CablesNetwork cables and patch cords including Cat3, Cat5, Cat5e and Cat6 cables, as well as our fiber optics and modular plugs and boots to help protect and secure your connection. Power Extension CordsStandard extension cords to power your home devices, industrial cables for your commercial machinery, and everything in between; from a few inches long to hundreds of feet. USB, Firewire & HubsCharging cables, adapter cables, extenders, hubs for transforming one port into several, and connector kits that offer different FireWire configurations.
Fiber Optic CablesA wide selection of optical cables, both single and multi-mode, with many customizable configurations available based on color, length and more. Fire Alarm Security CableBe certain that your critical connections won't fail in the event of an emergency with the right cables for your burglar alarms, fire and smoke detectors, and security devices. Music & InstrumentsCord solutions for your recording studio, nightclub, or concert venue, including cables for guitars, bass, keyboards, speakers, patch bays, rackmount equipment and more.
Safety EquipmentA comprehensive selection of personal & industrial safety equipment, protective clothing, non slip anti-fatigue mats, crowd control, traffic safety, lighting & more.
Crowd ControlSafety products for crowd control including retractable belt stanchions and barricades. Industrial Floor MatsIncrease traction and ease leg fatigue with our industrial quality floormats for high traffic and extended use areas. Speed Bumps & HumpsEasy to install permanent or modular speed inhibitors for controlling speed in driveways, parking lots, jobsites, residential areas, emergency situations, and more. Cribbing & Chock BlocksKeep your workspace safe and be prepared for emergency situations, accidents and crowd control with our products including floor mats, cribbing, cones, stanchions, and barricades. Traffic SafetyHelp control speed, direct traffic away from sensitive areas and protect equipment with traffic cones, delineators, bollard posts, column protectors and more. Insulated ToolsTools that protect against electrical shock via two layers: a base coat bonded to the tool, and a flame resistant outer layer. PPE Arc Flash EquipmentIn the event of an arc flash, make sure you're as protected with protective eyewear, shield kits, hats, hoods, gloves, jackets, coveralls, bibs, arc suppression blankets, & more.
LightingHandheld flashlights, outdoor floodlights, rackmount lights for network component illumation, heavy duty work lamps, energy efficient bulbs, and wall packs. Emergency Signs & LightsMake sure escape routes and exits in your office or retail space are clearly marked and fall within OSHA standards with our wide range of emergency lighting units and exit signs. Storm Preparedness KitMaximize the potential of your generator before, during, and after the storm.. Fiber Optic TestersTest for power loss and continuity issues in simplex, duplex, bundled and multimode fiber optic cables before and after installation. Fiber Optic TerminationStrip the fiber optic cable, cleave and splice it, and then successfully terminate it.
Fiber Optic Patch PanelsMaximize efficiency in data centers or server rooms with convenient patch panels and adapters. Cleaners & ConsumablesProducts to clean fiber optics to keep them working properly, clean dust and lint from electronics equipment, remove excess solder after soldering jobs, and more.
Digital Video RecordersNo security system is complete without a good DVR to record all of the action. Home & Office AlarmsIf you can't keep 'em away, at least you'll know when they're around! Security System TestersEnsure proper installation and configuration for your security system with our state-of-the-art CCTV testers. Network Video RecordersNVRs are essential for recording from quality video from IP cameras.

Security Camera MonitorsLCD monitors from EverFocus that can display your footage with great detail, whether you need a compact screen for personally viewing footage, or a larger public monitor. Racks & EnclosuresEverything you need to mount, protect, and power your data center equipment is here. We design and build super quiet diesel generator modules and engine rooms within existing buildings.
750 kW Caterpillar, above ,fuel water separator system with hand priming pump and isolation valves– filters can be changed with engine is running.
750 kW Caterpillar, above ,generator main breaker assembly, designed and built at our shop. Caterpillar 3512, 1100 kW diesel generator being rigged into a new basement grade engine room. 26 Ton, 2500 MW, Allison Gas Turbine Generator Skid being removed from a 9 story rooftop installation. North American Power & Controls can safely remove or install your engine generator set from rooftops, basements, through windows– we carry full insurance, and are licensed contractors (CA 662686– see our ‘About Us’ page for more detail) to provide this service. Caterpillar 3512, 1100 kW diesel generator from the above picture being lifted from truck and boomed out about 300 feet over the existing building to the rear alley engine room.
Tucking a Caterpillar Diesel Engine Generator into the engine room through a small alleyway door opening. Our experience with the implementation of the Adapt2 product has been exceptional and reflects their commitment to excellence.
Your comments, suggestions and questions are the best tools we have for serving you better!
Run power and data along the floor, wall, or other surface to increase safety and maintain aesthetics. Install desk outlets right into your workstations for solid connectivity, safety & great looks. Power and data options are available, as well as blank boxes for data, telecom, coax, or fiber optic cables.
De-energize unused circuits and ports to reduce the risk of electrical injury and block unwanted access.
Check out our line of high quality, reliable NVRs for consumer and professional applications.
However, they also allow for relatively easy accessibility when compared to a locked up, fully enclosed cabinet.
Specifying AMCA certified louvers will provide reliable openings that prevent rain intrusion and block vermin and debris. We can provide an acoustical study demonstrating anticipated sound levels at the property line– this is especially useful when attempting to get a building permit for an engine installation in a sensitive area.
Diesel generator installations or modules providing less than 50 dBA 6 feet from the installation have been installed. Notice the vacuum gage on the right of the assembly to allow the operator to confirm that the fuel suction pressure is within the  CAT allowable limits. Notice the two hole busbar landings at the bottom of the breaker– this prevents the cable lugs from turning and potentially loosening. The radiator was removed from the skid to allow passage through the basement doors, and reinstalled once the skid was placed within the new engine room.
We’ll provide all the necessary rollers, slings, shackles, cribbing and staging needed to get your engine properly rigged.
This in turn allows the operator to more quickly determine what fault condition may have caused a shut down– very handy for troubleshooting! In the meantime, if you have any questions or would just prefer to place your order by phone, please call us toll-free at 866-222-0030 - we'll be happy to help. Aluminum provides good corrosion resistance but has high cost and is more prone to damage than stainless.

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