In the world of 1C and developer Best Way’s Nuclear Union, the USSR and United States wiped each other out with nuclear weapons following the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.
Scheduled for launch sometime in 2013 for PC, Nuclear Union is a role-playing game with an open progression structure. The world of Metro: Last Light is crafted by the ruins and destruction of a full-scale nuclear war. So we want to ask you the question, what would YOUR Ultimate Post-Apocalyptic World consist of? If you've been craving for more games on the line of Borderlands or Fallen Earth then you might enjoy the upcoming title from indie studio 2 Dawn Games.
Basically, Ravaged sees gamers taking to the wasteland and fighting either with or against one of two groups, the Resistance or the Scavengers in competitive, team-based bouts. For the most part, 2 Dawn Games wants Ravaged to be an over-the-top style shooter that really hones in on the multiplayer portion of the gameplay.
HD and 3D wallpapers for your desktop backgrounds, free download your favorite desktop wallpapers here! Society has been obsessed with zombies for decades and pop-culture has continued to worship the living dead through film, television, song, text and art like never before. Google zombies and you’ll get nearly 76.5 million hits — that’s more than Elvis Presley, McDonald’s or Wells Fargo Bank. For the budget savvy gamer on the go we’ve pulled together a list of free online zombie games to explore and play.
A free browser-based multiplayer game that groups players into post-apocalyptic towns comprised of 40 citizens each. An MMORPG-based game with a zombie-infested, post-apocalyptic backdrop that features 10 million registered players and 3D graphics. Dubbed an open-world survival horror game, DeadZ allows players to either take on hordes of zombies or battle survivors.
You’re the only survivor of a nuclear accident and your mission is to escape from the city, which has been rendered a wasteland.
Seven years ago, a government quarantine locks down a city’s borders leaving those within to survive.

If you’ve come across any other free online zombie games that you’ve enjoyed, please let us know.
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Most of the population across Europe, Asia and North America died out in the aftermath of the war, but those in the Soviet Union were prepared. You’ll have a defined end goal, but the way you accomplish it is up to you, and you’ll be able to go back and freely explore any discovered territory. The post-apocalyptic genre of video games is well represented and they provide a chilling, emotional gameplay experience. This isn't just some big ambitious, aimless project though, all the guys working on Ravaged are industry vets, with titles like Battlefield and Frontlines: Fuel of War stapled to their names.
Much like Borderlands the game has a strong focus on cooperative multiplayer as well as wasteland combat and exploration using a number of vehicles and familiar weapons.
A couple of new screenshots were let loose to give gamers an idea of what the art-style and visual aesthetic will be like, and you can check those out below.
Countless numbers of zombie video games have emerged over the years featuring zombies front and center, or the addition of an occasional zombie to keep game play lively (no pun intended).
These free online zombie games are just as enjoyable as a console game and a fun way to cut your teeth (again, another unintended pun) on becoming a world-class zombie slayer. Your goal is to try and survive as long as you can by plotting out strategies with your community.
Essentially, you are a leader and protector of zombie survivors and you must use Google Maps to route them to safe destinations.

They went underground and life continued, until in 2012 they emerged from their subterranean networks to assess the situation on the surface. Gameplay be presented from a third-person perspective and though battles will take place in real-time, you do have the ability to pause the action to better line up your aim.
Whether the strength in storytelling comes from the destruction around you, or the survivors amongst the ruins, the post-apocalypse is always an exciting backdrop. The mega-kit includes a variety survival items, including a gas mask, beef jerky, spam, and the Extreme Survival Kit, which includes so much survival gear, such as an outdoor backpack, water packs, compass, fire starter, carbon-steel knife, and so much more! From the looks of it the game is basically what Rage's multiplayer should have been, so maybe id Software will take note for Rage 2.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has even gotten on board and created a zombie novella to promote emergency preparedness. Understandably, there are plenty of other outstanding video games in the zombie genre, but many of these are for either specific gaming platforms or they require purchase. Keeping track of distance, fatigue and population density based on census data are key to your success. You’ll also be able to recruit certain characters encountered on your adventures and travel with one at a time, and can issue basic commands to them during combat. Once enough entries have been gathered, a poll will be in place for users to vote on their favorite apocalypses!
Playing as one of the pilots who bombed the United States, expect to encounter mutated monstrosities, bizarre anomalies and to defend yourself with Soviet prototype weaponry, including specialized assault rifles and tripe-barreled sub-machine guns. From the minimal amount of information available right now, Nuclear Union certainly looks like it has potential. Check out some early screenshots and artwork below to get a better sense of Best Way’s promising post-apocalyptic game.

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