Following the nuclear accident in Fukushima on March 2011, the EU heads of state and government asked the Commission together with the European Nuclear Safety Regulators’ Group (ENSREG) to carry out stress tests ans to review the EU nuclear safety legislation. To ensure the effective presence and visibility of NTW at national and European level, the network will start practical activities as soon as created, order to demonstrate the effectiveness of the presence of civil society at national and European levels.
Identify strategic opportunities to push forward key changes in EP&R at the local, national and European level. Investigations at the European level (seminar, meetings, hearings, …) by NTW, integrating national views.
Support from EP&R WG will include activities as inception seminar, methodological and strategic advise, issuing of guidelines for national investigations and participation of NTW members to ACN roundtables.
The heterogeneity of measures in different countries (like the distribution of iodine tablets, evacuation perimeters and zoning) is a crucial transboundary dimension. On 29-30 June 2015, the European Nuclear Safety Regulators Group (ENSREG) has organised its third conference on nuclear safety, which took place at the European Commission in Brussels.
The fifth NTW round-table on emergency preparedness and response has taken place in Kyiv, Ukraine, on January, 26th. A week ago, a journalist of the German newspaper TAZ revealed that a nuclear emergency exercise has taken place on September 17th, 2013, figuring an accident at the German nuclear plant Emsland.
Integration of Clinical Research in an Hospital Information System: The IMI EHR4CR Project Electronic Health Records for Clinical Research HL7 Educational. Giuliana De Francesco, MiBACCIDOC 2005 - Zagreb 1 MINERVA - Ministerial NEtwoRk for Valorising Activities in digitisation CIDOC 2005 Zagreb, 24-27 May. FPS HEALTH, FOOD CHAIN SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT 1 Joint Action on Health Workforce Planning and Forecasting Zuzana Matlonova Brussels – April 11th, 2013. 1 DEVELOPMENT OF THE EUROPEAN HEALTH EXAMINATION SURVEY Luxembourg, 20th January 2010 Antoni Montserrat European Commission DG SANCO Health Information. SAFEFOODERA WP6 - External communication Facilitating pan-European dissemination and exploitation of research results. The vision To build a staircase to European excellence in food safety research programming through trust and mutual understanding.

IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency Self-Assessment of the National Safety Infrastructure for a NPP 4 th Steering Committee, competence of regulatory. 1 Outbreak Investigation Operational Aspects Source: Mike Ryan, Jet de Valk, Susan Hahne, Marta Valenciano, Barbara Schimmer, Steen Ethelberg. IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA Activities Related to Bidding and Bid Evaluation John H.
TEMPUS TEMPUS Environmental Governance for Environmental Curricula EC Tempus Joint Project 511390-TEMPUS-1-2010-1-SK-TEMPUS-JPCR The project is funded. MINERVA Project: Improving the production of digital cultural heritage in Europe Rossella CaffoParis, 12th September 2003 Ministerial NEtwoRk for Valorising. MINERVA project and theTechnical Guidelines for Digital Cultural Content Creation Programmes MINERVA project and the Technical Guidelines for Digital Cultural. PREQUALIFICATION General overview and procedures and practical implications of WHO PQ, FDA registration, registration with PICs member countries for procurement. 1 page 1 C O U P L E D NWE TSO Day Ahead Project NRA – TSO – PX meeting, 15 June 2011 ENTSO-E Regional Group Northwest Europe C O U P L E D.
INSAG DEVELOPMENT OF A DOCUMENT ON HIGH LEVEL SAFETY RECOMMENDATIONS FOR NUCLEAR POWER Milestone Issues: Group C. Submission and selection procedures Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency 1 Luciano Di Fonzo. First Class Support for Excellence in Research 1 REA – Research Executive Agency Grzegorz AMBROZIEWICZ Patricio ORTIZ DE LA TORRE Unit S3 – Security Research. Utilizes a “device, such as a bomb or warhead, whose great explosive power derives from the release of nuclear energy.” (2) Nuclear weapons are powered by atomic energy, rather than by a chemical processes. The amount of energy released in each form depends on the design of the weapon, and the environment in which it is detonated.
This image is a work of a United States Department of Energy employee, taken or made during the course of an employee's official duties. The process of stress tests conducted from June 2011 to April 2012 focused on safety but did not include the evaluation of off-site EP&R provisions in the EU.

The question of Nuclear Emergency Preparedness and Response is a priority issue in the post-Fukushima context. The WG on EP&R will prepare concrete conclusions and recommendations at the European and national level with special report by end of 2014.
This report has been presented on 15 April 2015 n the European Parliament in the presence of MEP Klaus Buchner, Ana Gomes, Jo Leinen, Michele Rivasi and Julie Ward.
Vigilance on nuclear safety will remain a key European issue in the future that transcends borders whatever Member states choices will be made on the energy mix. NTW urges the European Parliament, the European Commission, national governments, regional bodies and municipalities, together with nuclear operators, to provide access to relevant information and to support participation of interested citizens and civil society organisations in the development of better provisions and systematic transboundary arrangements. Raskob (KIT) European Technology Platform on Preparedness for Nuclear and Radiological Emergency Response and Recovery NERIS-TP. Raskob (KIT) Progress achieved Preparedness at local – national level – Successful meeting in Madrid in March 2012 – Cooperation with Japanese colleagues established – learning from Fukushima – Several initiatives started using existing tools such as MOIRA and Web-HIPRE or discussing new approaches (e.g. The Ministerial NEtwoRk for Valorising Activities in Digitisation and its main ongoing initiatives Ministerial NEtwoRk for Valorising Activities. Rutledge National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Climatic Data Center Tromso, Norway May 13, 2004 International and National. The residual radiation of fallout is a delayed release of energy, while the other three forms of energy release are immediate.
The contribution of civil society is to play a essential role in off-site management of nuclear emergency and post-emergency. Nuclear weapons can be delivered by artillery, plane, ship, or ballistic missile (ICBM); some can also fit inside a suitcase. It is therefore an important topic for NTW and an area of strong legitimacy for civil society with potential margins for significant progress.

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