Dr Helen Rippon: You Can't Take the Risk Out of Cancer Research, So Why Are We Even Trying To? One crew from Heathrow fire station is assisting Heathrow Airport's fire service with an aircraft fire. Joan Burton 'wants to stay on as party leader'There are reports today that Joan Burton wants to stay on as the Labour Party leader.
Eastenders spin-off gets star-studded Irish castA number of high profile actors have been revealed for Eastenders spin-off Redwater.
Five seconds before the plane went down, Hall radioed the air traffic controller that he was crash landing. Hall’s children say when they found out their father was in another plane they were terrified.
WTNH NEWS8 provides commenting to allow for constructive discussion on the stories we cover. Did the JetBlue Airbus A320 that had to make an emergency landing because of a landing gear problem have the ability to eject fuel in flight? Unsure of the exact nature of the problem, the pilots contacted maintenance personnel at the airline's headquarters in New York to discuss the meaning of the warnings. As plans were made for the A320 to make an emergency landing, the plane remained in a circular flight pattern over Long Beach, Santa Catalina Island, and Newport Beach. The flight crew and experts on the ground decided to keep the plane airborne for so long to burn off fuel.
In the JetBlue case, however, personnel felt uncomfortable allowing the plane to land with its full load of fuel for a transcontinental flight while the nose gear was locked sideways. The aircraft also remained flying for such a long period to give the pilots time to consult with as many experts on the ground as possible.
Once the decision to land had been made and emergency equipment was in place along the runway, the JetBlue pilots followed their training and gradually eased the plane onto the ground. The A320 involved in the emergency landing was only three-years old and had been through a routine maintenance check just five days earlier. This particular accident received extensive coverage because it was so well-covered by the local Los Angeles media whose news helicopters must circle the city 24 hours a day hoping to cover the next high-speed car chase. What does concern experts in the field is the fact this type of landing gear problem has occurred so frequently on the Airbus A320 and related A318, A319, and A321.
The same type of nose gear failure also occurred in four other cases, including two foreign aircraft and another JetBlue flight to New York in November 2002.
Damaged A320 wheels removed from the JetBlue plane Readers wanting to learn more about landing gear design should check out Aircraft Landing Gear Design: Principles and Practices by Norman Currey. Virgin Atlantic jet turns back and makes emergency landing at Gatwick Airport after developing a problem with its landing gear. A Virgin Atlantic jet bound for Las Vegas has made an emergency landing at Gatwick Airport after developing a problem with its landing gear.
Emergency services gather around a Virgin Atlantic jet after it made an emergency landing at London's Gatwick Airport on Monday.
LONDON—A Virgin Atlantic jet bound for Las Vegas turned back and made an emergency landing at Gatwick Airport on Monday after developing a problem with its landing gear. The airline confirmed the Boeing 747-400, carrying 447 passengers and 15 crew members, landed safely about four hours after it took off.
The plane’s emergency chutes were not deployed and there were no immediate reports of injuries. Emergency services were on standby for the landing — standard procedure when a plane has to land with a technical problem. A passenger who was injured when a propeller crashed through the window of a commuter airliner is lucky to have made it through the ordeal relatively unscathed.
A propeller can be seeing jutting out of the body of an Air Canada Bombardier Q-400 that made an emergency landing Thursday night when a tire blew during take-off, a passenger told CTV.
Christina Kurylo was hit in the head by a propeller blade that sliced through the body of the Jazz Aviation plane when it landed at the Edmonton International Airport, CTV reported.
That made me curious whether the airline's responsibility to the passenger ends at that point, or would they do anything to assist the passenger, once the person was able to travel, to either reach their original destination, or return them to the point of origin, depending where they lived? From a remote spot like YFB, the cheapest one way fare to LAX is currently almost $1,700 (almost $1,000 alone just to the first stop, YOW, a 3-hour flight south). I'm guessing AA would have no responsibility in that case, but what would happen if the passenger had no funds to purchase such an expensive new ticket, and had no travel insurance that might cover such expenses? News item on the AA diversion, including the photo below of the AA 777 at YFB (possibly the only photo in existence featuring a 777 and a Twin Otter).
American Airlines, AAL137, enroute from London to Los Angeles, declared a medical emergency due to a sick passenger and advised they were diverting to Iqaluit.

