If you're one of the many who saw Mad Max: Fury Road and loved it, then pay close attention. While hanging out with other apocalypse enthusiasts for four days might not be your cup of Mother's Milk, you can still gather some serious inspiration from Wasteland Weekend-goers for your Halloween costume this year.
Well-worn leathers and auto grease around the eyes make this costume perfect without mimicking a specific character. You can easily turn these ideas into group costumes — just embrace dirt, grease, and face paint to look like apocalypse survivors. Goggles, an outback-inspired hat, and the mandatory eye grease make this Max cosplayer stand out. This Max cosplayer even brought his own Dinki-Di "dog food" to make the costume extra convincing. War Boys should always have driving goggles, white-washed skin, and an obsession with Valhalla.

To dress as one of Immortan's brides, drape white linen around yourself and add other post-apocalyptic touches, like bones.
Goggles, fur, and War Boy face paint are all you need to create the Mad Max look for Halloween [6]. Just like Furiosa, this Wasteland Weekend attendee rocked dark "grease" smudges around her eyes.
Halloween [7] is the time to go crazy with your clothes, so rock some antlers and wild lipstick! Bullets, chains, and riding leathers are basically the Citadel uniform, so don't forget them on your costume.
You don't need to choose a specific character to inspire your costume; as long as you nail the post-apocalyptic desert vibe, you're golden. Pole-cats need only carry a tall pole with them and embrace the post-apocalyptic fashions of the franchise!

Everyone loves that electric guitar player, so utilize your old Guitar Hero controllers to capture his look. Comic-Con was filled with badass cosplays [1] inspired by the movie this year, and thanks to overwhelmingly positive reviews by critics and audiences alike, Mad Max is sure to become one of this year's hit Halloween [2] costumes — but where should an aspiring War Boy or Imperator begin? Whether you want to embody Immortan Joe or one of his breeders, check out these insanely gorgeous getups for ideas. Enter: Wasteland Weekend [3], a post-apocalyptic desert festival that's been held every year since 2010.
While Wasteland-goers have always cited the world of Mad Max as a huge inspiration for their festivities, this year was especially influenced by Max, Furiosa, and other characters from the action franchise.

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