Can be one sign of a Post Apocalyptic setting with an unlivable environment (see Post Apocalyptic Gasmask for that). During the first few arcs of Y: The Last Man, Yorick disguises himself with a gas mask, but phones it in a bit on the coat, wearing a poncho instead. Major Maxim, hulking Nazi Super Soldier and main antagonist from the Danger Girl series, wears a similar getup to Kroenen. Knights of the Dinner Table: Newt wears this outfit when playing his character Corporal Punishment in Heroes of Hackleague.
The mooks from Atlantis: The Lost Empire wear greatcoats as part of their uniform and gas masks during the underground expedition, which is rather prudent since the risk of poison gas pockets would be very real and the climax takes place in an erupting volcano, though none of the named characters wear one. Kroenen from the film version of Hellboy is dressed in a Nazi uniform, with a black coat and black cap, and a metallic gas mask. Peter Quill of Guardians of the Galaxy is introduced in this outfit when exploring a toxic planet, and since the mask is a Collapsible Helmet, he's seen in it a few more times throughout the film. An episode of Angel had vampires using these to attack a group of Vampire Hunters in daylight. The music video for The Sword's Fire Lances of the Ancient Hyperzephyrians features a group of survivors sporting a variety of coats, coat-like rags, robes, and protective masks trekking across an atomic wasteland.
It should be noted that both are based on real world militaries from the same nation but of different eras. Tycho from Fallout is described as this if you read his flavor text, but due to the graphical limitations of the time his in-game representation is simply one of the handful of standard NPC sprites. In the Honest Hearts DLC, you can find the Desert Ranger combat armor, which is almost exactly like the Ranger armor save for being unaffiliated with a faction and has some distinct markings and writings by its previous owners, as well as green eye lenses instead of red.
The reason for them looking almost exactly the same is that the NCR adopted the Desert Rangers' (like Tycho, but as mentioned that only showed up in the flavour text) armor for their Veteran Rangers. Lonesome Road introduces Riot Gear, which is basically the NCR Veteran Ranger armor from the core game with some stat bonuses and no faction association, as well as the Elite Riot Gear which throws in a minor case of Shoulders of Doom.
All of these are 200 year old Ancient Artifacts, actual scavenged Pre-War riot gear since production of new models is impossible given the high level of tech put into it. Also, Ulysses wears a coat with the Old World flag on his back as well as a gas mask due to the radiation of The Divide. Psycho Mantis is this in his first scene in Metal Gear Solid, where all the FOXHOUND members wear coats. The original design for the Half-Life 2 Combine Mooks featured the civil protection with gasmasks and longcoats. However, because the longcoat is the worst armour in the game, don't expect to combine this with Badass Longcoat, except the badass part means looking for a tougher challenge.
The Corroder from Clock Tower 3 wears a gas mask and a long brown, stained apron that greatly resemble a coat.

He lacked the coat initially, but Kabal from Mortal Kombat 3 gained a sleeveless one in Deception and Armageddon.
For the Renaissance-period version of it, the Plague Doctor outfit in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. This is how Zero appears to Junpei when he is kidnapped in Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors. The Whalers in Dishonored have this aesthetic, but what's kind of funny to note is that despite how the look nicely complements their identity as a band of deadly assassins, it actually has a pretty mundane origin: it's protective gear worn in whale oil processing plants, hence the name "Whalers".
Clear from DRAMAtical Murder sports a gas mask and a long white coat for no apparent reason.
If you count a nun's habit as coat, then the satanistic Little Sisters of Belial from Scary Go Round do fit this trope. In The Wretched Ones, John plays as his friends' medic in a video game, his avatar having a gas mask and long coat. Death's Head, a supervillain with the power to cause spontaneous illness and infection, from the Global Guardians PBEM Universe, wears a World War II-era gas mask, a fedora, and a trenchcoat of his costume.
In Fallout: Nuka Break, we meet an NCR Ranger at the end of Episode 6 wearing the armor seen at the top of this page.
More primitive versions can be found in the Plague Doctor (Wikipedia articles on the profession and the costume), who were employed during the Black Plague. Unfortunately it's now theorized that those long coats, with all their folds and fibers, might actually have made great hiding places for the disease carrying fleas which actually spread the plague. The Loyon, an unidentified person spotted wandering in a Swiss forest, regularly seen since a decade.
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Note that despite the common misconception, though gas warfare had not yet been used in practice, it was at least theoretical and had been outlawed as early as 1907.
Umbrella Corporation soldiers, so they can look cool while Fast-Roping out the back of a tiltrotor gunship. He usually wears a Badass Longcoat and wore a gas mask because of the toxic gas being released from the cars. Their leader gets bonus points for having a staff to go with his hooded robe, blurring the line between this and Robe and Wizard Hat. The Death Korps is intended to resemble World War 1 German infantry, whereas the Steel Legion bears more of a resemblance to the later Wermacht uniforms.
Counter to the ominous look, they're the elite force of one the more or less good factions, the New California Republic, spreading democracy at gunpoint.
This is their army's answer to (apparently) the entire world now being an irradiated wasteland.

Since Weblinks Are Not Examples, it's a guy carrying an AK-47 and wearing a big black hooded trench coat and a gas mask that has a filter cartridge roughly half the size of one's forearm. The plague doctor's mask possessed glass eyepieces, and the nose was filled with herbs to ward away 'bad air', which was one of the believed causes of the plague at the time. Trench coats or dusters seem to be the preferred apparel, though other kinds of long coats are acceptable. Either way, you are almost certainly living in a Crapsack World if this look is practical or common. He is seen wearing a long coat as part of his Nazi uniform once or twice, but eventually trades it in for a significantly less awesome apron. Also note that gas masks first appeared in combat at the Second Battle of Ypres in 1915, while masks in one form or another date back to 1849. The doctor then wore long thick outer garments to protect them from their surroundings, and carried a cane to interact with things without directly touching them (think that claw thingy the trashman carries). Although the previous link can look like a hoax (it is actually quite exagerrated), the Loyon (gender unknown) really exists (look here for an article - in French - from an actual Swiss newspaper).
Although there was very little the doctors could actually do for their patients besides taking note of the infected and instigating quarantines, they were paid relatively handsomely for the risk involved in their jobs. Points are divvied out for both actions, and multipliers are earned for exceptional performance. At least five maps will be available out of the box, and id is aiming for six player matches.
Some degree of progression will be implemented, too, with novices racing in base level vehicles.
As they level up, they will have access to better weapons, vehicles, and more.Will any sort of traditional FPS fodder be included in the multiplayer offerings? The preorder incentive will include a slew of downloadable content, including a one-handed double barrel shotgun, the Rat Rod buggy, Fists of Rage, additional underground missions, and most importantly, the Crimson Elite armor.
This armor will provide the player with the top attributes of all three suits offered in the game, making them a formidable opponent from the start. As of right now, the edition has only been announced for North America.While id stresses that the single-player campaign is still the meat of Rage, implementing cooperative missions and competitive multiplayer is a surprising and ambitious endeavor.
The coming months should yield a few chances to test out both the new modes in detail.Rage releases for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, and Mac on September 13, 2011.

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