If you dig Mad Max get-ups, and you have an airsoft shotgun, prepare to join in next year's Wasteland Weekend. Being a three-day event, Wasteland Weekend features live bands, Thunderdome combat, and stunt performances. For the Wasteland Weekend, post-apocalyptic costumes are required and their website have tips on what to wear on Wasteland Weekend. You can bring replica weapons and if you are an airsoft player, airsoft shotguns, revolvers and some rifles would be welcome additions, perhaps even a minigun mounted on your own post-apocalyptic vehicle.
For some rough and tumble games be prepared to battle it out in Jugger, a post-apocalyptic bloodsport. They have a Barter Town where there will be vendors who will be selling that stuff you need for a post-apocalyptic look. If you like how these guys party like I do, then better watch out for their announcements at their website. Content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License, unless specified otherwise by their respective authors.
A couple of weeks ago, folks met in the desert for Wasteland Weekend – a 3-day party with a post-apocalyptic Mad Max theme.
Join the hundreds of fans coming from all over the the United States (and beyond) to gather in the Southern California desert.

It's cool, looks nice, great to handle, but it can't go head to head against other airsoft guns in any airsoft skirmish game.
The 2nd Wasteland Weekend was held last 23-25 September so this means that you will have to wait for next year which the organisers have not announced the dates yet. There are more acts and line of post-apocalyptic vehicles mainly getting their inspiration from the Mad Max movie series, and lots of weapons, including shotguns. You can wear almost anything you want as long as it conforms to the post-apocalyptic look that was set in stone by Mad Max. In a post-apocalyptic scenario, people will pretend to have been spending years scavenging the desert looking for items in order to survive.
If not sure what airsoft replicas to bring, you can always consult the Mad Max weapons info at IMFDB. Just imagine you're Mel Gibson and have that swagger as you join the game to  duke it out. You can select an existing tribe at the website and learn their identification and what they wear as a tribe. Though called Barter Town, it still best to use cash as the vendors won't barter and prefer cold hard cash.
It's still a year away for the next Wasteland Weekend, but if you're an airsoft player with the Mad Max streak, and an airsoft shotgun waiting to be brandished, then this party is the one that you should be looking forward to.

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Wasteland Weekend takes off from Roadwar USA which is more a highway cruise whilst this one was conceptualised as a Mad Max event set in the desert, with the Southern California desert as the choice location.
So start dirtying all those nice and shiny leather outfits that you have or roll in the desert until you're covered in dust before going to the party. I think you can also form your own tribe to create what you really want to look like for the next Wasteland Weekend. But then, you know how to party and want to be in one of the most awesome parties on the planet. Unfortunately, you won't be allowed to shoot them, they're just meant as props for your getup.

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