EMERGENCY LEGAL PREPAREDNESS EXERCISE BILL SCHUETTE ATTORNEY GENERAL STATE OF MICHIGAN con't. In keeping with last week’s ShakeOut exercise and earthquake preparedness theme, this week lets discuss 7 simple steps┬áto earthquake safety.
An example of this in Step 1 is moving heavy, unsecured objects from top shelves onto lower ones. The information in the steps linked below will help you learn how to better prepare to survive and recover, wherever you live, work, or travel. Plan to be safe by creating a disaster plan and deciding how you will communicate in an emergency. Minimize financial hardship by organizing important documents, strengthening your property, and considering insurance. Improve safety after earthquakes by evacuating if necessary, helping the injured, and preventing further injuries or damage.
Restore daily life by reconnecting with others, repairing damage, and rebuilding community. Additionally, the UC Irvine Police Department, Emergency Services Division, has a number of online resources to assist you with being prepared both at home and here on campus.

The mission of Gonzaga University's Office of Emergency Preparedness and Risk Management is to support a safe teaching and learning environment for University staff, faculty, students, visitors and partners by promoting and implementing enterprise risk management practices. Although the North Shore Emergency Management Office tries to ensure the accuracy of all information presented here, you should confirm all information before making any decisions based upon it. As some of the information may not translate accurately, please confirm all information before making any decisions based upon it. Emergency planning does not include a progression of logical steps in the event of an emergency.
PHASE I Preparation Internal Organization Emergency Chain of Command Order of Emergency Interim Successi.. 4 x 5 = 80 Elements of a disaster plan Quick Reference Guide Procedures for immediate response to most common disasters Done with Security and Building personnel Basic information Emergency phone.. The information on this page is designed as a step-by-step guide to give you details on what to do before, during, and after an earthquake. Gonzaga offers 75 fields of study, 26 master’s degrees, doctorate degrees in leadership studies and nursing, and a juris doctor degree through the School of Law.
If you have children in school or elderly parents across town, you will want a plan in place to connect and know they are safe.

One common method is to broadcast via emergency radio and TV broadcasts You might hear a special siren, or get a telephone call, or emerge.. Infection has occurred when visiting petting zoos or dairy farms or when swimming in contaminated water. If phones don't work, or some neighbourhoods aren't accessible, what will you do? Get household members together and prepare a household emergency plan.
Where links to other sites are provided, the North Shore Emergency Management Office accepts no responsibility for the content of those other sites. One right outside your home and another outside your community, such as a library, community center, or place of worship.

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