A well stocked survival backpack can help you survive the critical first 72 hours after a disaster. You can choose to build your own emergency backpack or buy a survival backpack that has already been built using FEMA and Homeland Security guidelines. You should make sure that you not only have a survival backpack for yourself, but for every member of your family.
Go over the most likely disaster situations with your family, and discuss what should be done in each case, where you will meet, who you will call, what to grab on the way out, and what to leave in the house.  During the moments of extreme stress in a disaster situation, these preparations will be retrieve from your memory quickly and easily as long as they have been discussed and rehearsed.
You set up your laptop and controller, and proceed plug in your leads and when the time is right, you hit "play". You quickly switch your audio cables for those the club already has plugged into their mixer. The booth technician flips through a pack of USB keys he has lying around, takes one out and plugs it into the club’s CDJ-2000 player. Your mind races through all the anticipation that’s built over the weeks, all the preparation you’ve done, all the visualisations of tonight’s successful performance… until you realise. Make a DJ Emergency Pack once, and you'll never have to think about it again, unless of course your needs change (you start video DJing, you incorporate vinyl in your set-up, etc.). With so many adapters and jacks at the local hardware store, it can become a daunting venture figuring out which ones you should pick out. This article is designed to give you a strong foundation for building your own DJ Emergency Pack, as the components we suggest will cover the majority of the most common incompatibility problems you may have with any soundsystem you encounter.
Having these pieces in your DJ Emergency Pack rolls the odds in your favour in the event that you perform at a club with mismatched leads. Join 100,000 Digital DJ Tips members to get access to an exclusive area of all our free training articles & resources plus twice-weekly emails with the best of our tutorials, reviews and DJ news. I have a pack of these in my DJ bag ever since – if you do mobile gigs you know the score. I swear by Neutrik and Amphenol jacks for my hand-soldered audio connections, they just seem to last so much longer! This is so true, I’ve saved not only my set, but the entire party by bringing an extra pair of cables and some adapters. I am interested in getting a pair or two of the new DJTT Chroma USB wires and add that to my collection. I’ve got Traktor DJ on my iPad as well as a couple of very recent tunes (I listen to music on it a lot in the car), so it sort of doubles as a digital DJ backup system in case my laptop blows up or something haha at least I know I’ve got some new tracks to drop!
I don’t have a MacGuyver Pack like this, but I also brought a spare set of RCA Cables and USB Lead, as well a 2nd Pair of Headphones. One very essential tool that’s in the video but not the list in the article is a TORCH.
I spent the whole night using my phone to navigate the mixer (not helped by the fact that it was an Allen & Heath with tiny knobs and switches).
I try to carry extra batteries for my wireless mic along with extra wired mic with cable just in case.
This may sound overkill, but i also carry a Leatherman pocket tool and a pair of surgical gloves. This Emergency Ration Pack is an excellent addition to any kit whether you are a Soldier, Bushcraft Enthusiast, Mountaineer or Hill Walker. A compact hermetically sealed aluminium package, which can be used as a brew pot, containing, high-energy food, coffee set, fuel, purification tablets, compact survival items and instructions. This hermetically sealed aluminium pack contains a variety of food and survival items including instructions. Contents: Plain mint cake, Oxo cube, Chocolate bar, Coffee x 2, Milk x 2 Sugar x 2, Sweets x 6, Solid fuel tablets, Matches, Foil tray, Poly bag, Water purifying tablets x 6, Whistle, Pencil, Survival instructions, Wire for snares and a Button compass. A surprising amount of gear and if you added a small knife it is probably more useful than any other survival kit.
Prescription medications you take every day such as insulin, heart medicine and asthma inhalers. You should periodically rotate medicines to account for expiration dates and have a plan for refrigerated insulin. Over the counter pain medicine (Like Tylenol and Advil) and an antihistamine (Like Benadryl). Prescribed medical supplies such as glucose and blood pressure monitoring equipment and supplies.
It should be small enough so that in an emergency, you can roll it into your car, yard, or home in just a few minutes.
You may need more water for children, nursing mothers, the elderly or if you live in a warm climate. You may need to add electrolyte replacement drinks (Gatorade or Powerade) to replace valuable minerals in warm or humid weather or if you will be very active.

