Browser game studio Pixel Pandemic has just launched the open beta of Mutant Badlands, formerly known as Radiated Wasteland. As the scavenging parties find fewer and fewer resources, Oasis 4 is faced with the difficult decision to finally migrate to the surface. Unleashed Forums • View topic - Journey A Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland This May With Dingo! Blood Spectre wrote:Zombie apocalypse is best apocalypse.Because it will be over before lunch? Heraclea wrote:Do apocalypses that don't quite work out as planned count?Hera wins May Theme Month!
I wanted to do something like this for Cartoon Network month, but couldn't find a good picture at the time.I'll probably be seeing Mad Max tomorrow.

The ambition of the development team has been to adapt classic gameplay features from the great RPGs of the past two decades to the browser format. A giant comet has crashed into Earth causing massive destruction and turning what is left of the world into a giant radiated wasteland. This tiny community has survived for almost three decades, well-protected from the radioactive clouds that suffocated the surface of the earth.
You are among those sent to explore this strange new world and carve out a new path for your people. This review brought to you by a guy who nearly injured himself 'holding it' so he could watch it all. We wanted to develop a complex MMORPG with a complex skill and character customization system.

Although there has been news of other underground cities migrating to the surface, the people of Oasis 4 know that the surface world is rife with danger. We also wanted a game that featured tactical turn based combat gameplay and exploration of a huge map with multiple NPCs, story driven missions and other things to engage in.
Mutants and raiders rule the surface, and anyone who tries to pioneer into the wasteland is met with lethal opposition.
We feel that we have achieved that with Mutant Badlands and hope to develop things from the open beta with a focus on what the game community wants like we have been doing to great extend with our 1st game Zombie Pandemic”, says CEO Thomas Jacobsen.

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