60m is a PPM Solution that allows organizations the ability to manage any agile framework within Microsoft Project Online or Project Server 2013. CS Status Reporting speeds up your decisions by adding snapshot capabilities to Microsoft Project Server with automated project reports. CS Resource Management makes resource commitments and availability transparent through a real time dashboard and scorecard reporting.
CS Program Management automates cross-project information flow and reduce planning effort for program management. FluentPro EPM Pulse Data visualization and Business Intelligence - no coding required FluentPro EPM Pulse enables you to design and share portfolio and project dashboards for Project Server in minutes. Matan MasterLink - An advanced way to manage inner dependencies between projects MasterLink is a unique management tool with the goal of making it easier for managers to control and monitor multiple projects simultaneously. Nintex Workflow and Nintex Workflow for Project ServerCreate workflows - no coding required Nintex workflow technology adds a drag-and-drop workflow designer, connectivity and advanced workflow features to Microsoft SharePoint and Project Server platforms. TPG MTA Server Visualize and analyze trends TPG Milestone Trend Analysis (MTA) is an easy-to-read combination of the history and prognosis of selected project milestones. TPG ProjectLinkConnect tasks and information in multi-project management -even between different companies!
UMT360 for PPM - Project Portfolio Financial Intelligence UMT360 for PPM connects finance and PPM to automate the entire capital planning process and drive complete financial transparency helping stakeholders make smarter investment decisions and improve project success rates. UMT Project Essentials 2012 - Control Costs and Track Benefits UMT Project Essentials 2012 brings together the leading project and portfolio management (PPM) capabilities of Project Server 2010 with comprehensive cost and benefit management techniques to provide financial transparency, control and accountability across the lifecycle.
As a continuation of, and expansion on, his previous thoughts on the need to improve the cyber threat kill chain, Matt Hartley penned an article for the ISSA Journal. One of the ways to overcome this challenge is to think like the bad guy when defending a network. After experiencing the value of iSIGHT’s cyber intelligence first hand, we quickly reoriented our thinking toward Blackstone’s portfolio companies and the value this product could add to their businesses. Comprehensive cyber intelligence connecting security technology and operations to the business.

How can my part time accountant securely access our accounting data from their office or home? If you plan and implement the right tools for your business at the beginning, you are setting yourself up to succeed in your business goals. As a matter of fact, BeMo is the only company in the world offering on-demand Microsoft Project Server 2010 and 2013 ready in less than 15 minutes.
It provides users with the opportunity to drag & drop, sort, filter and search easily while presenting large quantities of data clearly. Integrate skills management and enhance the collaboration between project lead and resource manager for steady project planning.
Enhance program planning with reliable and prompt information exchange between all project levels and experience zero delay when opening your program with automated data exchange in the back-end. It provides a self-contained mask to enter time and deliver visualization of meaningful reports.
Business users and IT Professionals alike will be empowered to quickly and easily automate business processes.
It gives users a graphical overview of time-related deviations arising during a project and ensures reliable planning by regularly updating the actual situation in relation to the milestone deadline.
Additionally, it provides a graphical simulation of current state of projects and immediate view of impact on the resources involved along with summaries of all project data in an easy-to-read diagram. TPG ProjectLink helps manage dependencies between tasks and projects that span even across different independent organizations. By standardizing financial controls across the investment planning lifecycle, UMT360 improves top down and bottom up budgeting, automates funding approvals, tracks cost performance and establishes a benefits realization framework to maximize the ROI on every dollar invested in strategic initiatives. Here is how our risk-free offer works: Sign up for BeMo Project Online 2010 or 2013 We will make our service available to you on a 7-day trial basis for 1 subscriber If for any reason you cancel the service during the 7-day trial period, we will give you 100% refund for 1 subscriber If you do not cancel within 7 days, the service will be automatically extended and become a purchased service. In cybersecurity, however, we seem to be stuck at the “throwing technology at the problem” stage rather than understanding our adversaries—those bad guys targeting our enterprises—and organizing strategies to counter them. First and foremost, thinking like an adversary means you will be able to anticipate their actions.

Presenting iSIGHT’s intelligence to our portfolio companies and making our strategic investment were natural next steps. BeMo also offers dedicated server solutions which can be deployed within our datacenters located in Chicago IL, Dallas TX, Houston TX, San Antonio TX, San Jose CA, Seattle WA, Washington DC, Amsterdam, Dublin, Hong Kong, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Sao Paulo, Sidney, Singapore and Tokyo. Projectum has completed more than 80 successful EPM implementations in Denmark for some of the largest public and private organizations.
An excerpt of the article is found below along with a link to the full article available on the ISSA website.
Then you can monitor for those types of activities and leverage any intelligence or information on those types of attacks. The net result is gaining the ability to focus security investments on strategies that defend the most likely targets within your enterprise. Projectum offers various products and solutions for all users of an EPM 2007 or 2010 solution. Our latest offering is a resource manager add-on for Project Server 2010 enabling line managers to handle multiple resource requests in a simple and cool Silverlight interface. This product alone has been implemented for 4 of Denmark's largest privately owned companies..
It comes standard with 1GB of storage per user, disaster recovery protection and high-availability with a 99.9% Uptime SLA.
Sign Up now for BeMo Project Online and start experiencing what FluentPro, Nintex, and UMT applications along with Microsoft Project Server can do for your organization.

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