I would think they would have an immigration officer go along with the passenger to make sure they stay put and can be cleared. Difficult to say, but I would "guess" that a lot of europeans travelling to the USA would take travel insurance simply because of the cost of medical care.
There is a difference between "Travel Insurance" and "Medical Insurance." While there are some combined policies - people who purchase the most common Travel Insurance packages sold in the US do not get medical coverage. This year I have purchased a Medical only policy for my immigrant wife while she was in the US and before we were married to cover the time until I could get her on my work health insurance (a couple months after marriage); and am currently looking at insurance for her to take a trip home later this year or next year (medical, travel, with a trip life insurance rider). The good plans - one that cover both the travel diversion cost and high quality medical cost being are not cheap.
As pilots we spend our whole career training to manage incidents such as this in order to avoid an incident becoming a disaster."Balpa representatives will be assisting the pilots involved in this incident and providing whatever support they need.
He was flying this Cessna from Plainville on Saturday when he experienced engine problems just minutes into the flight. In order to comment here, you acknowledge you have read and agreed to our Terms of Service.
JetBlue Flight 292 left Burbank, California, carrying 139 passengers and six crew on a transcontinental flight bound for New York City's John F. The experts agreed to divert the A320 south towards Los Angeles where JetBlue operates a maintenance hub in the nearby city of Long Beach. The aircraft continued in this pattern for about three hours before attempting an emergency landing at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). We have previously described the emergency fuel dump that many planes use to release fuel during flight prior to making an emergency landing.
The plane instead remained airborne for several hours to reduce its weight until the pilots felt ready to make the landing attempt. Besides the airline's maintenance personnel, it is likely that engineers at Airbus and Messier-Dowty, manufacturer of the landing gear, were contacted to provide their input on the situation. The A320 touched down on Runway 25L at 120 knots about 2,500 ft (760 m) down the 11,000 ft (3,350 m) runway. Observers became concerned about the plane's ability to stop as it continued its ground roll, but the A320 finally came to rest just 1,000 ft (305 m) short of the end of the runway. Following the incident, the plane was moved to a Continental Airlines hangar for inspection by investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and by Airbus engineers. However, landing gear problems are actually relatively common and rarely result in serious damage or loss of life.
Although the A320 family has an excellent safety record overall, a Canadian report released in 2004 documented 67 cases of nose landing gear failures aboard the A320 series worldwide since 1989. A United Airlines flight to Chicago had to make an emergency landing due to the same problem just three weeks later.
Television images showed the jet on the runway as fire trucks and ambulances waited nearby. Gatwick said other flights could face delays because the Virgin jet was still on the runway. Or would it strictly be the passenger's responsibility to buy a new ticket from the point where they were dropped off? Many people don't have travel insurance, and many American's don't even have health insurance, although those who can afford European travel probably do. If it was paid by Amex Platinum, they would take care most likely of the problem to get from YFB to more densely populated areas. He was flying a Cessna from Plainville on Saturday when he experienced engine problems just minutes into the flight. Commenters who violate these terms, including use of vulgar language or racial slurs, will be banned. As Flight 292 made a flyby of the control tower at Long Beach Airport, controllers discovered the nose gear had rotated 90° and become locked in the down position. The landing was made here because of the airport's longer runways compared to Long Beach and Burbank. The purpose of this system is to lower the plane's weight so that it can land safely without risking possible damage to its landing gear and internal structure. The flight attendants also used the opportunity to move passengers and carry-on luggage toward the rear of the aircraft.
The plane rolled along the runway on its main gear for as long as possible as its speed decreased.
The nose gear had ground into the runway surface for about 20 seconds before the plane finally came to a halt. The NTSB also removed the plane's cockpit voice recorder and the digital flight data recorder for review in Washington DC and planned to conduct a thorough review of the plane's maintenance history.

Nose gear problems are the most common form of landing gear malfunctions, and pilots regularly train on how to perform an emergency landing like that conducted aboard JetBlue Flight 292. At least seven cases involved the nose gear becoming locked at a 90° angle as occurred on JetBlue Flight 292. The failure aboard JetBlue Flight 292 could have resulted from a malfunction in any one of these systems or other mechanical components of the landing gear. In all four cases, the fault was blamed on improper installation of a hydraulic shock absorber. Another good book on airline safety and regulations is Commercial Aviation Safety by Alexander Wells and Clarence Rodrigues. Flight-tracking websites show it circled off the coast of southwest England before turning back to Gatwick, south of London.
I'm thinking that maybe other airlines would let the passenger fly for no charge to get them to an AA station? Shortly after takeoff, the pilot of the Airbus A320 received two warning lights as he tried to retract the plane's landing gear. However, these systems are typically only needed on larger commercial widebody airliners like the A340 or Boeing 747. This movement shifted as much weight as possible aft to minimize the load on the nose gear once the plane finally landed. About 15 seconds passed before the nose of the plane finally tilted down and the nose gear touched the ground.
Once the smoke cleared, it was apparent the front wheels had been reduced to a flattened mangle of metal and rubber.
Additional reports indicated the entire nose landing gear assembly might be removed and dismantled before trying to recreate the malfunction. This type of landing minimizes the loads on the nose gear to reduce the potential for serious damage.
The A320 has never been grounded as a result of these accidents because none has resulted in injury and Airbus has made several improvements to the nose gear design. Both US incidents had occurred shortly after the planes underwent maintenance, and the FAA issued advisories to the airlines warning about incorrect maintenance procedures that could result in the failure.
It circled near the airport, and photos appeared to show a set of wheels on its right-side landing gear had not fully descended. It seems that maybe they would do that and the other airlines would all share that responbility and help each other out like they do with their flight crews.
The lights indicated there were problems with the shock absorber and steering on the nose gear. Smaller narrow body planes such as the A320 or 737 weigh considerably less and are able to make a safe landing immediately after takeoff even when fully loaded. The gear's rubber tires rapidly shredded away until the metal wheel hubs scraped the runway pavement.
The rest of the plane remained undamaged, however, and no one aboard the A320 was injured during the landing. Experts estimate an accident of this kind causes the nose gear to collapse and the fuselage itself to scrape along the runway perhaps 1% of the time. The flaw was blamed on a faulty valve seal that was already known because of an earlier nose gear failure. The French landing gear manufacturer Messier-Dowty had redesigned the backplate onto which the shock absorber is attached to prevent future occurrences of the problem, but the redesign was still awaiting approval as of April 2004.
Or maybe the passenger will have to pay, it is sort of their fault for being sick, as in it is not something in the airlines control. This friction sent up a trail of white smoke, a shower of sparks, and finally bright flashes of flame that spread behind the gear while the plane continued barreling down the runway.
Even under these extreme conditions, the passengers are able to safely escape the plane and injuries are rare. Airlines flying the A320 had been alerted about a repair, but the fix had not yet been implemented on the America West aircraft. It is unknown whether the new part had been approved or installed on the JetBlue A320 involved in the most recent incident. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) then issued a mandatory order to complete this fix on all A320 series planes in the United States.

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