The STCW 95 Personal Survival Techniques (sea survival course) module provides knowledge of essential prevention and survival techniques.
There is a wide range of local accommodation, some of which are within walking distance of the training centre to suit everyone’s budget.
The objective of the training is to give all individuals going to sea the essential basic knowledge and experience of personal survival principals and techniques that can be applied to maximise their chances of survival in the event of a marine casualty.
Earlier this week one of our newest Skippers and one of our trainee skippers successfully completed their STCW PERSONAL SURVIVAL Techniques (PST) course.
The course is not a legal requirement for our Passenger Boat Skippers but it will be useful for them in their involvement with our Commercial operations including providing safety boats for construction projects.

The course was provided by Sea Secretary, a highly reputable local training provider. They are recognised for providing quality services within the industry.
ChesterBoat highly recommend Sea Secretary to anybody looking to embark upon a career at sea.
She is currently seeking career opportunities in the super yacht industry and will be blogging her experiences throughout. During all in water practicals you will be wearing a crewsaver commercial immersion suit which is designed to keep you both dry and warm.
There is no need to be able to swim during this modules as both the immersion suit and life jacket will keep you afloat.

There is also the option to get in the water on a one to one basis prior to any group work t help build your confidence. During the in water practical session you will be taught the best techniques to help you swim wearing the equipment. This has been done on many occasions and has proven to be very beneficial for those with worries.

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