The National Institute of Health has placed a massive order for protective clothing and supplies that could make it impossible for you to procure your own gear. And by massive, I mean a year’s supply for employees of facilities across the country, replenished throughout the year no matter what happens, and taking priority over any personal orders.
But don’t worry, the solicitation, dated October 14, says that the PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) is needed because of the danger of working in animal laboratories. If you are NOT relieved by this soothing information about animal laboratories, NOW is the time to make your purchases. I tried to order the N100 masks and I received an email yesterday that 3M is placing a national backorder on all of these masks.
Please feel free to share any information from this site in part or in full, leaving all links intact, giving credit to the author and including a link to this website and the following bio. East Tennessee State University is continually preparing for the possibility of disaster on campus. All students, faculty, staff should familiarize themselves with the university's general emergency procedures.
Register for approved East Tennessee State University emergency communications and other important information via text message and email, hosted by Rave Mobile Safety.
Having important personal and family documents in a secure place that’s portable during an emergency is an important aspect of disaster preparation, said Dr. Cavanagh said a major aspect of hurricane preparation is to secure important documents and prepare an emergency kit so both can be located at a moment’s notice when an emergency or disaster occurs. Cavanagh said an emergency kit should contain enough supplies to take care of immediate family members for at least three days. Cavanagh also explained the need to prepare a “grab-and-go” box containing important documents and financial records in the event of an emergency situation.

She said a new publication from AgriLife Extension called “Personal and Family Financial Records Inventory”will provide guidance for a handy way to consolidate personal and family financial information. Cavanagh said the fillable pdf file costs $5 and can be downloaded from the AgriLife Bookstore website by searching for publication EFCS-005.
The Texas EDEN and AgriLife Bookstore websites have additional information on disaster preparation and recovery, most of which is free. The Media Relations group brings international, national and statewide recognition to the accomplishments and activities of Texas A&M AgriLife.
In addition to establishing and maintaining PPE as an emergency and disaster resource, the vendor must provide high quality laboratory PPE that meet the specifications as outlined below. Provide a Disaster Plan to include how the contractor shall ensure the provision of services and transportation of required supplies in the event of an emergency or disaster.
The Building 49 Central Animal Facility (CAF) located on the Bethesda campus of the National Institutes of Health contributes to the advancement of biomedical research by providing professional and technical support services related to laboratory animal care and use, and housing laboratory animals in support of eight institute’s intramural research program. The value of disaster preparedness to laboratory animal facilities has been highlighted in recent years, because of several large scale disasters that have impacted the U.S. All I need is an email address, and a link to the newest articles will come right to your inbox. The ideas expressed on this site are solely the opinions of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the opinions of sponsors or firms affiliated with the author(s). As an ETSU student, faculty member, or staff member, personal preparedness is necessary at the individual level.
They are posted in all ETSU buildings. These procedures give students, faculty, and staff specific information about what to do in the event of fire, severe weather, power outages, and hazardous material releases. Since PPE products have a definitive shelf life, to maintain the integrity of the stocked items the vendor shall deliver requested items from the reserve to the facility on a routine basis or upon request as outlined below.

In order to support our animals and the critical research programs they represent, we must ensure consistent supply PPE materials, even during emergency and disaster situations. The author may or may not have a financial interest in any company or advertiser referenced. The posting also provides specific procedures to follow for building evacuation and response to the GoldAlert emergency notification system.
In addition, the vendor shall reestablish the reserve as directed by the Government on a monthly basis. Due to the critical nature of these supplies our program requirements have been incorporated into both our Facility and Institute disaster preparedness plans. Disaster preparedness in the workplace seeks to reduce direct and indirect losses resulting from disasters.
Any action taken as a result of information, analysis, or advertisement on this site is ultimately the responsibility of the reader. It is the vendor’s responsibility to manage the reserve to ensure the continued rotation of product to protect the integrity of the resource.
As outlined in our emergency plan it is the intention of our program to be able to house up to a one year’s supply of PPE products with a local vendor within a 90 mile radius of NIH in Bethesda, Maryland. The ideal vendor will need a strong disaster plan and have arrangements made with the state and federal agencies in the event of an emergency and or disaster to be able to arranged deliveries to the NIH.
As a secondary backup, in the event that the vendor is not able to transport the required supplies we will work with the local vendor to directly pick up the required items.

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