Go ahead, pick up any survival handbook and inside you'll find the same old boring repetitive stuff.
Well, it wasn't long before I found out the hard way that I needed to pack & carry several extra sets of slingshot bands.
Web Belt Alice Clip Survival Spikes: Well, I did try a few times to put a "blade" on them, but the only thing I could sharpen was the tip and so that's why I call 'em SPIKES.
Then all you gotta do is put the two piece Alice Clip back together again and attach it to your gear.
Three Piece Bamboo Bow: If you take a good close look at these photos you will be able to figure out how I made them, quite easy. Bamboo Sling Bow: Here's another survival weapon you can make out of a hollow bamboo stick or any piece of hallow wood or plastic tubing. Outdoor Survival Skills has taught three generations of wilderness adventurers how to survive in nature without expensive purchased equipment, instead drawing on knowledge of the land and carefully tested techniques, many of them ancient, for finding or creating shelter, fire, tools, water, and plant and animal foods. A few days ago I was listening to Michal Bane discussing the Paris terrorist attacks on his podcast and something he said encouraged me to get to the range and do some shooting.
How to make a spear from a stick, a bow & arrow from some tree saplings, and a slingshot from a Y-shape tree branch. As an individual hunting & throwing knive, a throwing star and as a spear head when attached to a stick for hunting game or spearing fish.
To make one all you need is two equal size width & length pieces of wood with "a notch" cut out in the center so you can criss-cross and tie them securely together. All you need is a few different size [dry & dead] pieces of bamboo so the ends of the bamboo will fit snuggly "one-inside-the-other" and then attach some paracord as a bow string and you got yourself a three piece bamboo bow. Instead of trying to make one of those tree branch slingshots or a bow & arrow out of some tree sapplings, make one of these weapons instead.

In this new edition, anecdotes from the author’s lifetime of experience provide thrilling examples of the skills and attitudes that ensure survival outdoors. He suggested that each of us should have the skills to shoot our carry pistols at close range, but also be capable of making hits on torso sized targets at upwards to 50 yards. And so I took mine with me wherever I went, the boonies, desert, jungles, mountains, everywhere!
Because when one breaks you can't repair'em by tying the two broken ends together, you have to replace the whole damn band. This way if a rubber band breaks you can either repair it by tying the two broken ends together or replace the one broken rubberband. What's good about these Alice clip "spikes" is that you can use'em as both, spear and arrow heads and they can be easily attached or hidden on your belt and other gear.
To make one of these all you have to do is buy a set of those cheapo metal throwing knives, drill a few holes, make a few groves on the handle(s) so when you go to wrap some paracord around it to attach it to a stick it will hold it in place and not slide off.
Then all ya gotta do is sharpen the ends to a point and you got yourself a nice throwing weapon. To make sure the "ends" of the bamboo don't crack and come apart, where they fit snuggly one-inside-the-other, lash some paracord securely around them. In fact, as I started to write this piece I turned on the news and there is a mass-shooting situation going on in San Bernardino, California. This means, if you aren’t able to do this with your carry pistol, you need to start practicing or reconsider your choice of pistol. His focus is on using your knowledge and the assistance of modern tools to get yourself out of potentially life-threatening situations. And then add four (4) screws, washers and wing nuts to keep it together until you need to use it.

And then take a good close look at these photos you should be able to figure out how to make it.
It should be clear these events are not going away any time soon and the likelihood that any of us could be involved in one is increasing. Or you can stumble around in the woods trying to spear and shoot up every living thing in sight or until you scare away every living critter in the area. And believe it or not, this sling-shot-bow is hellova lot easier to make, aim, shoot and hit your target than a damn slingshot or bow & arrow. And while I shoot a lot I have to admit I don’t shoot my carry pistols as much as I should because my range time these days is often devoted to shooting and testing new guns for articles. The book is laid out very visually, containing many great illustrations and is somewhat less text than many other survival guides.
Pewtherer makes these skills accessible and straightforward excellent descriptions interspersed with both photos and illustrations. He writes from personal experience and includes sections that mention common mistakes to avoid with a variety of skills.
Pewtherer is based in the northeast USA.The challenge of using books is that they are only static words and images to learn from. A series of drawings or photos of how to set up a deadfall trap, start a friction fire, or build a shelter is enough for some. No matter how useful you find a book, it is very difficult to read and attempt to learn a new skill at the same time!

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