Keep at least a three-day supply of the items listed in the "Things You'll Need" section (below) in the box.
Consider other things you might need--especially things such as medication, bandages, firearms, or other things according to age, location, or health. Some of these things might seem unnecessary, but the point of an emergency kit is to be prepared for situations that are unfamiliar and hard to predict. In deciding what food to put in your emergency kit, remember to choose food your family will actually eat. Remember, many injuries are not life threatening and do not require immediate medical attention. Power inverters (Converts DC power to AC power) for cars are handy for charging cell phones, powering your TV, radios, running refrigerators, etc. Family Radio System (FRS) radios can be useful in keeping in touch with your friends or family in a small area when telephones are out. Make sure you include an original prescription bottle with dosage information in case you need to get medicines refilled during an event.
Should you choose to bring a firearm with you in an emergency or have one in the kit (not advisable in Canada or anywhere where firearms are illegal or restricted), make sure that you have a reasonable amount of ammunition with you, as well as the original and a copy of your firearms license.
If you have a strong arm you can also buy a crank operated flashlight, because it can only be broken by damaging the things that make it turn, causing the energy for light, it is also water proof, which is a plus.
Consider temperatures where you store your kits - heat can significantly degrade the quality of supplies in a few months. Water, if the water supply is contaminated or declared undrinkable, you should have several gallons on hand.
Self powered flashlights which are available in the local Walmart, Target, and Radio Shack, and also online, as are glow sticks.
Unique family needs -- medication you may need such as heart medications, prescription glasses, etc., infant formula and diapers etc.
Self powered radio -- available from your local discount or electronics store, this will save you money on batteries, and batteries will not be available in an emergency. Household chlorine bleach and medicine dropper – When diluted nine parts water to one part bleach, bleach can be used as a disinfectant. The FEMA website and ready.gov have great information on survival backpacks and emergency survival kits.
The Survival Gear Outpost is one of the best Internet site if you are looking for a well-stocked 72 hour survival kit or survival backpack.
Its rigid nature keeps it from being crushed by other stuff in your backpack, and the compartments keep the adapters and other small bits from rolling around, ensuring that the pack stays organised and each item easy to spot when you need them the most. You turn up to the club with your laptop in your top-flight DJ backpack, Decksaver-covered controller at hand.
The thin synth pad of your intro song fills the air as you gaze into the crowd and see their eyes slowly light up with expectation.
All DJs should always bring a spare USB cable as well as a pair of output cables as a spare.
The consequences of not having with you the proper leads or adapters when needed will be similar to what we just described. At the same time, it also includes tactics to delay the crowd while you troubleshoot and makes troubleshooting itself easier by having all your "First-Aid" supplies in one convenient place. This way you can monitor even if you are unable to ever figure out what the other issues are.. Just make sure if you intend on purchasing one of these, do some research to find a model that best suits you. I usually carry a spare power cable for my MacBook Pro since it tends to be left behind often. It’s good to have tunes in various formats (USB thumb drive, CD, and axillary player) since you never know what you may need to plug into. The weatherman has a pair of pliers built into it which is fantastic for those fiddly tasks, or repairing cables on the fly. In an emergency you, a loved one, or even a neighbour could be cut, burned or injured in some other way. Depending on where you live, you might need different things in an emergency such as flood, hurricane, tornado. These are especially helpful if you must evacuate and emergency routes may involve detours.
If you can't pick up everything at once you should add an item or two to each shopping trip.
Remember, it may be a stranger who needs your help and having a latex barrier will help prevent infection. This will ensure that you don't get the cables confused when you're in a rush or panic; it also ensures that people other than you know which cable is used for which purpose without having to rely on you alone.

Batteries will be unavailable in an emergency and some models will also charge your cell phones.Some of these devices are solar powered as well as using a "crank generator". Candles are a safety hazard, especially if there is gas leaks going on, explosive, flammable gas is in the area.
Also, in the event that you must evacuate, make sure you know the law before bringing a firearm across state lines.
Try to store supplies in an area constantly below 80 °F (27 °C) and out of direct sunlight.
The "Eton" radio, a "Self Powered" radio is a Weather Radio as seen above, only it does NOT use batteries, has a LED flashlight built into it, a RED LED "ALERT" light built into it,a "ALERT" siren, and has the Weather Band built into it. Or in an emergency, you can use it to treat water by using 16 drops of regular household liquid bleach per gallon of water. Not only can you find a well stocked survival backpack that includes; water, food, sleeping bags, radios, flashlights, first aid supplies, cell phone chargers etc. A disaster can strike with or without warning.  More people succumb to the aftermath of a natural disaster than the initial catastrophe itself. You check in at the elevated DJ booth that overlooks the biggest crowd you’ve yet played for, every single one of them waiting with baited breath for the first hint of music that you'll be pumping from the speakers.
You’ve spent all week figuring out possible song combinations, you’ve spent hours slogging through blogs looking for the freshest remixes.
You can add on to this list as your needs may vary, but I find that these pieces cover a lot of technical ground when it comes to DJing, and you shouldn't have a reason not to have one in your bag: Such a kit is quick to assemble, relatively inexpensive, and could really save your bacon when the time comes! Most big club systems are mono anyway so you aren’t losing anything if you have to go this route. I place a check-off box on both sides of each item so I can do a check when I leave the house, and when i’m packing up from the gig. Also be careful in wrapping in up not to twist wires as they are notorious for becoming faulty, then you’ve only got as much time as your battery gives you!
The surgical gloves are purely due to having spent a lot of time messing about with cables on pub floors while playing in a guitar band. To always have an emergency kit you can just leave in the bottom of your Bergan until you need it is a great piece of mind. Remember to also prepare a kit in the event that you may need to evacuate; keep it in your car. If you have these basic supplies you are better prepared to help people when they are hurt. If your location does not have an emergency manager, check with your county or state emergency management official for assistance. Sometimes gloves deeper in a box may still be good so don't toss the box because the first few pairs are bad. Keeping water (in clean plastic bottles) in your home, car trunk, and workplace will keep you hydrated when you're under stress. The main things to worry about will be injures and the "rule of threes": most humans can't survive after 3 minutes without air, 3 hours without shelter (in extreme conditions), 3 days without water, or 3 weeks without food.
Keep in mind that a sleeping bag used by a child for a sleepover or slumber party is not rated for outdoor use.
The radio should be battery-operated and have a tone-alert feature that automatically notifies you when an advisory is issued. These casualties can be more realistically attributed to poor planning and preparation than to mother nature herself. You are, after all, that hot new deep house DJ that everyone’s been buzzing about, and now it’s time to show them what you’ve got. Pack what you need to protect against these situations, but don't pack so much that you can't easily carry your kit. The club has a colossal sound system at your disposal, perfect for the type of music you play, capable of moving both feet and soul, and you simply cannot wait to bend it to your whim. You practised late into the night the past few days, as you always do, to the point that the line between you and your limited edition DJ controller begin to blur.
You think the club crowd is brutal imagine this: you are DJing a $1500 wedding, the couple is dancing their first dance. Even the booth technician, a veteran DJ, has so much faith in you that he’s already cleared an area for your controller.

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