Ex-boat builder and carpenter Jeff Hobbs from New Zealand-based studio Room to Move was recently commissioned to build a special bespoke tiny house for local resident Briar Hale. Your smartphone likely has no difficulty keeping up with you during normal days in your home or at work, but how good does it do when you head off into the wilderness for some recreation or relaxation? Where this all begins is the Hammond Ranch and other Western Ranchers coming under the terrorism of the BLM and US Fish and Wildlife, in criminalizing Americans and stealing their lands.
A perfect storm of rugged individualism, consumerism backlash and environmental concern has led Americans to explore drastic lifestyle changes. This off grid couple faced a dilemma - their hard earned sustainable life is supported by income earned from the Internet, yet they worked so hard to get away from it all.
Want to build your own life back on the land, instead of keeping pace in this insane society headed for implosion? Publisher's Note: The holidays beckon so this will be a short post this week until after the Christmas holidays. Keeping emergency go-bags in your house and car is obligatory, but what if disaster strikes while you're at Baskin-Robbins? Once homeless, a casualty of the mortgage foreclosure epidemic, I dropped anchor on 20 acres in Blanca, Colorado roughly one year ago.

Calgary and the University of Gottingen created a map of groundwater distribution by carefully analyzing numerous datasets, and making use of more than 40,000 scientific models. To find the best small cities in America, WalletHub's analysts compared 1,268 cities across four key dimensions: 1) Affordability, 2) Economic Health, 3) Education & Health and 4) Quality of Life.
One of the very first things I did when I first started prepping was to bolster my pantry with basic staples that could be used for a variety of purposes.
In Costilla County, where miles of unoccupied desert are drawing residents who arrive with little but plans to make a new life, natives accuse newcomers of violating water rights, trashing the desert and ignoring land use regulations. Surviving is not a given and you have to prepare thoroughly for this if you like to adventure into the wild and on uncharted territories.
About usGoodshomedesign is an online home design magazine but do not sell the products reviewed or showcased on this site. I recently returned from some globetrotting and was able to put the Leatherman MUT through its paces. Even though these techniques sound like stuff movies are made extra exciting with, some are essential in the case you go on a hike or a mountain trail. We try to show you what is new and beautiful in this area, arranged in several categories (apartments, ideas, interior design, home decor, home design, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, furniture, hotels & resorts, architecture) related to the area and style.

Now is the time to prepare for tough times ahead.This  5 Part video series will give you the knowledge needed to build an survival cabin.
We found a website that shows you in detail a few examples of a crucial survival tip: how to tie a knot.
At first, this collection may sound more than you would need, but when you see that a different type of knot is essential for certain situation, you will be grateful you have come across this top 5. If you really have something good, we will publish it with your own name in our online magazine. Otherwise, the major risk you face is having the rope come undone in the most important moment of your mountain climbing.
Check out the square knot, clove hitch, bowline knot, tautline hitch as well as sheet bend knot in detail and learn to make them for your next adventure.

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