Written by freelance writer Dave Price on behalf of Calera, a satellite internet service provider.
During the Hurricane Katrina crisis, millions of cellular phones and landlines were out of service along the Gulf Coast, right at the very time their owners needed them most.
If you're an outdoorsy type and are going to be spending a lot of time away from the city this winter skiing or rock-climbing, buying or even just renting a sat phone for a specific occasion is a good idea.
Many people will defer to their cell phones when in need of survival technology, but a cell phone is not as reliable as you need it to be in the case of emergency.

Whether it's due to bad weather, a national disaster, or even just geographical location, for whatever reason a movie character's cell phone or landline is never able to find service and complete the call during a disaster, rendering them unable to communicate with the outside world or ask for help right when they need it most. If you're camping, hiking, hunting or fishing out in the country and you get lost, a mobile phone won't help you unless you're within the limited coverage radius of the nearest cell tower.
For this reason, satellite phones, not cell phones, are one of the best outdoor survival technologies available.
These might be just movies, but cell phones have failed to deliver in real life disasters, too.

Sat phones are a great survival resource for people in remote areas because all you need is a clear view of the Southern sky to get satellite service.
Yeah, you can get satellite phone service pretty much anywhere since the service comes from satellites instead of towers like cell phones do.

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