October 23, 2014 by Rob Hanus 7 Comments By now, or at least, hopefully by now, you have figured out the lone wolf approach doesn’t work well in survival situations.
There are no simple rules to finding and picking group members, and you’re cautioned to be very careful. Dogs can be helpful with this, as they can pick up on your subtle clues, even if you’re not aware of them.
A common set of values and morals is a god place to start, including their perspective on preparedness. The two attributes you should look for in a perspective member are loyalty and trustworthiness. While it would seem nearly any preparedness-orientated person would be a good fit for your group, the truth is the majority will turn out to be incompatible with your goals, plans, opinions, and ideas. When someone leaves the group is not the time to find out they have a criminal history, are revenge driven, or have violent tendencies. Once your group decides to have communal property for a bug out location, it’s likely this property will be unoccupied most of the time.
Whether you are just starting to look for members on your own, or already have other members, always use OpSec, or Operational Security, when meeting with potential members. There may be links in the post above that are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission, which does not affect the price you pay for the product.
We have a great, like-minded, loosely-organized group; all members to a man (and woman) were introduced through Project Appleseed, then when Appleseed left our state, the USRA. Sticking to the plan is important, but my experience suggests expecting people to abandon their friends and extended family in times of strife to be overly-optimistic. Handling refugees is a difficult topic and one likely to cause many arguments among group members. All of these issues, situations and scenarios can be better handled when the group has a common set of values, morals, and ethics. As time goes on, Adam’s neighborhood becomes his entire world, for all intents and purposes. I will warn you that The Rule of Three ends with more than a couple of plot threads left unraveled.
The Rule of Three is, hands down, one of my favorite fiction reads in the last year or two. The takeaway from this is to tailor a survival kit to the specific need or environment that you will be encountering, and to included items that may serve multiple purposes. Seeing that there is no food (or water) listed in the kit, the assumption is that the person will procure their own.
Survival blog topics for a life of preparedness and risk awareness; emergency and disaster or threats thereof.
In an attempt to foster a love of science in our daughters when they were young children, my wife and I ordered a series of science-based experiments that arrived monthly in a cardboard box. I had never encountered such a monthly delivery of fun activities, and wished such subscription boxes had been available in my childhood. Now subscription boxes are a booming category, with many of the businesses managed via Cratejoy‘s platform. And, for those too paranoid to do their own shopping, the Battlbox of hand-picked survival gear.
The site will include reviews, popularity ratings, and the ability to sort by personal interests. Founder and CEO Amir Elaguizy told me that Cratejoy will take the same 1.25 percent of gross revenue it has received from businesses using its platform, which offers tools to build and host websites, manage subscriptions, and generate analytics. While box subscription businesses could piece together their own point solutions, using services like Recurely and ShipStation, he said that Cratejoy offers the only end-to-end service for this category. Never Let Me Go by Ishiguro (A futuristic plot where clones are created in order to harvest organs. I want to recommend a great book that was released this year called: Third House Down Hidden Cove.
Percy Jackson and the Olympian Series is a HUGE hit with my 10 year old (started reading this in 4th grade) and his peers.
Looking for Alaska, An Abundance of Katherines, and Paper Towns by John Green, if your teen can deal with drama. The Last of the Really Great Wang Doodles by Julie (Andrews) Edwards was the only book my kid brother liked other than Matt Christofer books when he was growing up.
I was reviewing this website for a library science class and I compiled a list for personal use but thought it was useful so I decided to post it to share with all. I love your blog and you are doing something really important like the awareness of reading , keep it up. Despite numerous fiction novels featuring the protagonist as a lone wolf survivor, having a team, group or MAG (Mutual Assistance Group) dramatically increases your chances for survival. Likewise, the success of a group is partly determined by everyone’s willingness to work hard at it.

