One of the main reasons I attach lanyards to my knives, especially the ones I take hunting and fishing, is because it gives me the ability to use that cordage to turn my knife into a machete, spear or axe type tool. Using those mysterious little holes, in combination with the paracord from your lanyard, you can securely lash your knife to a thick branch – turning your knife into a hunting spear or an extended cutting tool. When using your knife in wet or slippery conditions, securing the cord around your wrist can help keep your hand from running across the blade if it accidentally slips off the handle.
Attaching the cord to your sheath can provide extra security when carrying your knife out on the water or when climbing. Adding a fluorescent piece of cordage can provide extra visibility, and allow you to find a knife thata€™s been dropped or lost. There are a number of different ways to tie a knife lanyard, some more creative and fashionable than actually useful. Could u give me information on how to make the knife lanyard that is on the knife in the picture above..
Plastic tubing is one of those items that nobody ever thinks about, but could come in extremely handy when things go bad.
It is an essential part of a survival stills, because it can be placed at the bottom of the still before construction and used to suck out water without disturbing the still. To begin, your water source should be lower than the container that you are using to catch the water. Place one end of the plastic tube in the water, and take the other end over towards the container. Once the water starts to flow up the bend, the siphon should be complete and the water should no start to flow on its own. I always carry small sponges with fine holes (small) too, to collect dew, or small collections of water which can be squeezed into a container, which i cover with fine mesh to filter,then purified if necessary.
They are great for hunting small to mid-size game, and with the right shot you can take down just about anything. The Remington subsonic 22LR round has three times the impact, but is little louder than the CB. Nothing wrong with that thinking but if you knock your guy down with the fire arm first shot you can pump in a few more no matter how loud.
How does the noise of your bow releasing an arrow compare to a 22″ barrel rifle firing a CCI 22 CB Long?
A gun would be useful in self defense and maybe hunting if you really cant bag anything with a bow.
For personal protection and most big game purposes, a good a 12-guage pump from a reputable manufacturer is the way to go.
Scott, I totally agree with you about the Springfield, it is a wonderful and handy gun to have in one’s collection.
Take down any bad guy (urban shtf) or game (wilderness shtf) up to black bear in a NY minute.
Luke you are an idiot and a should really do some research before you open your mouth and rant like the dumbass you are. It’s good to know that even a person who firmly believes BIGGER is better recognizes the dangerous potential of a tiny little gun. Once you recognize that fact, you may also make the leap to the conclusion that anybody cruel and savage enough to own a .22 does so precisely because he or she can afford to use five rounds to your one, and afford enough guns to arm his or her family for the price of one of yours. So, your comment has given me hope that even somebody who loves big guns will turn the other way when he or she hears the pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, of a .22. At close range, in the hands of someone who knows what he’s doing, a 22 can take down a full grown bear.
As for bows, arrows break and get lost so you should learn how to make arrows if you go the bow route. I grew up with a single shot 22 and could hit a rabbit at well over a hundred yards with open sights.