By watching the dog, you can get a better idea of signals your subconscious is picking up on, though you need to be familiar with the dog and his or her tells. How many cool toys someone owns should have no bearing on whether they are let into your group. If you are of the mind to help all that need it, you won’t get along well with someone whose preparedness plan is to kill preppers and take their stuff. People having these traits are low security risks before, during and after they becoming members of your group.
Of course, at no time should they feel like they are under scrutiny, as this tends to make people behave differently. Starting with that common set of values gives you a platform with which to begin.  Knowing this common base also gives you the opportunity to see if they uphold those beliefs they say are important to them. A spiteful person who has learned your sensitive information can make your life miserable, particularly if they are sociopathic. If a disgruntled ex-member knows its location, it will be difficult to use that property for storage or caches.
No need to divulge personal information and you can see how people interact with different topics and people. I think having people willing to stick to the plan can be almost as important as having common values.
The humane thing to do is to help them, but if doing so puts the group at risk, it’s not a good idea. I just started taking things more seriously because in a SHTF scenario I have a child with severe special needs and I already have medication and natural remedies that would last for a year. Very few have mentioned that we do have a Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who wants us to help and be servants to each other.
Walls are built, patrols are set up, and the community comes together for their own protection. His books include Prepper's Home Defense, The Prepper's Complete Book of Disaster Readiness, and Prepper's Long-Term Survival Guide.
I usually don’t bother with YA novels now that I am middle-aged, but it sounds like this one is worth a read.
Others that I’ve really enjoyed include the Ashfall series by Mike Mullin and Pandemic by Yvonne Ventresca. Where you are, where you will be going, climate, terrain, length of mission, purpose, etc., How much equipment you put in your kit depends on how you will carry the kit.
If you have two items that will serve the same function, pick the one you can use for another function.
Today, the Austin, Texas-based company is announcing the launch of a Marketplace to showcase its clients, adding B2C to its B2B credentials.
Elaguizy also noted that subscription boxes have different needs than the subscription digital services offered through platforms like Zuora.
The book is called Cheeseburger Subversive and the it can be read as a series of short stories or as a novel as it follows a boy through elementary school and ends at the end of high school. Our family tradition is to read or reread the book before seeing the movie and we talk about how the movie is different and why. He still lists it among his favorite books, now that he’s finally taken up reading for pleasure at the age of 23.
I broke it down by age range and merely compiled a list based on all the posts with a few additions of my own.
It's great to see how varied this incredibly important topic can be presented to parents, community, boys and educators. I have two boys, a mom who's an early childhood literacy specialist, so I know the work you're doing is SO important! Reading is a favorite pastime with my boys, and I'd love to share tips to help other moms assist their little ones in knowing the love of reading. There will be differences of opinions, arguments, heated discussions, and many emotional conflicts.
There’s a lot to gain by having members having a different skill set from yours, but having a common core of beliefs is fundamental to a good group. Group members will learn sensitive information about everyone in the group, and the time to discover someone cannot be trusted is before everyone has divulged their secrets.
You need to engage potential members in activities that will drive their true nature to the surface. Imagine trying to operate as a group knowing there is someone out there who knows all of the group’s information and has a large amount of animosity towards everyone in the group. Even when there is an amicable separating of ways, unless you change everything about the group, ex-members will know this information. Even when it’s been decided to let someone join the group, you should maintain a level of OpSec and only reveal a little info at a time. Once you’ve identified someone with potential, you can start to do things together and begin the learning process.

I have not seen any sites that address this issue because not only would it be applicable for severely mentally disabled individuals but for infants, the elderly, and people who are wheelchair bound. Lately, there have been quite a number of great disaster novels coming out of the Young Adult (YA) market, like The Hunger Games. That’s not to say, though, that today’s YA books are full of Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys wannabes. Their mother is a captain in the local police department and their father is a commercial pilot who is out of town at the time of the crisis. An interesting facet to this story is Adam’s ultralight: a small homemade plane Adam and his father built in their garage.
While it doesn’t detract from the story at all, I did find this subplot a little too convenient compared to the rest of the story. He has worked with individuals, private groups, and corporations, assisting with disaster planning. Learn everything from basic survival (shelter construction, fire-by-friction, water collection), to refined and advanced skills such as traps and snares, bow making, stone tools, hide tanning, animal tracking, and more. For the case, you might want to use a Band-Aid box, a first aid case, an ammunition pouch, or another suitable case. The US Army survival kit recommendation is most likely going to be different from a typical civilian survival kit, however it may be helpful to know what they recommend.
Has worked for Harry Potter books (still a fave) and Lord of the Rings (yes we read first, saw movie after).
Because I read the twilight books with my daughter my son wanted me to read these books with him. It has changed him and now that he is entering middle school he made all of the honors classes. My girls and I love to read, but my husband is not much of a reader and the little guy is already proving to not care for "storytime". Compounding the issue even more, someone you deemed as stable  in normal circumstances can turn into either a basket case or a threat to the members of the group under pressure.
This is all normal, but it all needs to be properly addressed, especially since this group is supposed to be like a second family. It can take years to get to know someone, but there are activities and discussions you can engage in to help this along. Or some people in your group are so compassionate, they start helping all the refugees, because they don’t want to see them starve.
Larger groups can better defend themselves, as well as do chores and tasks around the retreat. For me picking a group with other people who have vulnerable individuals to protect would be a key factor.
Often, in my experience at least, YA novels have just as much drama and realistic character portrayals as those novels marketed for older readers, they just have younger protagonists.
As the story begins, he is at school, helping a friend with a project when all the lights go out. Their next door neighbor, Herb, is a nice old gent who turns out to be quite a valuable asset.
I found this approach to be quite refreshing as in many similar stories it would have been a case of violence meeting violence. Adam’s knowledge and skill with piloting the craft gives the community an edge over the competition. Our instructors have decades of experience and have appeared in hit TV shows, best-selling novels, international magazines, and have devoted their lives to teaching YOU how to SURVIVE!
I really thought that I would be bored with them but I had a hard time waiting for him to finish a book before I started it. I am hoping to someday "convert" my husband to reading and I hope my son will also turn out to be a reader. I've actually found it easier to teach my boys to read, but harder to get them to really love to read for enjoyment. He, his fellow students, and the school staff quickly realize this is no ordinary power outage: All their cell phones and most of the vehicles in the parking lot are inoperable. For these same reasons, I think people wanting to make their MAG too large will have difficulties as well, such as the plan to survive together as a small town. Savvy readers will immediately recognize the nature of this crisis – electromagnetic pulse (EMP).

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