One more thing about your comment york…if you think it is a survival situation desperate people will shoot you and take your gun before they give you any ammo! Survival Weapon – does that mean hunting for game in a rural area or defending a home against a mob in a suburban one?
For the ultimate compact version, a ruger charger dropped into a folding stock (nfa) would be a pretty handy variant.
FYI anyone considering using a bow, while a good idea, keep in mind that unless u have the ability to make metal arrows, and modern bow will shatter home made wooden arrows because of the power of the draw strings. There are a number of reasons to attach a lanyard, a lot of people do it as a way to personalize their knife, but the best reasons are safety and the ability to turn your knife into a number of useful tools.
Good explanation, looks great on my Ontario RAT5, though i did it not with paracord but with a leather string.
From siphoning water out of watering holes, to siphoning gas during a SHTF disaster, plastic tubing has a number of survival applications that make it a great piece of emergency gear to add to your supplies. It’s a good idea to carry a few feet of clear surgical plastic tubing with you in your survival kit. Siphoning untreated water or gas can be dangerous; it should only be performed during a life threatening emergency. In fact, I have talked to a number of people who use a .22 bolt action rifle as their main hunting weapon. If your gun breaks, you not only want one that is easy to find parts for, but one that will be easy to put back together. It’s very easy to find extra magazines, add-ons, and scopes specifically made for the Ruger. At a distance of 8 feet from the muzzle of my 24a€? Anschutz, the sound level from firing was only 9 db, and at 15 feet was totally inaudible. But for general purpose hunting of small game, and some big game, the 22 is the most useful tool you can have. My credentials speak for themselves in this case: Engineer, former factory trained gunsmith for multiple manufacturers (including Ruger), highly trained and practicing survivalist, just to name a few.
If i were to hunt small game, all I need is a freezer, a stick and a pond full of frogs, and start clubbing them dead! I know someone who was drunk, crashed in a ditch and clubbed frogs to survive, and cooked them over a fire he started with McDonald’s wrappers! If you would also kindly recognize that, without antibiotics, doctors, or at least somebody else to hunt, protect, and carry away your turds for you while you recover from infection (a slow and painful process I can assure you from personal experience), you are as good as dead from even a single decent shot in the scenario discussed in these comments. To buy a gun, that you take with you and hope if you run out of bullets someone will have the same kind. If there was one gun I had to have would be a 10 22 Ruger…second choice a bolt action 22. That being said, it is a skill that takes practice; first timers may end up with a mouth full of liquid, so you might want to practice it with a safe liquid at home first. If you’re on a strict budget, the ability to buy multiple rifles, instead of one that might fail with time, just makes more sense.
If you’re low on cash and need to stock up on ammo, this is a good type of rifle to start out with.
One Caveat here, is that some of the aftermarket clips are complete garbage and made with crappy plastic parts so make sure you do your research.
My Marlin 39A Mountie is my choice for best .22 rifle for survival, barely edging out my Marlin 81 bolt action. If you slow down a .22 bullet to the point of silence it has much less power than an arrow or bolt. For every big game animal or person you shoot with a .22, they will suffer 5 or more bullets bouncing around grinding their insides before they are even close to dieing. A single shot rifle would be my choice if only because the reload and fire time is long enough to encourage better aiming and conserves ammo.

The 81 with its 24″ barrel is substantially quieter with Remington and Aguila subsonic ammo, though. In a true SHTF situation, I would never fire a gun unless absolutely necessary because of the noise factor. The more middle or affluent neighborhoods will be first hit by looters looking for food, supplies, etc.
I did get one, not exactly the way I wanted it, but had to take what the distributor had in stock in order to get it.
With any weapon I use gun or bow deadly eith both acurracy and comfortabili and familiarity with them are important. If someone wants what you have, and they will, a 22 will not have the penetrating power you need for protection. It can also be broken down for easy carry in a backpack and ready for use fairly quickly if needed. I think the most important thing with what ever weapon you decide to claim is your SHFT weapon is to: be extremely comfortable with it, be able to use it with great accuracy, and practice makes perfect.
As for the Bow and Arrow, always an option if your target is stationary, or you want to get mauled. It has tons of ammo, it is extremely reliable, But in my opinion it is the least versatile firearm in the history of mankind. Go for a 12 gauge that can switch barrels from a slug gun to modified choke, and a rifle at least .30 cal or larger. If we have to survive today with no power, what are you going to do with a whole deer…barter for smaller pieces?
And maybe let somebody in the area know where you where and perhaps wont be able to take a second shot. As for a pistol, my Taurus 9-shot revolver will also shoot any ammo is also easily carried in a side pocket of the backpack or as a side arm. Though it’s been hard, over the years I have stocked up on spare parts for my weapons, along with ammo and gun maintenance gear, and taken the time to learn how to repair them. Believe it or not if you can’t protect yourself, your family or belongings why bother? The .22 is the biggest waste of time that any firearms manufacturer has ever participated in making. I always store my ammo in their appropriate cans, after I have vacuum sealed them along with silica packets. Curious item: The Army once did a medical study, an Army pathologist once told me, on the damage an AK round will do to the human body.
This method of has not ever failed me, and my guns are only removed from their individual cases, when I use them or for maintenance, and they are always, always locked in a gun safe. If you think the opposite of me you are a sap and think that .22 can take down an elephant.
The .22 sucks diddly squat and should be all of them in existence should be melted down to make guns that actually make a clean, humane, manly kill like a gun should. Only the individual can define what it means, then decide what is required for his or her own survival scenerio. This can provide an edge above survival guns into the combat zone to meet the firepower of potential marauders. And if it ever came to the point of getting in a fire fight with somebody (god forbid) i know they will stay down when they get hit.
If there are more than one of you, which there usually are, you can split up the rifle carring duties…ammo also.

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